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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

This week's topic for Ten on Tuesday is "Ten Ways You're Embracing Fall!"

er...well. Since last weekend's temperatures were in the 90s here, and the front just moved thru yesterday, I've barely had a minute (ok, less than 24 hours) to think about embracing fall! But I have got a few thoughts on how I have been and will be embracing it as it enters our region this week:

1. For a couple of weeks at least now, I've been enjoying the photos from the Burlington Free Press in Vermont. I liked this page on Facebook when epic flooding in the wake of hurricane Irene devastated the state. My family is from Vermont, I spent summers there growing up, I still have family there. I adore, and miss, the state, so every year at this time, I get to enjoy photos like these:

2. And I love the color in my area, but since the temps have been up so high, there hasn't been much change yet...a bit, but nothing to write home about. This year has been interesting weather-wise (as it has most everywhere), so I'm not sure what we'll get.

3. So because I'm beginning to think of fall, the very first thing I will relish is turning off the AC and hopefully not turning ON the heat for a bit. It was nice, after the front went thru yesterday to open the windows for a few hours.

4. Normally I'd be delighted about cold weather clothing, but I'm looking forward to more shoulder surgery in November, and that means not being able to wear my collection of pullover sweaters for quite awhile. At present, pulling anything OFF over my head is a challenge that borders on the comical. I won't take photos (tho' My Sweetheart has threatened to...*wink*)

5. But one item I'm looking forward to wearing, is the ruana I bought made of black and gray fleece to drape over the shoulders for warmth while using the sling. It won't be as warm as my fall/winter coats, but it's snuggle-worthy, and that's what counts.

6. Knitting is still a challenge, and I don't get near what I'd like to get done when I manage to sit and knit. But I'm hopeful I'll be able to make the mitts and hat to go with the cowl I made to go with the new ruana. I miss my knitting probably the most of everything that's been taken away with this shoulder thing. Oh, that and yoga.

7. My favorite types of foods are in the farmer's markets now, and My Sweetheart has assured me that this weekend we can shop, he'll chop, and then freeze for later use. They include: all the squashes, October beans (or as my Mother referred to them "Shellies"), greens galore.

8. With My Sweetie's help, I hope to have enough of these chopped and ready to pull out for slow-cooker soups and stews, and all the wonderful vegetarian dishes I love to make in the fall.

9. I've been pulling out the socks to wear just when I visit My Sweetie (because like most men, he keeps the AC lower than I'd like). But last night, after the front went thru, yup, you guessed it, the socks appeared. I LOVE my handknit socks!

10. More outdoor activities. While I'm still going to be restricted, I'm glad we can comfortably get outside and worry a lot less about the heat. I don't handle it well, and it's one of the things My Sweetie worries about when we plan something outside. We've got day trips planned as the fun of our 4 day recovery from wedding planning and wedding for his son, this coming weekend. We'll be out and about in my area, doing some fun things. And it's only going to be in the 70s. It's time to take the roof off the Del Sol again! Whoohoo!


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