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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sundays Are Too Short!

So are Saturdays, frankly I want 5 day weekends, shall we put it to a vote?

Ok...yesterday was sewing day and 6 more Posies were completed, then this a.m. 5 more were cut and made ready for the sewing machine. Life is rarely dull in my world. I will be training a new assistant this evening, which does crimp my own productivity - at least in the short run...(A cutting, not sewing assistant, as unfortunately, The Meezer does not have opposible thumbs to handle the scissors or rotary cutter!)

Last night was Knit Night with my friend Lynette, so of course, as usual, we made our pilgrimage to Panera Bread for soup, salad, and baguette, then back here to enjoy conversation and knitting. Another repeat of the lace edging on Catharina and more rows on Lacy Prairie's edging were attained on my end, but not without challenge, as talking doesn't mix much better with lace knitting than TV does...

But I decided (with Lynette's help) that it would be a smart move to use my AC Moore coupon to pick up the current issue of Knit N Style because I had been drooling over the Seashell Shawl. I decided that I do have enough of Joslyn's pastel pink laceweight merino to easily create this work of art, so with the 40% off on the magazine it's not a terribly expensive knit! The yarn has been sitting in stash for some time, project unassigned.

Today has been a gray, muggy day - it should just go on and rain, but I suspect we won't be that lucky.
Ok. Off to work on Posies, dinner, then a training session...have a great rest of your Sunday!


Blogger Ruinwen said...

Wow sounds like a fun and productive weekend! :)

My theory is that we should have Sat, Sun and Wed off so we never have to work more then two days at a time. :)

5:18 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Grey and muggy here all weekend, but at least it did rain yesterday. Oh, think how TERRIBLE it would be, really, if kitties had opposable thumbs...

6:10 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

That does make total sense! 5 work days, 5 recreational days!
I think I use my time wisely but I get so sidetracked. Start something then start something else, same with knitting!!!

9:41 PM  
Blogger Jenni said...

LOL! I was just thinking..."Summers are too short!" I have one more week of summer vacation before I have to go back to the classroom!

10:50 PM  
Blogger Debi said...

Be careful what you wish the Medical field its called the Baylor Plan - 7 on, 7 off amd by the time you finish your 7 on you need 7 off to recuperate and you barely get to enjoy your time off!

Pretty pink shawl! I trally liked that diamond pullover and the 2 color retro wrap.

I made Catherine about 2 years ago and if you teach yourself to purl back backwards (since it's garter stitch) you will be MUCH happier!

11:17 PM  

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