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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Night Off...

There are times when you realize that if you continue to do a certain thing, you will seriously regret doing it - mistakes can be costly, frayed nerves are never a good sign that progress can be made.

Now having said that, sort of in my defense for not sewing tonight after having worked all weekend on Posy's and then spending all last night boxing for shipment...rather than take tonight to continue knitting on Clapotis, I did something entirely different!

I picked up Catharina Faroese Shawl (that's only been OTN since May 2006!). I had exactly 2 rows left of the patterning of the shawl. Finis. Then I began and completed the first of 24 repeats (58 rows each repeat!) of the edging pattern (see below for the gratuitous UNblocked lace photo!):

No I can't explain my bout of "finishitis." It's especially surprising when you consider that just today, I was taunting Opal to start her own Clapotis, in the comments to her blog post on "startitis!"

And I am eagerly (impatiently!) anticipating Roxanne's first shipment of Art Walk Sock Club yarn, and trying to guess what colors she's used...but till I receive my skein, I can't tell you what pattern I'll use to knit my socks...the spirit must move me!

I CAN tell you that I discovered tonight that I can knit lace and listen to Renata Tebaldi, not just Mozart! That was a delightful discovery...

She's got that woman screeching again.

I've heard it for 16 years, you might as well get used to it.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Not a Rainy Monday!

Ok. I obviously couldn't think of a post title - but if I'd used the word "busy" in there one more time, I think I would have shot MYSELF! lolol!

I know you all know that I think Anne's mind works in extra special ways to enable her to create those gorgeous designs...a few weeks ago she had a great post on math and science and listed a bibliography - this was on it and it's taken forever to get here (you see, I'm kinda intrigued by all this, so I had to get at least ONE of the books)...

Anne's Influence is a book titled Mathematics: The Science of Patterns hmmm..??? Doesn't that just sound fascinating? No? Ok...I'll read it then...

Ruinwen sent me a gift certifcate for my birthday - from Knitpicks so I picked up some things that were on my wishlist - there's the Red Hats laceweight Gossamer there on the left, and the CHART KEEPER (LOVE this!). I also ordered the blocking wires, but they still haven't gotten here...(sigh) - THANK YOU, Ruinwen, I'm delighted, and you shouldn't have!!! (((Hugs)))
I also snuck my Clapotis in there - Opal thinks I wasn't enough of an enabler last night since I cheated on the there it is in all it's Fleece Artist glory (5 stitches dropped...)

Then, I think I mentioned I sewed all weekend? Here below my lovely Posy Bouquet!

And they're all boxed up and ready to go tomorrow in this photo:

I don't know how to thank you all enough! (Especially dearest Wendy for sending all of you my way!

Ok...gotta go check out that book now...

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Well, I don't have any photos tonight. Sorry.

I've been so busy with Posy Sock Sacks - all weekend! But I met the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the weekend, and I'll be mailing out a dozen of them come Tuesday! There are still many to do...but I'm on target. Whew!

Ok - on the knitting front? I've heard over and over that Clapotis is such a great knit. I HAD knit it before (not completely, as the first was frogged due to nasty yarn) so I knew it was a great pattern, even tho' I did have a time because of the yarn. But with Fleece Artist Sea Wool? I am not sure I can find the words...but I'll try:

Soft, sexy, sproingy. When I first bought this yarn, I thought the colors were: red, purple, green, yellow. Umm. Well, yes, those are all there. Along with a complete array of tonality from across the spectrum. There are pinks, to reds to burgundies, lavenders to deepest amethyst, the blues fade from teal into the greens, and the yellows go to gold and into the reds again.

My Clapotis will be a rainbow, there's no question. I've only dropped 4 stitches (I can't seem to knit on anything else right now, and I'm knitting after a full day of sewing, so maybe that makes some sense?) I'm a little concerned that I won't have enough yarn, so I'm going to make it shorter by knitting fewer repeats of the straight section - has anyone else done this? For fingering weight yarn I've got 700 yards and most everyone says they've needed as much as 900 yards for it. I'm holding my breath, but I'm into the 5th repeat of the straight section and have a long way to go before I break into my second skein...

