knitnana: March 2009
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Counting Down To Charlotte!

I made a few more Fionas...

(I think that cheetah one is just the cat's pajamas!)

And Dianne managed to get our airfare to Sock Summit booked! We've been emailing back and forth like a couple of middle-school gals, we're so excited...Ah, adventure!

Have I mentioned that the farthest WEST I've ever travelled is to Rochester MN? (Yes, Mayo - which was quite the adventure!)

Oh...and our flight out to Portland? Takes us into Salt Lake City! We'll be flying over you, Margene, and waving! It will be relatively late in the evening and we'll only be in the airport a short 30 minutes or so as we run to the connecting flight! But we'll WAVE!!!!

Now all we need is to see what the availability and scheduling of classes and events will be - get ourselves registered - and then of course, the knitting of items to WEAR there!!! And deciding what to take to knit upon...!

Ok, ok...I have a cat show to do first.

I decided on a stitch pattern for my sis-in-law's avocado silk socks:
Of course, they're Wendy's Cabletini Socks!

I had to make a modification or two as my sis-in-law's foot is a bit more narrow - there are only 4 cable repeats across the top of the foot, and I'll knit my regular heel on them, since that fits my sis-in-law's foot well.

But I'm enjoying this pattern (it's really only 4 short pattern rows to remember and repeat!)...(And did you see? It's only 15 more days till Wendy's book is released - but you can pre-order it now!! (I did, and I can't wait to get it!)

Ok...the cat sitter has been here and learned her duties...even The Meezer deigned to make an appearance, so the sitter must be good...

I've got to get the oil changed - can you imagine that Jiffy Lube didn't have the proper oil filter for a Subaru Forester tonight? There was no one anywhere around, it was a glorious spring evening, the two guys were sitting outside, smoking...and sadly stated that the guy who does their ordering was falling down on the job, I was the second Subaru to come in on this late afternoon and they just didn't have the filters to do the job.

Hmmm...something funny about that picture, huh?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scurrying to Finish ...

Just a few more items left to try to squeeze in...the Kerri above is a brand new fabric, and the more I looked at it the more I fell in love with it...such cute kitty faces...

I'll be finishing Fiona cell cases, and packing and getting the oil changed on the car, meeting up with the friend who is keeping watch over the girls while we're gone. This will be a busy busy week!

But I'll check in here and there.

And the sock? Was frogged and restarted...I'll show you soon - promise!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gone In A Haze...

Saturday was beyond busy and I really could almost ask the question Stephanie asked yesterday as to where the time went?

Well, I know this much: I woke this a.m. realizing that I was on the losing end of a months' long struggle to stay well...I've done so beautifully all fall and winter, not to have trouble with sinus or other infections, and have only dared believe that the vitamin D deficiency we discovered last fall and corrected over months of high-dose Rx supplementation was the reason I have stayed well so long...but, perhaps it was just good luck?

This morning I knew I had to go for antibiotics - a difficult bug has taken up residence in my system, one that only an Rx would fix. (sigh)

I got the meds (which as we all know, bring on their OWN problems) and have dragged around all day hoping they'd kick in soon...maybe tomorrow?

Anyway, the other excitement (and this was the good kind) was that we now have a lot more information on the Sock Summit and Dianne booked our hotel room this afternoon after we'd checked out the course offerings and finally felt more secure about deciding that yes we will go to Portland in August! We're still checking out flights, but that will soon be a done deal, as well...

I'm am just beyond chilling out tonight, that's all there is to it!

Dear Daughter came by this afternoon and made a few adjustments to the Nana Sadie Rose website with regard to notices. Once that was done, we began a bit of searching for materials for her stitch markers, as she'll be joining me in the booth at Sedalia Festival in May. While she surfed and edited, I cast on the toe of the Regia Silk sock for my dear Sis-in-Law. I think I'll look for a simple narrow cable to run up the side of the sock...just for a bit of interest. This is the sock yarn I won in Barbara Bretton's contest last summer - the color is so much better for my sis-in-law, I thought that would make a nice gift for her helping me next weekend in Charlotte!

After DD left, I went back to the sewing machine and finished off these:
The fabric is long out of print on both bags...but I adore that Asian kitty print in sage. I have the same print in 3 other colors, but the sage is so long gone as to make me think I should auction this off on ebay!
No, it will make the trip to Charlotte, with all the rest of them.

