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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One of THOSE Weeks?

Remember this?

Tonight, as I finished working the 10th repeat of that scalloped edge...I suddenly thought to myself: Gee. I'm amost finished. And then I wrote the 10th repeat on my sticky note. And stopped. I've been working on this edging for a couple of weeks at least now. Not every night. Not more than one repeat at a time. But...there are supposed to be 24 of them. I'm better than 2/3 of the way around the shawl. I'd actually thought a time or two, "Funny that they don't match up with the triangles at the bottom of the shawl any better than that."

Funny indeed.

Do I need to tell you? This knitted-on edging? Well, the chart has 58 rows. Except that you don't knit 58 rows on every scallop. No, that would be too easy. You knit rows 1-48 and then repeat rows 13-48 twenty-three more times and THEN knit rows 49-58.

Unless, of course, you're me. Then you knit all 58 rows repeatedly until you suddenly realize that you're an absolute idiot. I used to browbeat my students with "READ THE DIRECTIONS!" Yeah. My own words come back to haunt me (over and over again!!! Do you think if I eat them I'll learn?)

No I didn't frog it yet. Can't. I've got to carefully go back row by row, as I've KNITTED THIS ON, picking up ONE stitch on the bottom of the shawl every other row.
Not tonight I don't. I'd already made 2.5 bags for Nana Sadie Rose when I gave myself the reward of knitting one scallop on this shawl ... So I'm really too tired to think about frogging it - and now? Well, I do wonder if Catharina will EVER be finished? Because I don't think I'd better touch this till after the National Capital Cat Show...Sorry Big Sis, but you might not get your 60th birthday present on your 61st birthday after all...

(oh...and btw? Myrna Stahman is an amazing designer - b/c you know what? Those scallops? They DO match up PERFECTLY with the 24 triangles on the bottom of the shawl - I am an idiot. Myrna, on the other hand, is a genius! This is such a wonderful knit...eventually I won't mind redoing these scallops correctly - but give me a few weeks...)

On a nicer note...look what came in my mailbox over the weekend?

But I'm a little bit frightened of it after tonight. Because I happen to know that Anne is an amazing designer, too. And right now, there can be no question that I'm a complete and total idiot.


Blogger Brenda said...

How too bad! I hate charts that do that sort of thing--very counterintuitive.

I love the color you got for the Bee Shawl! That will be so pretty.

12:26 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oh, dear. Remember that bench picture I posted last week??? Wise to put it aside for a bit, I think.

1:58 AM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

*sigh* we have all those days...I'm sorry...but take your time and come over to my lilly pond if you get frustrated...its margarita madness tonight LOL :)

5:59 AM  
Anonymous chris said...

Take a deep, deep breath. Put it aside and let it sit till you can breath evenly while ripping it out. And look at the bright side - you didn't knit the entire edging before you figured it out - which, BTW, is something I totally would have done.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

You're NOT an idiot! If I had a penny for every stitch I've tinked or frogged over the years, I'd be a millionaire.. Can you thread a life line through the row before the knit on edge? I know that they're harder to do than when the stitches are on the needle, but it could save frogging back even farther if you happen to miss picking up a stitch while undoing the edging. {{{HUGS}}}

9:10 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

You know my dear that we have all done something quite similar!!! It will be finished and you'll wear it with pride!

9:52 AM  
Blogger Opal said...

I've BTDT too many times to recount. Put the shawl in time-out for now. I'm positive that you can do this and the Bee Fields Shawl. You have more then enough skills for the both of them. *hugs*

3:50 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

Isn't tinking a part of knitting? I'm always pulling out stitches when I catch mistakes. That's life.

Can't wait to see your bee shawl. I've been eyeing that one myself.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Shelob said...

THIS is why we knit, rather than doing brain surgery as a hobby. Relax! I've just started the front of my current sweater for the third time because I can't seem to keep the cables "even" as they move across the background. [sigh] Nope. Don't do rocket science as a hobby either! [grin]

1:47 PM  

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