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Monday, December 31, 2007

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

I've been reviewing 2007 and everything that's gone into it. I think my final tally of completed items (detailed over on the sidebar there) runs like this:
10 hats
2 scarves (including Clapotis)
6 pr of socks
4 Hedgehogs
2 pr of fingerless mitts
20 dishcloths
1 lace shawl
and 10 squares for a charity blanket

Why is it that the list looks so short up there?
Favorites? The socks and Clapotis. The Chevron Scarf was right up there. Now ask me how many of those things were for me? One scarf, 4 pair of socks, 1 pair of mitts and the lace shawl.

Hmm...You know what that means? I used to think that I knit only for myself and I've said it often enough. But it's not true. I knit a lot for others. Which is cool. But when I look at all the stuff I have on my queue that really IS for me? I wonder when I'll ever get them all done?

So what are my New Year's Eve plans? I'm going to be sitting in my favorite chair listening to a concert with my favorite violinst (Joshua Bell) and working on - YES! - Catharina Faroese Style Shawl! This is the shawl I've put into hibernation several times because of frustration and mistakes. I just have to frog the edging and reknit it. I think. Unless I decide to add another repeat to the length and width. *wink*

I'll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on the new year, plans I hope to follow and fulfill.

Please have a safe and happy New Year? I'll see you next year!

I've told you before I don't like balls dropping, it makes too much noise!
The Meezer

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Help?? Any Ideas?

(click on it - to embiggen!)
This is the inside of the folded card that came with the yellow/green yarn shown in the post below. I do not speak German, or whatever that fact, I have only a smattering of French remaining from my years in high school. This really looks as if it's German to me.

I have a link but it's a festival/outdoor crafts mall called RosenHof. Looking at the photos, I don't see anyone that has handspun/hand-dyed yarns.

It's just killing me...what IS this - and, fair warning to my pals at Roanoke Valley Spinners & Knitters when I see you all on Thursday? Be prepared to put on your thinking caps. What IS this yarn?

TIA for any help!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

My BIG Family Christmas...

On Christmas Day, my micro family gets together...and somewhere around the main holiday my two other families do, usually one before and one after. But...rarely do we all get together at the same time. There might be a reason for this - we a lot of people, 3 rowdy boys, and no one has a large home to do this it can make for a boisterous event. Today was just that way...

And I've not really updated you a bit on what was gifted me before, because I figured one larger post would handle it! So here goes....

It was a CATTY Christmas (not that unusual, but Chris might think these were sent to the wrong person - at least some of them! (I don't have a single black kitty...except for these new ones!)

The tile is from Italy...Sis-in-law and niece went to Europe this past summer...And a coffee mug (I've SEEN this one on Chris' blog!) and salt & pepper shakers...from Big Sis...

This photo shows another mug and salt & pepper shakers with black cats on them (Mr. Biddles has a bit of competition here...) from my boss - no she wasn't at my Christmas today, but just to show you how "catty" this Christmas was...oh..and my other niece sent along the cute black cat key ring - can't wait to get the keys on it! (she also sent a cat notebook and her dad gave me a CD A Very Fine Cat as well as two notepads with cats on them...

Then, from Switzerland (and my other niece), this really cool garden cat (yes, a Siamese!).

Dear Daughter and family had given me this MP3 player and the where-with-all to download if I can figure it all out, I'll be fine...hmmm...Michael Buble, anyone?
DD and family also gave me this. We knitters have a common affliction - we have chronically dry skin thanks to the wonderful fibers we're constantly fondling! Add in aging and a compromised immune system (which demands lots of antibiotic soaps and handwashings!) and you can imagine what my fingers are like in winter? I keep bandaids on them to help the cracks heel...(maybe that's TOO much information?) Well, I love this hot wax bath! It's just terrific, and I can tell a difference already...