While I sewed, I listened to a Suze Orman book downloaded to my MP3 player from Audible. I'm not sure I'll continue my "membership" with them, as I'm much more interested in free reading materials and my library has many opportunities there, but it's interesting...I must learn about Podcasts, and will take one of the one-hour mini classes at Sock Summit on just that topic! Oh here I go again, back on Sock Summit - I'll just never get to sleep, you know?

But I should shove off to bed to help me get over this bug...and of course there'll be more sewing tomorrow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Approved!

I'm a big fan of Siamese Rescue as you know...and a couple of weeks ago, I was browsing the website of available adoptees and discovered one I fell head over heels for. The foster mom was a woman I know locally, so I phoned her. Of course, he'd been spoken for, but she asked me, "Have you been approved?"

Well. No. I hadn't.

For one thing, I have two cats, and that's all I can have here in this townhouse. I had almost decided that when the Calico Curmudgeon had gone on to the Rainbow Bridge that The Meezer and I would wind up our days together. She is, after all, a Sealpoint Diva.

But...I saw this big seal boy, and faltered...and decided that just maybe having a big, happy, boy Siamese teddybear would be just the ticket to keep The Meezer from being impossible to live with.

So, I applied. And I only told a couple of folks I email back and forth with, along with my coworkers, my vet, my landlord, a couple of friends...well you get the drift - everyone but you all!

I didn't want to disappoint anyone (least of all me) if I didn't pass muster.

Everything has gone smoothly with all the references. And tonight, I had my phone interview...

And - I'm approved to be a Siamese Cat Mom...! We'll be on hold for awhile, until the proper time...but that's approaching faster than most of us would like. Still, to know that we can jump and get the "right" Siamese boy-kitty when he appears on the scene, is a relief.

It's caused quite a stir in the household, you know? The Calico was more demanding than ever for her dinner...

And The Meezer?
Oh! Mommie, A new TEARSTRIP?
I can't believe you found a new one...I've missed it so much...
What do you mean I'm going to get a BROTHER? long as he leaves my tearstrip alone, I guess it's okay

But he can't take my spot under the covers!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is There Such A Thing As "Finisitis?"

Since joining in Rainy's Basket of Shame, a wave of energy to finish, finish, finish things has swept over me, carrying me, willy-nilly, towards some sort of frenzy of clicking needles and rooting out projects in partial states of completion...

Now, mind you, I only admitted to FOUR items for Rainy's Knit Along. And I'm stickin' to those four, for those purposes, but I wonder: might this be akin to spring cleaning? Weeding the garden before sewing my seeds? What say you? And do you think we could, like Norma, get this to spill over into a good general housecleaning?


But I even dragged out the Log Cabin Blanket and put 4 rows on it tonight, AFTER I finished these:

Yarn: Trekking XXL, Colorway 54
Pattern: Mine - the infamous "Plain Vanilla Stockinette with Picot Edging"
Needles: 2 circulars - size 1.25 Hiya Hiya Stainless Steel. Here's the interesting part of that - I really do like these, but I wish they were available in my 1.5 size. The cables are a bit stiffer than my beloved Harmony and Options from Knitpicks, but not so bad that I'll have problems with them. But they are smaller in diameter, and I don't use 0s because they bother my hands a bit (not as much as size 11s and up, but still...)
Time to Knit: Began March 1, 2009 and completed tonight. I didn't rush these, they're part of my Personal Sock Club on Ravelry's Stash Knitdown group, but I did want them finished before the end of the month so I could open the next grab bag and get those on the needles April 1 - before heading south for the cat show, where I'll NEED more socks to knit mindlessly in the booth!

I really love these socks - the colors! They are the closest thing I've come to so far that I can call "blue jeans" socks...

So once these they were done? I packed up Boing! which has been on the needles forever, to take to work for the next few days lunchtimes...Finishitis strikes again!

OH...and thank you all for your lovely comments on my Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I love the way it looks, but wonder if it will end up being just a bit too delicate for the sturdy gal I am...?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WIP Tuesday!

I'm feeling the pull to the Basket of Shame and I started working again on a shawl I fell madly in love with when I first began it last year....
Diamond Fantasy shawl, this time knit in Shaffer Andrea in the colorway Renata Tiebaldi - such amazing tones in this silk - it's thread, not yarn.

I'm working slowly, but in the past two nights have managed to knit through an entire repeat of the pattern...
and she's managed to ignore me, right along with it!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Thank you, Rainy! I finally got the necessary motivation to finish this one!