(Oh...and I'm using my Addi Lace Needles which are just wonderful on this) What a terrific knit this is...And yes, The Meezer thinks I spend entirely too much time on it, and on the sewing, as well...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Mommie...

Mommie's been sewing all day, and then tonight, late, she did a little knitting while listening so some screeching noise she calls "opera" on the stereo. I know she ate chicken, cause things really smelled good and then the Calico and I got little bits as a treat (I loves chicken). Mommie seems kinda mad. Every once in awhile she mutters something about "MEN!"

Well, I know a little about men. They're noisy. The don't watch where they're walking and sometimes step on my toes (except for "Uncle Bill" who says he's "kitty people" and I guess he is, because the Calico and BB loved him...I don't let any man get very close - even Uncle Bill - I had a bad "kitten" experience with them...

But I can't quite figure out how to tell Mommie this. She doesn't have to worry about a man. All she needs....

is ME.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grrl Bloggers, Retail Therapy, & Thoughts on Relationship!

I suspect that most of my readers know that the fastest way for me to bounce back from adversity (or even a minor disappointment) consists of two easy peasy practices: knitting and retail therapy. Well. When you add in a group of the best Grrl Bloggers SW VA has to offer meeting up at Barnes & Noble for dinner, coffee, book browsing, and knitting? What more can you ask for? That's right - it's a terrific mood lifter!

Hiding her face in laughter is Nikki one of the most emotionally generous young ladies I've had the honor to befriend in quite some time...then in the middle is my partner in KnittersAtWork on yahoo, none other than Diana, she of the dryest of wit, the list mom who cannot let too much time go by before we have a roll call - "it's too quiet in here, what are you working on??!?" Finally there's our resident earth momma Cate, who sort of sweeps all of us up and welcomes us into her life and her home as if we'd been expected all along.
I'm behind the camera (actually I was beside it, but I'm not very good at taking shots without seeing WHAT it is I'm pointing at. Every shot I took lost someone - I figured it was best to show everyone else but me....
It was dinner and decaf (for me) and knitting and conversation, laughter, downright hysterics as we people-watched...I was desperately in need of some silly-time!
And while at Barnes & Noble, I dropped the first stitch on Clapotis (yes, it's there, see?) and then because I'd promised myself I would, I discovered a 2-disc set of Renata Tebaldi (she of the Voice of the Angels as well as namesake of Shaeffer Anne and Andrea colorways...). Listening to her arias from Puccini, Verdi, Mascagni...all is beginning to seem right with the world.

I'll admit to this: the most recent man in question did not ruffle my feathers so much in and of himself. No, the process of discovering that once again, knowledge of my health issues was conveyed and once again, the prospect of a relationship (granted one in it's infancy, if it was even that!) was terminated? Well, it sets my teeth on edge beyond what I know to do anything about. But here are some of the thoughts I can convey...

Women AND men have cancer, have heart disease, have any innumerable physical crises occur. We receive treatments, we are declared in remission, the blockage by-passed - note I did not say cured, please.

From the moment that happens, we have our lives back. But. Not. Quite. It does not matter who you are, or what you have been in your life.

Stereotypes and prejudices abound. There are such social concerns as health insurance coverage, disability and retirement planning, keeping a job where there once had been no question about that. IS the person well enough to return to work, can they have a healthy relationship of any sort? Will others treat them differently because, perhaps, they're seen as damaged goods? Will a special someone decide not to risk the relationship because they fear the loss of someone they care for?

I've run the gamut today. And I'm tired.

But I'm here to tell you. I had a (thankfully, minor) heart attack and by-pass surgery. I am fortunate. I have a scar that bisects my chest - and if I showed it to you, I would not look so glamourous as this lovely lady. In fact, I've seven years since my surgery, and my scar has faded considerably. Nonetheless, if I were one to try to accent it, I'd find a way in which to use a vining hearts tattoo art to point out the lifeline that my scar represents to me. My scar is gorgeous. It's a badge I wear proudly.

Because without it I would be dead.

Instead, I'm here. I can laugh, and love, knit and drink coffee, I can sew my bags, and love my grandsons, family, and cats...This scar is a sensuous LIFEline declaring that my heart is healed and capable of so much more...and maybe someday, there will be a man who will find it incredibly sexy that a not quite straight white line holds his love together for him. And he'll be strong enough to accept the love I have to offer for as long as it's here.