Then, because everyone knows I'm a fiber addict...Sis-in-law and niece brought this handspun/hand-dyed yarn from Switzerland. Now I can't find anything to identify what this yarn is - I can tell you that I'm pretty certain there's no wool in it - I am guessing it might be linen, and they seem to think she might have said silk (not sure, doesn't smell like it!). I'd love your ideas for it - I'll have to see if I can estimate how manyyards there are, but it's probably fingering weight. It's a yellow-green and has a sturdy texture to it, hence my thinking it's linen...What to make with it? OH! And underneath? Yes they know me or what? Munz Suisse Chocolat! Yes, it's still in the box. (Promise!) *wink*

Big Sis went to visit family in Vermont this summer and wandered into a yarn store while she was in Montpelier...Jean, the owner, helped her pick out this yarn from Plymouth - Royal Llama & Silk in a lovely terracotta rose tone and the pattern for a 3-button wrap (Plymouth #1164). I've already emailed Jean to thank her. My sister admitted she really didn't know what to do - and Jean learned that I had a blog, went to her computer and looked me up, surfed around and said she thought she could help my sister pick out something nice!

No question about that, huh? That's what makes a good LYS in my estimation! So those of you up there in Vermont? Consider this my recommendation, if you're ever in's her card! That's The Knitting Studio...

There were gift cards,, and fabric, and yarn. Oh. And Fair Trade Coffee from the Green Mountain state, as well!

There's no way I can ever say thank you enough to everyone! I'm blessed with an amazingly thoughtful family!

It was a very busy day...the boys got lots of toys - lots and lots of particular a remote control dinosaur that I think was the hit of the year! And they fell asleep in the car on the way home (not surprising).

Big Sis seemed very pleased with her socks, the three who got hats were tickled with them, and Sis-in-law loved her Chevron Scarf...(she also got a Red Hats purple feather boa!!)

I've been relieved of my "Wrapping Paper Nazi" title (I think). Only the choicest papers, all the bows, and the gift bags were scooped up for reuse next year. The girls were amazed at what I tossed...but when you have little boys tearing paper apart? Might as well give it up. (I suspect my aunt and my mom are frowning down at me as I type that...)

I'll have photos of the knitted gifts soon - that is if Big Sis gets them emailed to me. Yes, Knitnana was dense enough to forget her camera today!

I'll be back before year end with my wrap-up of 2007 knitting, and then something of a plan for 2008.

Wow. This is one LONG post!

Friday, December 28, 2007

More Christmas Gifts!

I'm really glad I'm coming to the end of the Christmas gifts! Whew!!

This is the third Moscow Magic (Peace Fleece) Coronet that I've made. Two have been by the pattern, and the first one doesn't have the cuff, because I didn't understand the directions and went by instinct. Wouldn't you know the "goof" is the one I prefer! Still, I felt that since this was a gift, I'd make it for the extra warmth...
And I finished the Fine Cabled Mitts. My second pair of these, and I do like the pattern a lot. There are only 7 cable repeats on these and that makes them a better size than my first, as I've got small hands, and so does the recipient of this gift...

I've got one more Seaman's Cap OTN. When that is complete, the Christmas knitting will be done for another year.

And I'm working on my end of year post, don't worry. There's one on Nana Sadie's Place already, though.

But first...I've got to get through our last family Christmas tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Knitting & Such...

I think this year, I probably outdid myself in handcrafted gifts. But I couldn't share most of them with you until tonight:

Friend Lynette, another knitter, had wanted a Posy to go with her Mavis that I'd made several months ago. This lovely sage leaf print fit the bill!
Then it's always important to make knitted hats - these are two results of the same pattern - the Seaman's Cap. These were made in WOTA Bulky (on the left) and Lion's Thick & Quick Chunky (on the right) Same sized needles - 10.5s. Interesting how they both came out, huh?
Last night, I realized that I was just a little short on gifts for DGS#3. While he's the youngest, and as such not entirely cognizant of what others might see as a slight, I decided I didn't want it to be that way. Besides he really really needed this! A very quick knit, I used Red Heart Kids Colors, double-stranded on size 13s. Just cast on 40 and knit in the round till I thought I had enough head length and then started decreasing evenly every other row. FAST! DD could not believe I knit it all last's okay - she's just learning to knit. For her? Well, she'd never have managed a hat in one night at her level. But she will...probably sooner than she thinks - IF she puts her Christmas gifts from me to work soon - yes, Charmed Knits and a lot of knitting supplies...

Then, you watched a bit of this being knit and some of you guessed what it was, but for those of you still in the dark? I give you - TA DA -

Huggable Hedgehog #1
And HH #2
and HH #3

and (my personal favorite) HH #4

I couldn't resist making the one in pink and purple - but I don't have a little girl to gift it to, so it was presented to my next door neighbor's (and landlady's) granddaughter.