It's not what I'd hoped. This was stash yarn, and is acrylic, so that's two points in it's favor, but I wish it were softer. I didn't use Caron Simply Soft as I usually do.

Anyway, one item from the Basket of Shame, FINI!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust...

My Sunday night titles are getting more and more pathetic, you know? Sorry about that, but it's the way I'm feeling about the weekend...they go so darn fast, and at the end of them, I just feel as if someone used me to wipe up the floor.

I will, I promise, be heading to bed a little early tonight.

The ticker above is ticking away. There's only 2 weeks, and one weekend before the Charlotte NC Crafty Cat Show. So you know what I've done this weekend, right?

Yup. Knit.
I could not put the Knitpicks Organic Cotton down. After I did a second swatch (and my eyes tell me that the first is closer to 19 stitches per 4 inches - on 7s - than the 6s are!), and then cast on for another dishcloth from Evelyn Clark's Dishcloths from the Heart. This one is Tiny Hearts. The one thing I'll say for my garter stitch on cotton? It's apparently all over the place. Maybe after I block it? HAHAHAHA! I'm going to block a dishcloth? Actually this is going to be a facecloth, as the yarn is so scrumptiously soft, I can't imagine doing dishes with it!

Ok. I'll admit that I also did a lot of sewing for the show, which is why the weekend flew by:
A few checkbooks and Fionas...
And three Knitnanas. Take a close look at the first one, won't you? (Click to embiggen) Remember when I said there was another fabulous new black cat fabric I had to show you? This is the one. Purple, fushia and black (there's a touch of teal green in the cat eyes, and a bit of lavender in there, too). The fabric is amazing, and I'll be having a terrible time giving up this bag. But I will, because I'm going to make myself a Grand Mera from this fabric!

Then the second fabric you've seen before, the Crazy Cat Ladies. I liked the way it made up in the Knitnana size with the green lining. Other than that, you can see another Ears & Whiskers Knitnana at the back. The fabric is a classic, and folks just love it, even if they're not in love with cats...

Hopefully they'll be hits at the show.

(Oh, and yes, you're right - I'm the one who used me to wipe the floor - I have no one else to blame but me!)

Off to catch a few minutes of 60 Minutes. Let's hope this week goes smoothly?

Friday, March 20, 2009

TGIF! And What Do You Know?

Yes, it's Friday...whee!

And unbelievably, my Knitpicks order arrived. I do believe that is the fastest I've EVER gotten the free shipping: I ordered this on Saturday (March 14!) and the box come today? Speed demons! (It usually takes two weeks.)
This was, I believe, the very best part of it: Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets! There is simply no question, just like Folk Shawls, this book will become a staple of my knitting bookshelf. The patterns are classic, there are only a couple of the twenty that I probably would not knit as they just aren't me, but the rest? I'll be knitting a long time from this book - they're gorgeous...I think Three Sisters (Ravelry link) will be my first choice. Just perfect, and simple enough that I can handle it.

I have to toss in this shot of CC:
Last night, she was pestering me for treats (it's either that or food) and she fell asleep in the midst of it. Just like a little old lady! She woke up after the flash went off and decided the bit of catnip I'd left on the chair was just the ticket. Poor dear, it's rotten to get old (she's 18 next month), but at least with me, she's still a sweetie - but not with The Meezer...with her? It's all World War III, all the time.

Ok...Wanna see more of the Knitpicks order? I bought one skein of their new organic cotton worsted weight yarn, Simply Cotton in the colorway Marshmallow. I was thinking it would make a nice substitute for the yarn in Imagine from Knitty Spring 2009:
Those are my Susan Bates pink aluminum size 7s which are the correct size for the pattern, which gives gauge as 19 stitches over 4 inches in stockinette AFTER blocking (I just read the "after" part). I'm getting 18. Hmm....

I know, I know. I need to block it.

So what do I think of the yarn?
I absolutely LOVE it. I had wondered if I'd think it felt like Sugar 'n Cream - that's what I was afraid of, a dishcloth sweater - and I knew I'd HATE that.

But it's nothing like SnC. Nothing - IT's just wonderful! Soft, drapey, scrunchy - just right for a cotton sweater. I've got like three different patterns I'm thinking I could use this yarn for...and there are several "natural shades" available. While it's not my best color, I'm thinking they need to add a "green" green shade, sort of sage-y, you know?