He'll be one lucky guy, I know that!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Moving Right Along...

Well, I've learned that when I set a mileage limit for starting a new relationship, I really should stick to my guns! I know the fastest thing to "kill" one is distance...(really SHOULD have learned that a time or two along the way!)

The gentleman I had a date with has decided the distance between our homes is too far. Of course, I'd thought of that a time or two in the week or so we communicated.

What do I really regret about it?

That I won't have as many opportunities to visit Mosaic as I would have with the excuse of a date to make the drive! **Grins**

(But then again, perhaps my credit cards will appreciate that...lololol!!!)

But I do wish him well. He's a nice guy and will make someone happy one day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Posies! Clapotis! Whirlwind!

Well, bags are shipping out left and right...I'm a tiny bit behind schedule, but I appreciate everyone being so lovely! I have 5 more bags heading out tomorrow (and one to deliver locally) so progress is definitely being made! A couple new ones below for you to check out - these are heading to the USPS tomorrow:

This is one of my all-time favorite cat knitting prints - comes in green and red - Knit Wits by Michael Miller (it's out of print now, but I have a little)
Then for the folks who live in Vermont or Wisconsin (or who just happen to love cows) here is one of the prints in the Meadow Farm series...

Finally, I succumbed:

I'm starting repeat 5 of the increase section on my Clapotis! I had forgotten how cool this pattern is....
(and dontcha just love my stitch markers? I don't have many "small" bling-bling stitchmarkers (for some reason I have lots for larger needles and I'm using size 4s with this fingering weight yarn), so I'm alternating them with the lovely white rubber rings (which I think are too cool, anyway). But I do like me a little bling, now and then, don't you???

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Full and Busy Saturday!

LOL. My toes got a lot of attention in yesterday's post! I wore sandals today, so you know I had to have that pedicure!
My day started with sewing, then mailing packages and making deliveries, and finally arriving in nearby Blacksburg to meet my gentleman friend. I got there a little early. I've never been to Mosaic, the yarn shop near the campus of Virginia Tech, but I have dearly wanted to go. I thought I'd get there a little early for my lunch date, and browse.

So I did. But only with a few minutes to spare, so I discovered they were open till 6p.m. and promised to return. And oh my. Just LOOK what I found?

That's Fleece Artist Sea Wool. The colorway is missing on the tag, but is a lovely vibrant rose/yellow-gold/blue/green and I bought 2 skeins (700 yards!). And what do you think I'm going to do with this? Well, Sandra, who works at Mosaic said it was perfect for Clapotis! Well...that's all it took, you know! :)

So I know you're dying to know how lunch went? I think we both had a lovely time...So we'll see...

The Meezer's not speaking to me. You were gone a long time, today, Mommie.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Night Highlights!

Thank you all for your comments, advice, and concern with my migraine earlier this week. I'm grateful that I don't get them very often. And that they're usually no where near that bad. I "bounced" back - I had to! - and by today the frantic pace of preparing for a week without the boss next week was bearable.

Here on the homefront, things have been hopping, too! I can't show you everything I've done (some are not for sale any longer as the fabrics are gone, so there's no use in posting them) but this little order, to a young local lady, was too cute not to show. Remember the days of practicing ballet at the barre?

(well, okay, maybe you don't but I do! I loved making this, it brought back all those memories, which were very, very good ones for me!)

The Meezer supervises my packing and shipping, and also the fabric choosing (no, she's not very good, wants colors that don't go together - I guess because kitties have rods but very few cones in their eyes!). The bags are local deliveries, the boxes, well, you can tell, are for shipping. Then fabrics ready to be cut are in behind all that! Just another normal night in Nana Sadie Rose land...

I said before that I was knitting a bit. Here are a couple more hats (one's a Xmas gift - YEAH!), and I've also put a couple of rows on Lacy Prairie Shawl - they're very long rows now!)

Finally, I gave myself a treat -

Tomorrow I'm meeting a gentleman for lunch (why, um, YES, it's a date! Whee!). With my black and white outfit, I thought perhaps white sandals would be cute...with these 10 beauties to match my fingers! Whatcha think?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back From the Edge of the World...

