knitnana: November 2014

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thanksgiving Recipe I Came Up With Myself!!

My Sweetie and I (and especially his son) like spicy food. A couple of years ago I made the feast for everyone and devised this cranberry sauce on the fly. Of course it never got written down. So this year I decided to try it again, and I think it turned out nicely. Try it and let me know what you think? I'm pinning it to Pinterest, too.

1 can Ocean Spray cranberry relish

2-3 clementines, peeled and sectioned then diced

1/2 tsp cumin

6-12 slices jalapeno (jarred) minced (use your judgement as to how hot you'd like this)

Mix all together and refrigerate overnight (adjust seasonings the next day, more cumin? More jalapeno?)

Friday, November 07, 2014

New Bag! (And a Bit of Knitting-related Content, too)

First, the knitting content. I managed to spend last Saturday at our annual charity knitting event, NoSoKnit, with my friend Annette (and about 98 other ladies). The entrance fee is one knitted item for charity - and they provide us with the yarn to use at the prior year's event. So I had two skeins of Vanna's Choice in Dusty Blue and knew that I could just barely spend time knitting a hat.

So I knit two:

I used the leftovers from another two skeins of Vanna's Choice to embellish both hats.

But most important of the things I've been doing, is the creation of this new bag, Knana's Knot Bag with pockets:

Gotta tell you the fabric for this is OOP (out of print).

There's none of the interior fabric left either.


At present you can do a custom order in my etsy shop, but hopefully there will be more of them all ready-made and up on the shop site very soon...


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