Dear heaven, I think I might be hooked. (And Knitpicks? You've redeemed yourselves for the Options Metal needles fiasco...YAY! I truly am delighted, in just so many ways.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Basket O' Shame

Rainy is inspiring me.

I have my own Basket o' Shame...projects that have been kicked to the side, rarely worked on. Here's my list:
Forest Green Man's Chemo Hat
ZYG Watercolor Boing!
Renata Tebaldi Diamond Fantasy Shawl
K3P3 Prayer Shawl-Blue Ridge Homespun

There are a couple of others down below in my 2009 OTN list, but both the Blue/Taupe/White ripple afghan and the Log Cabin blanket are long-term, cold weather projects, and I don't consider them something I've abandoned. The Magickal Earth Shawl is one that truly isn't OTN right now - I've knit the swatch, and that's OTN, but I made a critical error in the chart-reading. The swatch is going to come off the needles, and the project restarted when I'm ready, which isn't anytime soon, I don't think. And that ripple baby blanket? Well, he's not a baby anymore. It's time to frog it.

So, Rainy, I have 4 projects in my Basket o' Shame. That shouldn't set you back too far on the stitch markers! Thanks for starting this KAL!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Still Here...

I haven't forgotten the blog, I promise!

I don't have a photo yet of the Valkyrie Seraphim shawl that I'm happy with, so we'll have to wait on that. Our weather hasn't been the best, so outdoor shots were out, today was beautiful, but I neither had it with me, nor did I feel up to being photoed.

I did a number on my lower back last night taking out the trash. I'm paying for it today, and probably will be awhile longer.

I haven't cast on another shawl. I can't decide what to do next. And since it's past the middle of the month, I figured I could take a bit to decide and concentrate on my Personal Sock Club for March:
I finished the first sock last night (plain vanilla stockinette with picot edge) and cast on the toe of the second sock.

The Meezer has been enjoying the overstuffed chair in the office...

And I've been enjoying the heating pad, and muscle relaxers...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Click On By IF You Don't Want to See Boring Photos of Lace Blocking!

She's Done! She's Blocking!!! And I'm in love...doing happy dances all over the place, and a little bit sad, too, because Mim's Seraphim is such an enjoyable knit! I will miss this project.

I decided to take a good shot on my overstuffed white-slipcovered, chair before dropping her into first a white vinegar and cold water bath:
(isn't she pretty?)

And then into lukewarm water and lavender Eucalan:
(that's not all suds there, it's some flash reflection, too!)
And just an aside. For all that the Valkyrie Socks That Rock lightweight bled all over my hands as I knit, the vinegar bath ran completely clear! The suds were only slightly stained...I have no idea, don't ask me, but my hands were stained dark purple/black after every knitting session! lolol

I am very very glad that I have Knitpicks blocking wires, and today I went and ordered their new puzzle piece blocking mats (and probably should have gotten 2 sets, because this shawl?
She is very big.
See what I mean? More than 72 inches stretched out (about 41 inches deep)
Once everything was pinned, someone had to come up and check out my work...Well, you seem to have gotten the point positioned pretty well, Mommie, and you know, I can see an extra YO here, but all in all? You did okay with this one...
I'll just settle down here and stand guard over it while it dries, just in case, okay?

I left her there, she had abandoned her post by the time I got home, though and was back in the living room chair. It's a cold (39 degrees) and rainy day today, so I'm about to turn on the space heater in the bedroom - I would like to sleep on that bed tonight, and Seraphim is taking her time drying...

While I was out (shopping for fabrics, of course) I stopped at our LYS and they had this lovely bamboo sock yarn (I was conservative - I only bought two colorways!) for summer socks and then the two Addi 16-inch circulars in size 2.5mm (size 1.5).

Ok. I was bad. I'll blame it on the sadness of ending the Seraphim knit. Don't you have a postpartum depression when a big lace project ends? No?
Call me weird then...

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Meezer's Friday...

The Meezer is out of sorts tonight.

You see, she was overdue for her shots. I'm a good Cat Mom, but sometimes, it's just not worth the struggle to get this big girl into the carrier (I rarely win) and trundle her off to my "other" boss...

But, it really has been too long, and I try hard to stay in compliance with local laws. So the appointment was made and last night the carrier came out of the closet, was set upon the office floor and the lid opened.

Everyone promptly went into immediate hiding. The Meezer appeared during the night to tunnel under the covers, but that was the best of seeing everyone for quite awhile...

