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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mid-Week Report...

I know I'm supposed to be sewing, right? Well...there's one thing that puts sewing on the back-burner right now (and no, it's not knitting!).

It's my CSA weekly half-share. When the veggies are in, you have to do something with them, you can't put it off (should I tell you what happens when you do? Ewwww...). If you click on that link, you'll discover that I spent last night in the kitchen up to my eyeballs in boiling water, wielding a paring knife, and putting food by! I know, it will be very welcome this winter, but remind me next year that if I go to the Farmer's Market? I can PLAN my seasonal storage of food.


Don't get me wrong - I'm grateful I could participate in this, and I've learned a great deal about it. I won't do CSA next year, as it's really too much food for one person (even the 1/2 share!), especially an older one with, hmm, how shall I put it? Well, let's just say, "gastronomic challenges!" I think the Farmer's Market will suit my needs better.

However, when I made the trip over to the Co-op last night to pick up my paper grocery sack, I took a few minutes to stop by the used bookstore - this particular one has been there for years, but I haven't ever been in. A member of my local knitting group had announced a few days ago on Ravelry that this particular bookstore had a bunch of knitting books out on a table for sale. I'd read that one I would have been interested in was already scooped up (and of course, Diana got some of the others before she even told us about it, too), so I wasn't too hopeful that there'd be many I'd want.

I think it's a good thing for my pocketbook that I didn't go when Diana first told us! I did get those three books, and I've already scanned all of them, but the Compassionate Knitting is one I'd been really interested in getting. Of course, my queue at Ravelry is about to expand exponentially, thanks to these...Turns out our bestest LYS owner (former owner) Becky had cleared out her bookshelves and taken these in! I know we're all happy to have given them new homes for her.

I have been sewing and finished these up Monday night (except for the buttons - did that tonight)

They're both Meras - and in fabrics you've probably seen before. The combo of interior fabrics are different, of course.

And The Meezer has been doing a good job of keeping the sewing seat warm.

When I'm not on it, of course!

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you get another share that is more than you can handle/use, I bet your local food bank or soup kitchen would be THRILLED to get some fresh produce.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I know what you mean about CSAs. We belonged to one a long while ago, and it was often more than we could eat. But what it did for me, at least, was to kick me into a more experimental gear, so that when I started going to my farmer's market, I was somehow more prepared mentally to take advantage of everything they had there. And this week they just announced that my university will be hosting this city's farmer's market once a week -- whoo-hoo!

10:56 AM  
Blogger Plain Jane said...

Nice score on the knitting books! I have the Knitting Nature one - found it last year at a garage sale. The library has Folk Bags, but I've never heard of the Compassionate Knitting one. {{{HUGS}}}

1:06 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Oh, I can't turn down a half price knitting book.

One of my chores for the day - process my CSA share! I agree with Jocelyn - it really pushes you into new vegetable territory. After 4 years of CSA, I now LOVE kale. My DH,not so much, but he eats it because he paid for it!

The bags are gorgeous, of course!

9:00 AM  

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