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Saturday, November 02, 2013

I Haz Caught Finishitis!

Indeed! And I hope it lasts a long time...too many projects in process and I'm hoping to clear out some of them. Today is NoSoKnit, so you can imagine that I'm knitting away, since I posted this yesterday evening and scheduled it to hit after we started (so that the second project down there is a surprise at the actual event!).

Thursday night I finished up one of the cowls I'll be needing post-surgery, since cotton button-down shirts aren't all that warm, but I won't be able to pull a shirt or sweater over my head for a few weeks:

The pattern is Present. It's an easy, quick project that will make you feel good about accomplishing something that looks this nice...

This yarn is absolutely my favorite wool and it can't be had anymore: Mission Falls 1824 Wool. I have some in stash from the Log Cabin Blanket of a couple of years ago, and I'm using it where I can but not in any great rush. Still I couldn't think of a nicer yarn to knit the Present cowl in...

Thanks, Karen, for doing such a nice job showing it off!

Now, I can show you the surprise:

This is the second time I've knit this project for NoSoKnit charity gifting. It's an extremely easy Feather and Fan blanket and then a cute teensy hat and pair of socks. The yarn is okay (I don't love acrylic), and just what they want, so I can't really complain.

I promise I'm enjoying myself. I don't plan to spend much, if anything this year (but will update you if I do). Things are going to be awfully tight during the month of short-term disability, and I won't want to be spending money for anything that's not absolutely necessary, so I expect you'll not see a purchase this time. (Besides, I've got so much yummy stuff in my bins! I will try hard not to be tempted.


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