My plan was simple: I left the office a few minutes early this afternoon, ran back home...came in the door, hung up my coat, climbed the stairs to the office, sat down in the chair, turned on the computer (pretending it was a normal coming home)...and within 60 seconds, The Meezer was at my side, asking for strokes.

I turned slightly away from the computer, reached down to stroke her head....turned the chair a bit more and she moved slightly to allow it...stroked her a bit more...turned the chair a bit...stroked...down around - and in one swift motion (chair at right angles to the carrier) I scooped her up and plopped her inside, closing the lid and clicking the hinges shut.


The Meezer rarely sounds like a typical Siamese. She doesn't cry like a baby. Until she's in the carrier. THEN you would think I was trying to kill her.

We have an extra special vet (yes, she is my boss, but still, it's true). She only sees kitties. She is a true "Cat Lady" - the second The Meezer is out of the carrier in the exam room, the vet has her hands in her fur...she nuzzles her, she strokes, she talks kitty talk...

(The Meezer? Becomes the meekest mouse you can imagine...she's out of her element and terrified - according to my vet, supposedly, this is common of big, strong, Alpha Cats. It's hysterically funny to see her dissolve into a puddle when normally she reigns supreme in the household)

Once home? Well...I'll let The Meeze finish the story:
I hate the vet, Mommie...but she has really really good 'nip

Not the least bit stoned, is she?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Week In Short...

It's Thursday. Whew. It's been a busy busy week! Work has been challenging (which beats having to prop up my eyelids with toothpicks, as I have done in my lifetime, so I'm NOT complaining...I remember one temp job lo' those many years ago...where I literally entered 3 3-line journal entries into the computer once a month - snore! Yes, that was all there was to that job...and people wonder why I went through a spell of migraines there? I am SO glad I do not have that job any more - didn't have it after 3 months, in fact because I was about to go stark raving mad!).

But I digress....

I made some pretty kitty Meras for the Craft Cat Show in Charlotte NC next month:
The one on the right you've seen before but the other two are brand new. Cute, huh?

During lunchtimes, I finally managed to get the sock heel turned and the gussets done. I can't decide if the cuff will be plain vanilla with picot edging or my mock cable rib. Maybe the rib. I'll decide tomorrow when I pick it up again. This colorway is going to go nicely with jeans, so I am excited to have them done...

And - Ta Da! - Valkyrie Seraphim came off the needles tonight! All ends are woven in. I won't block her before Saturday - I absolutely must soak her well, and rinse her in white vinegar water, as my hands turned black from the dye every night when I knit on her. But she is gorgeous. The pattern is delightful...I can't believe she's done! With a little luck there'll be a photo shoot over the weekend! Whoo hoo!!!

(and now, which shawl next?)

Tonight, on Jocelyn's recommendation I picked up Knitting The Threads of Time. I'm almost finished reading an excellent memoir by Alix Kates Shulman To Love What Is, the story of her husband's serious fall from their loft bedroom and the brain injury he (and she!) have recovered from. A difficult book, but an honest and amazing story of love between two people who'd loved each other as teens and came back to find each other again after separate lives and marriages. Sometimes the second times around are better, and sometimes life sets us reeling anyway, as if too much happiness isn't allowed. Well this book details the manner in which Shulman and her husband muddle through to come out the other side, damaged, changed, but still happy. A stunningly beautiful book, in my mind. If you know of someone with brain injury, this might be the book to help you understand a bit more. And it's certainly the book for the primary caregiver to read.

Still, I wanted very much to read my friend's recommended knitting book, and it wasn't available at the library here (or at B&N), so had to order it. At the same time, I'd heard, on our local Public Radio evening jazz show a bit of Andre Previn at the piano. It so reminded me of my brother's piano jazz...and this month is 6 years since his death.

I found the CD online and asked them to get that in for me, as well, and went to pick both up today. These will be my weekend pleasures!
Don't mind me, I'm just trying to kickstart the economy all on my own....So the weekend will be: Good music to listen to along with working on the vet's books again, and sewing a few more bags. And a good book to get me to the sleepy stage at night!

Then, too, this weekend will be for deciding on the next project. Will it be a shawl? Which one? Part of me is thinking the Sampler Shawl from Folk Shawls in the wonderfully soft undyed cotton from Green Mountain Spinnery...Wouldn't that make a nice summery wrap?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cocky Doesn't Pay...

You know how you think, after you've done something enough times, that you "KNOW" what you're doing, so you proceed merrily along, oblivious?