Tuesday, right?
It's been a rough week. Sunday was quarterly reports and financials for my client, and by the end of the night, I could tell there was a headache around the edges...Monday dawned in full-blown migraine -I think - after all, I really am beyond those "hormone induced" headaches, at least I should be. Well, there was total intolerance to light and sound, and this time, with the aura came spinning pinwheels of light - normally they just appear with an "eye migraine" with no pain, but THIS time...searing blinding pain and silvery pinwheels. The day was spent in as much darkness as possible, but a short trip to the vet was required, and the screaming cat (one under treatment, not my own) just about brought me to my knees.

Home again, and knitting could take place with bamboo needles - my lovely Addis flash in the reflected light. But only a gartered row, perhaps two.

By evening, the pain was less, the stomach roiling. I went to bed, with enough meds to bring a horse down.

When I woke, the unsettled tummy and disorientated, exhausted self that I was insisted the only option was one more day away from human contacts.

And now tonight, still exhausted, I'd come to realize that my bloglanders have thought I'd disappeared.

Fear not. Tho' my website is again malfunctioning from a darling daughter too intent upon making her mother look as if she's really in the 21st century (when she readily admits herself that I'm not), has been caught by a software that's not working well with our hosting company, and then the programmer herself is under the gun, trying to move, keep a job, her husband and 3 boys sane and sensible thru it all.

I've told her to "trash the flash" as I think, lovely as it is, it really is too much for my customers. I need my customers on dial-up to be able to maneuver my site. In my case, this Flash is one in a pan.

Please bear with us?

And we hope to have a dramatically pared down, simpler site to surf.

If you're aching for a bag - please email me at the address in my sidebar over there? We'll work things thru that way for now. And please accept my apology for the need to do this the old-fashioned way...

I've knit a bit. I'll show you something eventually. 2 rows in a day doesn't make for exciting I'll leave you with this - my faithful companion who huddled under the covers with me during the crashing and booming of the thunderstorms the past two days (which just about blew my head off my shoulders from the noise...)

She must be feeling better...the camera is out again.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Wow! I'm A....

Many thanks to Rebecca who tagged me, and I'm passing on the honor to these five LOCAL gals! I think they're tops!

1. Diana
2. Robin
3. Catie
4. Tanya
5. Nikki
6. Pam (you ARE still blogging, aren't you, Pam?)

Hope I haven't duplicated anyone, but I thought the very best honor I could bestow would be to nominate all of my local gal pals...(which is why I did 6!)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Birthday...

At the risk of making you totally green with envy...I thought I'd show a little bit more of the birthday stuff I have picked up (and is arriving a bit at a time...). I found this shirt at the cat show over the weekend, but Pat didn't have my size either with her at the show or at her brick and mortar store in Fredericksburg VA. I was deeply disappointed....(the color really is a lovely petal pink - I cannot for the life of me adjust the color in this apartment - the walls are all a "barely butter" and the lights are 60-100 watt bulbs in the ceiling fixtures only)

Pat emailed me yesterday to say that 2 shirts in my size had arrived THAT day, and did I want one (as the other was already sold). I jumped. It was, after all, my birthday and when offered such a find, one can't risk saying no, then changing one's mind a day or so later...the "find" will be long gone, by then...But I really WAS surprised when it arrived in the mail TODAY! Wrapped in cat happy birthday tissue! Thank you, Pat! I love it!
Then a couple of weeks ago, I was noticing that this kept popping up on blogs all over - Wendy's in particular, so I decided to see if my local bookseller had it and they did!

Finally, I've purchased this in a used version (NO, NOT at that ridiculous Amazon price, and I got the hard-bound for $15 - Amazon is really really nutty on prices of what THEY call "out of print" books. They're usually just "hard to find" or "from independent publishers."). I was completely intrigued after noticing it on a reading list in this entry on Anne's blog. Since I love the way her mind works (and the breathtaking designs she comes up with - and yes, Bee is on my list!), I thought perhaps I would enjoy this particular book...math and science have never really been my strong suits.