All four were well received...but I think number 1 is most appreciated by my DGS#3 - it's the smallest - I used only one strand of Lion Fun Fur for his hair and it really makes a difference in size. The littlest one was for the littlest boy. And he pronounced it "sleepable!" by promptly snuggling down on the floor with his blanket and hedgie.

No. I don't have a photo, I'm sorry. Things were a bit nuts today with three little boys running around, doncha know?

(The other three Hedgehogs used either one strand of Fun Fur and one of Sensations Cello, or two strands of Fun Fur - in all cases, held together with one strand of Paton's Classic Wool, and knit to the pattern, which is VERY cool and easy to follow).

Hope your holiday was delightful.

(And now, I've got a little more knitting to finish up before this coming weekend's second Christmas!)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wishing You Peace...

I'm not sure where it started, and I'm sure I'm dreadfully late in posting it, but here is my (new) favorite ornament (they do often rotate in my adoration of them):

I received this lovely ornament tonight from my neighbor (who is also my landlady). I was so surprised when I opened it. Two peace doves! This lovely ball has joined a set of 6 heavy construction paper doves with gilded trimming from Guatelama that I found at a church sale I try to attend every Christmas, as well as my mother's ivory dove, which she cherished upon finding it 40+ years ago at another sale of items from underdeveloped countries (as they were known at the time).

As I said over on Nana Sadie's Place 2008 is my year of peace. I'm certainly finding these serendipitous happenings that point to (in my mind) this being the right focus for me in the coming year...

A quick glimpse of the far side of my living room tonight. There are 3 large packages not shown under the tree. There's limited space there and we need to be able to walk thru to the other room.

Tomorrow, I'll post photos of many of the Christmas projects I completed for gifts this year that have been underwraps for months now. I can't wait to see what you think!

Have a wonderful holiday, and may peace join you at your table tomorrow.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meezer's Christmas Video!

(This is at least as dark as my photos are these days, but we're proud of The Meezer's debut video and hope you all enjoy it!)

Oh...and btw, Big Sis? Don't you think I sound a lot like a certain wacky aunt we both know and love? Hearing my voice on video is just weird!

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Big Sis Sent Me This...

And considering I just spent the evening with my DD doing a bit of Christmas shopping for family, including her three sons...well, I just wanted to share this with other moms out there!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm Still Here...

I promise I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth. Christmas preparations are of course, I have no photos to show. But Big Sis' socks came off the needles last night, which is a huge relief. I've put a hat OTN...

By this time next week? Most everyone will be spending gift cards. And I'll still be finishing Christmas knitting as we'll have at least one more Christmas over the New Year's weekend. (Family is so dispersed, it's rare we can all get together at once.)

But then, that's kinda fun, you know?

Anyway, I'm already thinking about my "year in review" post for next week. And about the post I'll do when I put together my plans for 2008.

How about you? Have you taken a minute to reflect?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

No Ice That I Can Tell!

Worried enough, I was last night, that I really dreaded going to my client's Christmas Party. I went. It was just raining...cold. I was dreading coming out to freezing rain. But on the way home, the temperature had risen. (Now, mind you, I don't go in much for office Christmas parties, especially when they're held where alcohol is prevalent, so I didn't stay late.)

Besides, I knew I had to spend most of today on my client's books, so I didn't want to be fuzzy-headed!

The feline members of my family do not realize that when I have these workdays at home, they are the ones who REALLY reap the benefit of my association with my client. She is their vet.

I don't think they care. They'd be perfectly happy if they never had to see the vet again. lol

So I was amused to discover that The Meezer finally gave up on trying hard to sit on the computer and reorient my attention to her, and instead, went to curl up on the unmade bed...this is where I found her some hours later...

hmmm...who are you?


Oh. Hi, Mommie

Rub belly, please?

I guess she forgave me, huh?

Now, it's back to holiday gift knitting and, of course, sewing.

But yesterday in advance of the storm, I made a scrumptious chicken "soup." No, really. I cooked. Of course, if you saw it, you'd argue the name for it. Most folks think it's stew. But I just like thick soup.

And garlic bread...and brownies.
Stay Warm!

