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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Foods You Eat Regularly Now That Were Exotic (or unheard of) When You Were a Kid.

Oh, there are so many, this is hard to narrow it down, but I have a photo or two (tho' we'll see if blogger will accept them, so far? No...) that helps to elucidate my choices, so here goes:

1. Greek Yogurt - now a staple of my everyday breakfast, even yogurt was mostly non-existent when I was a child. The varieties that appear now in the dairy case are mind boggling!

2. Kiwis. My mother started buying and eating these when I was in high school, but prior to that, I'd never seen the hairy green fruit. Love it, because she did, and convinced me to try it. (but she also loved avocados and I absolutely DON'T)

3. Portabella Mushroom burgers (actually there are three things in that that I didn't eat as a child - the portabella mushroom, the feta cheese, and the Sandwich Thin!).

And they are especially good with something else I'd never had as a child: Sweet Potato Fries!

4. Patty pan squash. We had summer squash, zuccini, and acorn squash when I was growing up, but the cute little squashes of various colors? Nope. I guess butternut was around, but I'm betting we didn't eat it much because Mom had trouble cutting it and peeling it (as have I had till learning about microwaving it a couple of minutes then letting it cool before peeling - works like a charm.

5. Purple Cherokee Tomatoes - Mom liked red tomatoes and Daddy liked the yellow ones. That's what there was in our garden. And if it didn't grow there, we didn't eat it. The winter ones we found in the store tasted like cardboard anyway.

6. Grape Tomatoes - we had cherry tomatoes, but not the grape ones - they're just like candy...

7. Mushroom, cabbage, Cannellini beans, and barley soup. This is a recipe I found on the Fat Free Vegan's blog, and I made it one night as we were pounded by a snow storm. OH MY. What a satisfying concoction. My mother, who was a vegetarian, would not have even thought of putting these three ingredients together. YUM.

7. Almond Milk. I grew up with cow's milk. Loved it. Got to be an adult, and stopped drinking it because it "made me fat." And then when I realized that might not be true, I started again, and found that it no longer loved ME. I tried soy, but it doesn't love me either. Almond milk? Oh yes. Thank you.

8. Lentil Soup...I love trying different recipes for the same thing.

9. Indian food. If I could? This cuisine would be the mainstay of my diet. Perhaps I was a Hindu in a previous life?

10. Dark Chocolate. Of course, there were precious few brands available when I was growing up, but milk chocolate was my preference all those many days ago. Now? 70% Dark is my favorite....and if you add in a bit a candied ginger? (Oh! Another one!) I'm in heaven...


Blogger Bonny said...

Thanks for a terrific list and some great ideas! I don't use butternut squash often because of the peeling problem, but I'll certainly be trying your microwave tip. The mushroom, barley, etc. soup sounds delicious; I think I'll be making it for dinner on Thursday!

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Oh kiwi! That was definitely exotic.

My butternut tip is not to peel it before roasting. I just wash it and stick the whole thing in a 400-degree oven on a piece of foil, then let it bake for an hour. Then I let it cool in the oven till I can handle it and the skin slips off easily. Scooping out the seeds is easy, too.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

copied your soup recipe - the Farmer eats plant based

2:13 PM  

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