And yes, I know you think accounting is math, but you're not quite right - it's mostly a language, a set of rules, and I'm very good at those - I have a calculator for the hard! - but I've always been intrigued and I'm finding myself more and more drawn in as I get older...maybe it's knitting, but I saw my mom do the same thing, and she wasn't a knitter at that stage in life. So maybe it's realizing that there's more to this world than meets the eye...a certain order that is beyond the everyday understanding of things...

Folks have sent me extra-nice "birthday trinkets" too: a box from fellow Hokie, Kimberly, included a skein of orange and wine Hokie laceweight (I think, perhaps, a lace scarf?) and Ruinwen sent a Knitpicks gift certificate which is earmarked for a couple of items I've been wanting for lace knitting...thank you both for your thoughtfulness (and extravagance!)

I'm feeling altogether spoiled rotten.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Birthday for One!

Well. It's finally here, and I have SOOOO many ecards...thank you all for filling up my mailbox today! I loved EVERY SINGLE ONE of your cards...I worked today and they were the bright spot of an otherwise very busy (hectic?), stressful day...So Happy Birthday to me, I spent it by myself tonight, which is actually quite nice (we celebrated this past weekend - Big Sis, BIL, SIL, and I). DD called this morning.

I promised to show you a couple of the pressies I bought myself (there are more, but they're not here yet - email really spoils you for regular mail, ya know?). Not pictured are the 3 Addi circs I bought - 2 Lace needles sizes 2 and 5 (I only need size 1s now in the length I use most - 32 inches), and size 9 regular Addis - I hope the last one will make finishing up the Lacy Prairie Shawl an easy peasy process!

First of all...those beads are for Susan's Spring Things Shawl - I'm planning to knit it in the Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud (Iris) that I've had forever...I think these beads from Earth Faire will be lovely against it don't you?
Now, anything else in that shot look familiar? That yarn? Looks a lot like the prize yarn below, doesn't it? is and it isn't. That's Shaeffer Andrea 100% silk laceweight. When I bought the sock yarn, I kind felt like a lemming. EVERYONE was raving about Anne (sock yarn). I didn't have any trouble with the colorway - Renata Tebaldi- as Melanie and I reminisced over watching her on The Ed Sullivan show when we were growing up (she was the Voice of the amazing operatic soprano). The colors, while a bit off from what I usually do, I find quite amazing together, so that wasn't the issue. What was it? Well...

Socks. I have more sock yarn than I know what to do with and I'm not participating in the Summer of Socks. But I'm about finished (Hallelujah!) with Catharina Faroese Shawl (ok...2 more rows, the edging and then the blocking, but still...that's a lot closer to the finish line that I've felt I was for a long time!). Big Sis tried her "on" for size (with SIL's help we STRETCHED her carefully to see that she's about hip-bone length dry, and wet, she'll stretch a bit more...) so I'm dreaming of my next lace project.

I bought laceweight SILK. I've never knit with 100% silk - that was the other enticement. And no, I don't know what pattern I'll knit yet. Still thinking on that one. I won't use this immediately - the VLT Trinity Shawl is the next OTN - in the Meezer yarn...

Speaking of The Meezer...

Here she is, Monday night, still really groggy (drunk?) from her dental - please note what's under her paws? Yup. Her tearstrip...kinda made me think of a baby with her security blanket!
And here she is last night during our t-storms. The Meezer does not like t-storms, but you couldn't tell that, now could you?

If I can't see you, I'm not here... The Meezer


You were dying to know which bag was the 500th Nana Sadie Rose bag, now weren't you?

It was THIS one...a Blank Textiles fabric I simply love! So bright and cheery, and looks like a vibrant watercolor...

Two folks were correct in the guessing and Sis-In-Law drew Diann's name from the two! She'll be receiving the lovely Shaeffer Anne sock yarn in the colorway Renta Tebaldi...

And the "consolation" prize for those many, many of you who guessed incorrectly goes to Jen. Big Sis did the honors in drawing her name! I'll be sending the little book pictured below to Jen...

Congratulations to both ladies, and thank you to everyone who participated!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Boy, We're Tired...

A full day of work today and things were busy, busy. I'm feeling my super-charged weekend, that's for sure. And The Meezer isn't going to appear tonight, as she's in recovery from her dental. She, in true Siamese style, lost 2 teeth today, and is still feeling the effects of the anesthetic - she's a loving drunk, at least!

