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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A New Addition to Knitnana's Family

Four years ago, I brought home this little bundle of fuzz you have come to know as The Tonk. He had a head injury and spent his time, when on his feet, spinning like a top. Months of steroid treatment later, the spinning slowed finally to a stop, and he became the fat and fuzzy Tonk you all have come to know and love. Even The Meezer loves him.

Last week, a friend here in town posted a photo and link to a nearby county's Humane Society to my Facebook page...It was what appeared to be a little Siamese who had some injuries and had had surgery, but was looking for a home. I have no idea why that little furball stuck in my mind, but, since I no longer had to worry about the one-time-sweetheart's restriction to two cats only lest I become a "Crazy Cat Lady" (What? Become? Who's kidding whom here? I am a Crazy Cat Lady no matter how many I have!), I phoned the only person that mattered in the decision-making process, my landlord. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my landlords? They are the nicest couple, and have only ever taken great care of me and my humble abode. I somewhat apprehensively asked if he would consider stretching the limits of the lease from 2 cats to 3 so I could take in yet another kitty with a disability...and he said "Since we don't really even know that you HAVE the two that we KNOW you have, what's one more?" and with that, I adopted Moji.

Any resemblance between the two is coloration and skinny/scrawniness only, I promise you, because The Tonk is a Tonkinese mix, and Moji is a Himalayan (yes, probably a mix). Moji, it seems, was probably caught in a fan belt. And if THAT doesn't make you start rapping on the hood of your car in the mornings before you leave the house in the cold/cool weather, I do not know what will! His fur has been shaved, no doubt to be sure they had all his injuries accounted for. He has a nasty wound that has been beautifully sewn but is definitely NOT healed yet, and then that patch above his eye. The injury is all the way down to the eyelid, but he CAN see. Both my "Best Cat Vet in the Whole World" and I were pretty worried about that. But he can SEE!!

I won't bore you with the attempts at getting this poor little guy a name. Suffice to say, it's probably the highest number of comments I've ever received on a Facebook posting. We finally, at the Mosaic Yarn Shop manager's suggestion, started thinking of knitting terms. And the gal who originally posted his photo to my page said, "did you know that the Hindu word for 'sock' is Moji?"

Well, what does the Knitnana knit? I give you my little Moji (and he IS little...6 lbs 3 oz!) - but then, so was The Tonk as you can see from that photo above...and look at him now:

And this was Moji last night (he's a cuddlebug)

We had just settled down for the night, he's lying ON me, and sort of beside me. I'm so not used to that, but it's least while he's little. (and he may never get big - because the vets all think he's about 3 years old.

My little Himmie.

And just in case you were wondering?

She still rules the roost! :)


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