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Thursday, February 13, 2014

What Do You Know, I have Time to Post!

When a massive snowstorm hits, it grinds the world to a stop. And I get a snow day! But frankly? This one is like to be a snow WEEKEND! And a long one at that. We have President's Day off, too, so the weekend will be 5.5 days long (We closed at noon in advance of the storm yesterday). And as of 12:30 this afternoon? This is what my car looks like:

If you're on my friends list on Facebook you've watched this snow climb up the Forester. And yes, it IS a Subaru, and yes, it has new tires, but in addition to all that? It's driver has a bionic shoulder and no death wish. I'm not moving and neither is the baby 'Ru.

Till the snow plows come, at least. Then I'll have to get help cleaning off the car, too.

I had to make the obligatory Tonk video, of course:

And there was no kitteh (or human) harmed in the making of this video, tho' he did have a few choice words for me!

So now? It's time for knitting a bit, sewing a bit, cleaning a bit, making a warm and filling soup like I tend to do during snowstorms...and the other thing I might let myself do a bit of?

Sleeping late, and NAPS.

Because this first week and a half of full-time days at work? Have whipped me. Really. :(


Blogger Bonnie said...

Enjoy your naps and your snow day(s)! The driving can wait. Stay safe and warm!

1:31 PM  

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