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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 Plans

So here we are again, another new year has arrived! They do fly by so quickly, but I like that I can put out some plans in advance and see how I do over the year. This year? Well, My Sweetheart and I have some health-related plans, and then I have knitting plans. So let's get started!

1. We plan to join a local gym in February (after the crowds, but also after I've started PT, so that I'm not doing anything that might damage this shoulder!).

2. We're also planning to join a CSA - that's Community Supported Agriculture - by buying a 1/2 share of a local farm. I'll try hard to resurrect Nana Sadie's Place to chronicle that plan over there! I've missed posting to Nana Sadie's Place.

3. I've got to lose the weight I gained during the recoveries from these surgeries, and he wants to also lose weight, so I think we'll be following Weight Watchers, but whether we'll decide to go back to meetings? I don't know. Perhaps.

Now for the knitting plans (you will have seen some of these before): 1. I'm going to finish up several projects that have been years on the needles, specifically: The Purple Royale Clapotis

The Helsinki Hat Scarf (during the winter Olympics, if possible)

The Lilith Shrug

The Blue Jeans Brandywine Shawl

The Briar Rose Gracie Shawl

The Boheme Reading Mitts & Cowl

2. I'm going to make myself stash dive before I buy anything else. Goodness, I have such gorgeous stuff in stash. I need to use it - shopping the stash first.

That's it. See not so many, after all...


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