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Friday, February 07, 2014

The Knitting "NOT-Olympics"

Ok, I realize we can't have the old Ravelry knitting Olympics for trademark reasons, but this Winter Olympics, I'm setting myself a goal: Finish the Helsinki Hat Scarf. This has been on the needles since 2008. I haven't touched it since the 2010 Winter Olympics!!

I adore the yarn, I love the cables, I enjoy the squooshy-ness as I knit it - and the warmth, too, and it's cold right now (not Sochi-cold, but cold).

The Meezer loves the Helsinki Hat Scarf, too.

I have another stealth project on the needles that I can't share with you. But knitting that during the Olympics is also important...fortunately for my hands, they're two drastically different needle sizes, so I can switch off between the two projects.


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