This is now the fourth (yes, FOURTH) attempt at knitting the heel of this sock from my Personal Sock Club, the March 09 edition.

Last week, during a training, I knit the heel bed and picked up the gussets. And realized too late that I'd managed to forget to turn the heel. Pull out the needles, and - RIP. Stick the needles back in and proceed to turn the heel.

These are the new Hiya Hiya stainless steel needles which don't come in my preferred size of 1.5. These are 1.25s. So I added two stitches per needle to make the sock fit my foot. Um. Have to account for that when you count off to turn the heel.

I didn't. I used my standard formula. The heel was cockeyed.


Over the weekend, I knitted merrily away again, picking up the sides and beginning to knit the gussets, but you know I was also sewing, and also working on Valkyrie Seraphim. So I didn't get all that far.

Today, I picked back up on the gussets, knitting away, and suddenly thought - I haven't tried this sock on, I guess I should see how deeply I need to take in the gussets - and of course, you realize that on trying the sock on it was TOO SHORT for my foot!

Yes, I frogged again. And right after I started to knit the heel bed, about 10 rows in, something whispered in my ear..."try on the sock."

I hadn't knit the foot far enough down to my ankle. So once again I RIP, then I knit a few more rows on the foot, and tried it on again, and this time, I am in the right place and have started the heel bed again!

Hm. Thought I was good at knitting socks. Learned my lesson. Socks are whipping my "you know what" right now.

(Come to think on it? Today at work was a lot like the sock experience this time around - getting cocky and thinking you know what you're doing? It just plain doesn't pay. There's ALWAYS something that will throw a monkey wrench into your plans, whip your "you know what," and teach you some manners - don't get cocky!)

After I took the sock photo for this blog post I thought, hmm...haven't shown you all a pic of The Meezer lately, and looked around but couldn't see her anywhere. I actually said out loud, "Well, I guess I'll post without her, I wonder where she is?"

Pulled the card out of the camera to plug into the ScanDisk, and suddenly thought what's that warm on my behind? I'll give you three guesses who is sitting behind me in this office chair? First two don't count...
I'm right here, Mom

And I think I've lost my ever lovin' mind.

Wednesday has just got to be better!

Monday, March 09, 2009

I Just Couldn't Resist!

It was in the 80s again today, and I pulled out the nail polish and did my toes last night, planning on donning these sassy little Birki's with black and red hearts on a toast and ivory swirled background - they work nicely with khakis and a black top!

Temps will be steadily decreasing all week till we're back in the 40s over the weekend, so this was a treat. And I'm not really ready to break in these sandals (I have 3 new pairs, all bought on drastic sale!). But I have to be careful with this plantars fasciitis, and go slowly with them. I bought a new pair of jogging shoes (jogging? I can barely walk thru the grocery store!), in the hopes of being able to start getting a little more exercise - I went to one of the "good" stores where they actually know how to fit your feet and try a lot of shoes, and advise you on different things. I'm hopeful that these will work, but after only 2 hours tonight, I had to take them off. Breaking them in takes time. And I'm only wearing them indoors till I know for sure they'll be right.

Sewing continues apace. (Oh. BAD pun!)

By the way? I put up a few new sets of stitch markers from my daughter in my etsy shop!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The End of Another Weekend...

And, as usual, this one was more work than pleasure, in Knitnana's world...

Since the Crafty Cat is only 3 weekends away, I was busy finishing orders and getting bags made for that show. Too late, I learned that the Richmond VA Southern Region Persian Society Show will be a two-day event this year, and is the weekend of April 18th. I can't see how we can do it. And I'm really sorry about that, as we enjoyed doing that show two years ago, when it was just a one-day event.

Still, Charlotte NC is new territory for Nana Sadie Rose, so we're hopeful it will be a fun weekend! If you're in the area on April 4-5, please do stop by!!!

I finished this little number for a customer:
Yes, it's dogs. Retrievers, to be exact. Black, Chocolate, and Yellow labs. Do you have any idea how rare it is to find a single dog breed on a fabric? It's far harder than people presume, and when I find those fabrics, I usually get them. This is a Sadie - the largest, and most detailed bag I make. Sized for a laptop, water bottles, electrical cords, your wallet, and even your knitting and lunch (depending on how big a lunch you pack, of course!). The customer wanted coordinating checkbook cover and Fiona cellphone case, too, so the bone fabric worked nicely there.

