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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ten On Tuesday - 10 Bad Habits...

And just what is it, Carole, with the negatives on this "blog fodder" thing lately? I'm participating....but this probably won't surprise anyone...

1. I’m a “piler” – I stack things on tables, in corners, by the bed…Guess when something gets done about it? Yup, when the stack or pile topples. Well, eventually something gets done with it…
2. I’m a hermit. Left to m y own devices, I will happily stay behind the doors of my place for days on end…the most recent was this past weekend when I didn’t leave the house for 3 days.
3. When I get involved in an activity – whether it be actively doing something (knitting or sewing), or just learning about it (ie reading or surfing the net), I am totally focused on that “whatever it may be” to the exclusion of everything else. Of course, it probably goes without saying that it has to be something I’m really interested in…something someone else WANTS me to be interested in doesn’t count, unless I like it, too…
4. I’m a chocoholic. Truly. And I’m not a snob about it either. Tho’ my preference is for dark chocolate with either raspberry or almond or hazelnut, I like it all, Godiva, Cadbury, Nestles, and Hersheys…I’m not terribly picky. Once upon a time, one Dove Dark was enough….not anymore, now it’s the more the better.
5. I don’t exercise. Part of that is that if I have me-time, it’s knitting time. Part of it is that I loathe exercise. Part of it is that my lower spine grinds so when I walk that it makes it painful to do much. (Yoga used to do if for me, but the studio I went to was located up a painful flight of stairs. I haven’t found one on ground level yet.)
6. I like my Diet Coke. A lot. I keep telling myself to switch to iced tea, and I even have done that a time or two…but Diet Coke goes so well with: pizza, Mexican, burgers and fries…(nope, I’m not a beer drinker)
7. I am a crab (the Cancer sort) and so, if I feel as if my feelings have been hurt, or I’ve overstepped my boundaries (or yours) and hurt your feelings, I will retreat into my shell and stay there. Way way too long, probably. I’ve tried to work on this, but then I feel like I just become overbearing…so I retreat back into my shell.
8. Kinda related to number 1 and number 3…the piling and the stacking and the collecting books (and yarn and fabric, and CDs and … and… and…) affects my ability and interest in the concept of housekeeping. I also have two cats – one an overgroomer. I stop just short of being in a position where they’d come and close me down, but I admit that Martha Stewart would have a field day in my house. (I believe in the rule, “Dust is a protective coating for furniture”) Still, I’ve promised myself that if I can get the basics taken care of once, I can pay for a housekeeper every 2 weeks. It’s time to acknowledge that I hate to do housework. I can afford to have someone in to do the important stuff. But first, I gotta get things cleaned up (where the heck did that come from? Oh, I know, my mom…You can’t let anyone see how bad it gets, not even the housecleaner!) The only thing that’s stopped me in the past is knowing that what $ I spend on a housekeeper could be spent on yarn. Well, I now know that I don’t need more yarn. But I do need a clean house.
9. I am not interested in cooking, so if you are in my house you would tend to find the same basic menus (5-6). While variety might well be the spice of life, when it comes to cooking I do mostly a few simple things that qualify as “fast food” – like black bean burgers (frozen), a grilled chicken from Ukrops, salad bar veggies and fruits, pasta and sauce from a jar with “Morning-Star Farms” non-beef burger, but then I also love NY Strip steak. Yogurt, peanut butter and jelly (or honey) on whole wheat bread, and cheese omelets – that’s my maintenance food. Not interested in too much experimentation. I do like to do the restaurant thing…and variety there is terrific!
10. Oh. And my favorite junk food? Cheetos. Yeah, that’s usually in the cupboard, too…I’m telling myself that I can be like Susan Gordon Lydon and put yarn in my kitchen cabinets. But I don’t want Cheetos dust on it…Wonder if I can give up the Cheetos for the yarn?


Blogger Diana said...

It makes you all the more interesting of a person! I am much more a hermit as I get older. I am content at home. I pile books!
Cheetos!! Funny. But I like them too.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

So what's wrong with those? You've saved me posting a list - almost all of yours are mine. (I don't think I'm particularly crabby. DH may disagree if he wishes.)

I'd like to see that list re-stated as virtues, actually. Things like "great attention span" would put a positive spin on it.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I'm the same way about so many of those! I'm all about the piles ;) And I, too, tend to do the hermit shell thing when I'm worried I've hurt someone's feelings, or when I'm tired and overstressed. Also? Go with the help in housecleaning. It's SO worth it! :)

5:43 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

I like Fritos more than cheetos, but I do keep a lot of things in piles, and I could live as a hermit quite easily.

4:45 PM  

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