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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just a Little Bit...

When I was getting ready to go into the hospital for the shoulder replacement surgery, I knew I'd be spending at least one night in there, and it would be immediately after surgery and I might well not be at my best. I wanted to have a few things with me, particularly my cell phone, and my MP3 Player with the special MP3's My Sweetheart had purchased to assist me in wellness, surgery preparation and recovery. I'd been helped leading up to the event in question and knew I'd need it that first night.

But what to carry those precious electronics in, along with just the little bit of cash, and the driver's license and insurance card? Nana Sadie Rose put on her thinking cap and (somewhat painfully, as I wasn't sewing well at all back then) created the "Little Bit Wristlet:"

I knew I had to have cushioning - so the little wristlet bag has a nice layer of batting inside, with some structure in there, too, in the form of interlining. But then I wanted to keep things in their place, dontcha know - after all, it IS a Nana Sadie Rose bag!

So you would figure there would be pockets, right? Inside that photo above, you can see the little MP3 Player in one, and then there's a mini zippered baglet in the other - but really? It's where my iPhone resided through the entire process of surgery and recovery. And in fact, the Little Bit wasn't so "girly" that My Sweetheart minded keeping the bag with him the entire time. That was important, too. And everything needed to be secure, so there's a zipper up on top. And there's a larger section in front of those pockets, of course. Room for the zippered baglet that took the place of a wallet. Tissues, a lip gloss, a small tube of hand cream. Just the absolute necessities.

I love this Little Bit Wristlet. In fact, I keep trying to pare down my handbags so this is all I carry (I haven't been very successful yet, but I'm still working on it). It weighs almost nothing, too, which was very important with shoulder surgery!

So of course, you know, if I loved it, I figured you all might, too? Find her in the custom section of the etsy shop for now, and we'll see how she goes. If you like her, I just might get a few made up for the ready made section. And for now, I'm going to limit fabric selection to what I have in stash. So we'll chat about the sort of fabrics you might like, and I'll send along photos of what I have available. Fair enough? Oh: price? How about a pint-sized $20? Plus shipping and sales tax if you're in Virginia.

And because she's custom, give me a bit of lead time - I'm just getting back in the swing of all this, you 2-3 weeks? (And I suppose it might run longer if this becomes a hot item!)

What other uses might you think of for this Little Bit Wristlet? I'd love to hear your ideas...


Anonymous Jane Devlin said...

I can see using it for a small pair of scissors, some yarn needles, a crochet hook, stitch holders, stitch markers - all those little gadgets we need while knitting or crocheting.

9:33 AM  

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