I promise the winners of the drawing will be announced on Wednesday but in the interim...would you like to see the prizes?

The skein of Shaeffer Anne in Renata Tebaldi is for the person who won the drawing for the CORRECT guess of my 500th bag, and the book, Beyond Stitch & Bitch: Reflections on Knitting and Life is for the "consolation" drawing - all those who entered and didn't guess correctly.

Yes, there were more who were wrong than were right! Wednesday, I'll tell you WHICH bag was the 500th, along with who won, okay? (and I might even show you what I bought myself for my birthday present!)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wiped OUT! What A Weekend!

It's always so much fun to do a Cat Show and SUCH a relief when they're OVER!!! Here's a glimpse of the booth set-up:

I can never thank SIL and Big Sis enough for all their hard work and I must also include my brother-in-law in that group this time, too - he helped us set up, then was a surprise customer when his Mom sent him over to the show yesterday to buy her birthday present! SHE wanted another Nana Sadie Rose bag!

And the delight of it all? As BIL was searching through to pick out a bag for her, he reached one and said, "This is it! This is the one! It's perfect for Mom!" And I said, "are you SURE?" "Oh, YES! No question."

So I wrote up the sale, and inserted a very special card in the pocket and said, "Make your mom read this. She's a very lucky lady - you chose my 500TH bag for her birthday gift!"

I promise you, there was no way he knew. Even his wife and my SIL didn't know until that morning, and they hadn't seen him come in to shop. I can't think of another person I'd have rather had purchase my 500TH bag! I know she'll love it.

This was another time when my booth was very close to the Siamese Rescue booth, so we all had a good time chatting during the show. At one point on Saturday, a lovely little boy meeze was the star attraction, but today, Sunday, this little lady, Tamara spent awhile with us. She's extra special - no one knows how it happened, as she was sent to rescue from a shelter with no history, but notice her very special needs?
Tamara gets around very well on her three legs, and her short tail is not a problem for her either. She was NOT terribly happy about the harness & leash she had to wear while at the show, but she was scooting around checking everyone out. She's the sweetest, most loving little gal. If you'd be interested in adopting her, her Virginia Rescue number is VA5007 and you can see her on the website linked above. I'd take her in a minute if I could!
(The Meezer just said, "the H-E-double-hockey-sticks you say! I'm the only Meezer in this house...")

We'll see, Meeze, we'll see...
(contest results on Wednesday, I promise, and yes, we have 2 winners...) Now I'm off to bed!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Quick Reminder...

Don't forget to guess which of the bags in the photos below is #500! Polls close at midnight tonight (EDT). I can't give you many hints...but it has cats on it! *wink* And thank you ALL for the lovely happy birthday wishes, even tho' it's next week!

And if you're in Roanoke this weekend, drop by the Star City Cat Show and say "hi!" Okay?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ready? Here We Go!

Here are the rules of the contest. You have until midnight EDT on Friday (July 6) to guess which bag in the photos below is the 500th Nana Sadie Rose bag made. Please EMAIL your answer to siameezercat AT yahoo DOT com. Everyone who guesses the correct bag will be put in one "hat" and a winner drawn from that group. EVERYONE will have a chance to win, as everyone else's name will be put into another "hat" for the second drawing. Big Sis and Sis-In-Law will draw the winning names. The person who wins the 500th bag drawing will win a nice bit of yarny goodness (I'll tell ya later) and the general drawing will get a nice reading prize...The winners will be announced on July 11 (my birthday!)
(edited to add: You do not have to have a blog to win, but if you do, let me know what it is in your email, and please put your name in your email as well! Thanks!)

