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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fall is in the Air...

Anne is harvesting winter squash along with her tomatoes and zuccini and eggplants and that always gets me to thinking about fall...I adore winter squash, and then I always think about butternut squash soup, which makes me think it's time for the leaves to turn, and the A/C to be turned off...

But I think it's a little early for that yet, even if it is Labor Day Weekend. Over at Nana Sadie's Place I'm telling the tale of one large 'mater...but I thought I'd share a glimpse of it here, too. My lunch today:

Once I finished that, I had the strength the finish these three additional bags for the cat show next weekend:

None of those fabrics is've seen them before I think.

And when I'd done as much as I could stand at the cutting table and sewing machine, I allowed my fall wistfulness to take hold, and I brought out:

The yarn to make my Corrugator Red Scarf. This is Encore DK. I couldn't make my Harmony size 5s work with this dark yarn, so I went to the only size 6s I had - a circular - but it's bamboo, so I'm seeing the stitches better! I'm going to try Norma's trick of 5x readers if I can locate some, because when I make a mistake these days? I cannot see them, even with my tri-focals. (sigh)

I don't know if Jocelyn has decided to admit out loud (other than to me) that we're going to be buddies and try to keep each other in check when it comes to buying new yarn this fall. With her university cutting across the board with a 10% furlough, that's tough, and we're not 100% sure what the state here is going to do this fall, tho' there's been discussion of our creating budgets for 7% and 10% reductions. I'm thinking that even without that, I'd like to reduce my spending down about 10%, partly because I'd like to save for a special event in the spring to attend, and partly because I think it wouldn't hurt to have that extra savings in the bank, either...

So, completely without Jocelyn's agreement, and totally using something that's been on my blog for a couple of years, thanks to Becky who made the blog button back then, without further ado, I hope I'm going to adopt a bit of a "make-do" mindset around here for a bit...

In fall, I want to dig into stash anyway, and see what's been pushed to the back, what I've forgotten about...You know, I get into "use it up" mode...

And then, this is when I really start to feel that fall is in the air:

I got a couple pairs of Birks this week from QVC - they had a really good deal on them - but the larger box sat on the sofa for a few days, because it was a good size and I was thinking surely I could pack some things up for the yard sale my sis-in-law and I keep saying we're going to have. Today I discovered that CC had decided that I must have arranged for her to have a new nest. Once I realized she'd appropriated the box for her purposes, I tossed in one of her towels...

And ever since? The Meezer has been determined to make it HER box, to much hissing and spitting on CC's part...yet another sign of cooler temps to come...they become "waallooween" cats (as Lynette is fond of saying) and begin their skittering around the place, tearing up and down the stairs and across the furniture...



Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I had to laugh at the description of the cats! I know how that goes :) And I'm glad you outed us! I'll have to borrow the logo for my blog and make sure I write about it when I post next -- I'm glad you're in this one with me, I need the support of a good friend! ;)

1:54 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

Oh, I love the photo of CC napping! I have been spending the weekend cleaning up here and there, and now ready for some knitting time. It became apparent that I had plenty of projects to finish AND plenty of stash. I did order some more roving, though, as I have spun up much of what I had and am skipping the fiber fairs this fall in order to save money. I grabbed the button, though.. nice.

5:55 PM  
Blogger Tan said...

Hey, I have that bag in the back!

I do think it's too early to talk about fall. It isn't going below 80 here this week.

10:59 PM  

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