(as always, click the photo to make it larger! it's worth it!)
And then, for the Charlotte show, I made up this new fabric from Michael Miller:
it's called Lounge Cat. The print is very large, so doesn't work on every bag style I do, but this Grand Mera suits it. (I also think it will work on a Knitnana effectively. There's another fabric in this Miller line that I'll be making soon...stay tuned, as it's equally stunning!) I love the greens and purple along with black in this print. (I think I might have trouble giving this one up)

I managed to get some knitting done, but am still shy of the finish line for Valkyrie Seraphim...That's okay, though. I can't block until Saturday now, so if it takes all week to knit four more rows, and then cast off and weave in ends? That's fine! Otherwise, I'll just be looking longingly at the finished product, wishing I could take time off work to block the shawl.

I have several bags cut and ready to sew this week when I get home. But for tonight? I'm going to try to get in bed a few minutes early to counteract this loss of an hour's sleep last night.

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Not a Saturday Sky, But...

Remember all the snow on Monday and Tuesday? Remember????

Yesterday when I left for work it was still piled up all over the place, a winter wonderland that we almost didn't get this year.

But when I got home? Look what greated me!
I am not kidding. It was 75 degrees yesterday afternoon and it's going to maybe hit 80 over the next three days!!

Spring has sprung - and there's no question where the "flowers is..."

I took CC outside this morning in hopes that she'd be happy sitting in the sunshine for a few minutes (on my lap, she has no claws, so we don't get out much). She was miserable...crying and hiding her head under my arm in fear. (sigh)

So back inside we went. And I've spent most of the day busily cutting two of my largest bag styles - the Sadie and the Grand Mera. I hope to have photos to show you tomorrow night, but these bags are the most time-consuming and challenging to make! Still it's time for cat show bags, so come back and visit off and on over the next couple of weeks - you'll see some new and great fabrics (as well as a few old friends, too).

And I just can't wait any longer...I keep working on my Valkyrie Seraphim and I'm getting near the finish, but the lace is so lovely, especially in this yarn, that I just can't wait to show you:
Yes, there's a light blue lifeline in there, simply because I'm paranoid, but this is a really easy lace pattern and it's easy to see when you get off track (which I'm known to do when I'm glued to my news programs in the evening). Still, I believe in being safe rather than sorry! edited to add: I think I just found a yo that's not supposed to be there, just by supersizing this photo! ARRGH!

Isn't she pretty?

I hope you're having some lovely spring-ish weather this weekend - Don't forget that Daylight Savings Time begins tonight - Spring Forward!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Back to Work...

It was terribly, bitterly cold this a.m. - down to 11! - but we trundled into work anyway. A very busy day, and then a package arrived early afternoon. My receptionist brought it back to me. I was really surprised, as I'd forgotten that anything other than fabric was coming and this was a large and heavy box. Here's what was in inside:
remember my wonderful Christmas gift to myself? The One Wintery Night sage leaf mug that matches this vase? After I got that mug, I started thinking about how it works so nicely in the knitting room/office with the sage curtains and the purples and blues and I convo'd Karen at her etsy shop and place a custom order - for the vase to hold knitting needles.
Once she had it completed, she convo'd me, and when I went to purchase it, I saw this bowl in her shop - the oak leaf reminded me of the towering oak at my mother's home, and I just had to have it. I figured it was perfect to corral stitch markers and point protectors and such.

Oh my, when they got here? I almost swooned. They're even more beautiful in person, and of course, my photos just don't do them justice.

I'm a pottery fanatic, but I think these are my favorite pieces of all my years collecting handcrafted pottery.

Which is a really good thing. Because I really don't have anymore space for such things! you see that ticker up there? The first one: The one that says less than ONE month until The Crafty Cat? What's The Crafty Cat? It's the Charlotte NC cat show at the Mercandise Mart on April 4-5, 2009. I'll be there. We're taking Nana Sadie Rose on the road, again!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Two Snow Days in a Row? Well....

that's true. The community college was closed and so our office was, too. In fact, some of our employees who live in outlying areas are really snowed in. (Lynchburg, an hour away? Got 10 inches!)

However. You know when they say on the school delays "essential personnel report?" Um. When it's payroll? I'm essential.

So I put in a half-day's work today, by myself in a mostly darkened office (except for mine). Except for when I was running to get signatures on the payroll and getting stuff to the bank, all part of the normal routine.