So without further ado these are the bags you can choose from (from left to right, the names will be UNDERNEATH each photo)

1. Brown Yarn Cats Mera 2. Black Ears & Whiskers Mera 3. Diner Cats Mera 4. Black Front & Back Cats Mera

5. Michelle Meow Kerri 6. Condo Kitties Kerri 7. Retro Cats & Chairs Kerri

8.Red/Black Calico Cats Mera 9. Backyard Friends Grand Mera 10. Country Cousins Stripe Mera

11. Country Garden Cats Kerri 12. Lavender Blue Batik Cats Kerri 13. Bling Kitty Black Kerri

14. Navy Asian Sketches Mera 15. Primary Watercolor Cats Mera 16. Eliza Kitty Mera

17. Paris Scooter Cats (brown) Mera 18. AH Pink Watercolor Kitties Mera 19. Basket Kitties Mera

20. Tea Time Mera 21. Sewing Cats & Yarn Posy 22. Vintage Country Kitties Checked Kerri

Ok...That's it! Good luck!!! And have a wonderful 4th of JULY!!!

I thought she'd never get finished with all this...and now she tells me I have to have a dental on Monday - What's a dental? What's a Monday? Geesh...HUMANS!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Contest Announcement!

I want to thank everyone for they're lovely comments on the posts so far this week. I know you're looking forward to learning more about this celebratory contest - WELL - Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of the first bag ever created by Nana Sadie Rose (aka Moi!). And here is the very first Nana Sadie Rose bag:
Before you innundate me with emails, there is no more of this fabric (other than the occasional fat quarter on ebay which sells for astronomical amounts of money!) and this one is mine. I've used it for three years (did I say my bags hold up under pressure - this is the proof!)

So why a contest? Just because it's been 3 years? Well...not exactly - you see during the preparations for the Star City Cat Show I've finally made my....(drumroll please?)

500th bag!

Yes you heard right (I'm a little impressed myself!) FIVE hundred bags. In three years. honor of that, there will be a contest. Tomorrow I will post the bags I've been working on - each will have a name. And you're going to guess which one of them is the 500th bag! Ultimately this will be inside it, but you won't get to see it except right here! (remember the rose from earlier in the week? It's a card, and this is what's written inside...)

Do not start to guess yet, okay? When I post the photos tomorrow, they'll be numbered and the bags named. You'll have a few days to email me at siameezercat AT yahoo DOT com to tell me the bag you think is #500. What will you win? Well, that's for another post, but I think you'll like it...more to come...

Geesh, Mom, you're really working this one, aren't ya?

Monday, July 02, 2007

How It All Began...

Almost 3 years ago, I was in a funk, not able to do the handwork that was my stress-relief and stressing about just what auto-immune disease they would finally settle on as being "the one" that had cost me a great deal of my quality of life.

So I decided to pull out my 30 year old sewing machine and make a bag. And the pattern I used I hated. So I made my own. At a July 4 holiday party, I discovered that it was something a lot of people really liked. Big Sis and I had tried for years to find something that worked well as a handbag, and could never find it. I took what we both liked and created something that worked. Really well. And...

Nana Sadie Rose was born. It was about a year later before I landed a website thanks to my daughter's ability in graphics design (I did sell on ebay for awhile, but mostly it was word of mouth and craft shows).

Along the way, I picked up knitting to pass the time at shows when things got slow, started this knit blog, met tons of new friends and customers, and got my life back.

I still have an auto-immune disease, but it's pretty much under control. And Nana Sadie Rose has blossomed into a part-time business that even I hadn't envisioned. Many of you have been along for the entire ride, have watched me grow as a knitter, seen me through two romantic disasters, helped me to see myself in a new light. Not to mention, a LOT of you are valued customers...

So...I kinda thought perhaps we'd have a little celebration. Whatcha think? More details tomorrow...

Come on Mom...everyone already knows all this. The suspense is killing us...Can't ya tell?

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Ok. You know about the upcoming Cat Show. But I think I failed to mention this:
It's another new bag.

The Grand Mera. This neat bag is the same dimensions as the Sadie & Maddy bags (The laptop/commuter bag and the mother's tote). But instead of all the multiple sizes of pockets? Well, The Grand Mera has that name because it's made exactly like the Mera with 6 interior pockets - big ones - and NO loop closure. I think it's a great addition (my landlady was the inspiration behind it!) and this one is mine...a cute scatter print of brown and olive kitties on charcoal/black. (I hate to be the one to admit it, but instead of going smaller in my purse size, I seem to be going bigger! Still don't have the kitchen sink fit in yet, tho'! lol!)

Oh...and what's this?

I think it's the harbinger of things to come...maybe, oh...I don't know? A contest?

(stay tuned)


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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