But, you know, I don't mind. It's nice to be needed, and there's something to be said for job security these days, especially when you love what you do! And I do.

Our roads were perfectly clear (at least the main ones were, I don't know about the neighborhood streets). It was absolutely frigid, tho,' and is going down to 11 degrees tonight.

And will be in the mid-60s by Friday.

Ah. March. You gotta love it...

(might as well, even if it does wreak havoc on my joints!)

The good news? I spent many happy moments working on Valkyrie Seraphim this afternoon and evening...I'd show you but you know how it is with lace - it's just a blob till it's blocked!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day!

When I went to bed last night it wasn't doing anything, but they warned us we'd have more overnight. And they were right...I believe we have had as much as 5 inches - which is a lot for us. And since the schools were all closed that meant our office was, too!

So what did I do with my snow day? Well...
I finished an order for Nana Sadie Rose. Yes, you've seen these fabrics recently - there's no more of the turquoise Fat Cats fabric now, this Glady case was the last of it. I still have a bit of the red Knit Wits fabric (and some of the grass green colorway, too) in case you're interested. The Knitnana makes up nicely in that fabric, I think.

And then the Personal Sock Club Sock for March is OTN:
Thanks for your help, Miss Muffin.

A review of the Hiya Hiya stainless needles: I like them! They are nicely slick, the joins are smooth, but the cables are a bit stiffer than the Knitpicks Options. They are not so highly polished as my original set of KPs (which was the problem with the second set I ordered, they were so badly and unevenly tarnished that they seemed "sticky"). So far, I've had no problem with ocular migraines from the reflection (that is a huge thing in my book!). They're quite pointy, but I have not had to contend with split yarn, nor have I had a puncture wound (which I cannot say about Knitpicks Options). I believe I paid $5 more for the set than I would have for Knitpicks Options, and I did have to pay for the shipping ($2) but the needles got here in two days instead of two weeks.

I intend to try a set of Addi's too. (I wish Addi Lace needles were made in size 1, 16-inch circulars...but so far, no.)

I've also finished the second chart of the Valkyrie Seraphim and am ready to start the third one. I also joined the third skein of STR Raven Valkyrie in the process! Whew!

Now, other than all these fibery pursuits, my Big Sis and her husband are heading down the valley from NOVA (I'm amazed, after this storm!), so I'm anticipating seeing them at dinnertime. And if they can do that, I suspect I'll be at work tomorrow (had better be, as there's a payroll to do!)

And a big thank you to those of you who've purchased stitch markers from my Etsy Shop - my daughter is delighted!


Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Second Post on Sunday?

Not sure I quite believe this...and depending on whom you listen to? Perhaps as much as a couple of inches of this stuff?
(photo taken at about 2:45 p.m. EST)

So I opened the blinds for The Meezer:
What is that?
I don't like the white stuff, Mommie...make it go away?

Don't worry Meeze. I don't think we're in for another Blizzard of 1993! We got 18 inches then...(March 14)

Snow? And What's This About Jewelry at Nana Sadie Rose's Etsy Shop?

Shh...don't tell anyone. We actually got a dusting of snow today! (no, I don't have a photo, b/c I only barely saw it at 7 a.m. and then went back to bed...when I got up? Almost nothing was left!)

This has just been a rotten snow year. And it's supposed to be in the 60s by the end of the week...I'm so ready for warmer weather and not so much "up and down" in the temperatures. I'm just sayin'...

My daughter stopped by last night with a few sets of bejeweled stitch markers to put in my Etsy Shop so I wanted to share with you!
Aren't they pretty? Some are just too cute, and you'll probably realize from reading the descriptions that Nana herself wrote them. (I'm not sure DD would use the same language, but still...) Let me tell you, there are some there I covet. But you must choose first! (I'd check out the Girly pink and pretty ones, and the Milleflori set with vintage charms...again, I'm just sayin') and btw, you can click on that photo to supersize...

On the knitting front? I'm making progress on my Valkyrie Seraphim shawl (almost to the end of Chart 2)...and today I opened the next Personal Sock Club selection:

I was delighted to find:
Trekking XXL in colorway 54. Blues, white, and a very drab olive. But wow, after last month's very dreary and dark yarns? This is like a breath of spring.

And I need it. Yes, tonight I'll put it OTN - on the NEW Hiya Hiya stainless steel needles, to be precise.

After all, I'm heading back to work tomorrow and will need socks to work on at lunch!

Hope your week goes well!


I honor the place in you,

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