Friday, December 14, 2007

In Advance of the Oncoming Winter Storm...

We're in line to see at least some of the N'oreaster that will be wreaking havoc on the Northeast this weekend, but I'm grateful that what we get will no doubt be gone by the first of the week, at least around here. Today was gorgeous, upper 50s and sunny. Of course, I had to work.

But tomorrow an ice storm cometh, hitting in late afternoon and overnight. Depending on conditions being absolutely right, we could get as much as a 1/2" of ice. Then Sunday the winds will be up to 50 mph. In short? This might be the last post you see from me for a bit! But I'll be soon as the power comes back on!

So...Debi started something with "A Few of My Favorite Things" the other day, so I thought perhaps you'd like to know what I might come up with?

It goes without saying that knitting and sewing are two of my very most favorite ways to spend my time and that classical music and opera fill many happy hours.

The Meezer is at the top of my list, the grandkids, too.

Ever since I was very young, I've been madly in love with cardinals. It's the state bird, of course, but I'm madly, wildly in love with red and to my mind, there is nothing more beautiful than a snow covered field full of evergreens with cardinals flitting across it. The birds amaze me, mating for life, and sharing equally in the raising of as many as three nests of babies over a single season. I spent a couple of years watching a pair and their families mature in my mom's backyard. It's one of my favorite memories...(umm..why yes, there are many, many cardinals in the ornaments on my Christmas tree, how did you ever guess?)

I fell in love with Lenox's Winter's Greetings about the time I was learning so much about cardinals and so I started collecting the china. Now I've fallen for the stoneware, too.

So I was completely blown away not long ago, when I received a request for a Posy Sock Sack made in a fabric that I immediately thought was reminiscent of my Winter Greetings china. This lovely fabric is Winter Holiday by Hoffman International - and this Posy is about to be mailed off to some lucky someone for the holidays!

When the fabric arrived, I thought, hmmm...ought to go buy more - this is stunning! I can envision a table runner or placemats in that fabric, can't you? with deep forest green napkins...

Tomorrow, before the storm hits, I'll be down in the basement looking for my lone oil lamp! Because if I can't sew, or work on my client's books on the computer this weekend? Well, I guess I'll just have to knit by the light of the lamp and candles!

What a hardship that will be...*wink*

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thank You!

All your lovely complements on Grace are so appreciated! I'm thinking she's a nice addition to my bag line, myself, so I'm happy you think so, too! Right now, would you email me if you'd like to order? Birdsong notified me early this a.m. (probably late last p.m. for her out there on the West Coast!) that we missed adding Grace to the drop-down menu on the order form - so I apologize for that, and my webmaster is working on the fix! Until then, just shoot me an email, okay?

I thought I'd show you a last-minute gift I decided to start over this past weekend:

That's an Anne design - the Fine Cabled Mitt. I'm knitting it in a skein of Wildefoote that was given me some time ago. I'm pretty sure it was in an early swap I participated in, but forgive me, I've forgotten which one...nonetheless, as there was only one skein, I couldn't make socks, and I'm not (as I've said before) in love with this yarn. It does make nice mitts tho'. As you can see when compared to an earlier version -

This is a shot of the first one I knit, also in Wildefoote, in the Tomcat colorway. I wear these a lot.

But can you tell any other difference between the two? I knit the first pair according to the pattern size small, and it's really too large for me (mind you, I don't mind that on cold mornings!). But for the black one, I shortened the ribbings at top and bottom, and did 1 fewer cable repeat. It's a nicer version for my short hands! (And will suit the giftee as well. DD will now know they're NOT being made for her.)

Oh, and that's the Christmas manicure, Debi! It's Orly's Monroe's Red and I just had them done tonight - my first Christmas party is tomorrow - for our consumers at work. Then Saturday my client's annual party. Our office staff holiday luncheon is next week. I'm not sure the color will last till Christmas, but I can touch it up between now and then.

Are YOU getting in the Christmas spirit? I surely am!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome Grace!

She's a sassy, spirited little bag that you’ll grab again and again, especially when you need your hands free for other things! She’s a small backpack that holds more than you might think, with two interior pockets for tucking in a cell phone and such. She's a delight! And I'm tickled pink!

Here are two samples to get your own creative juices flowing:

Ears N Whiskers Grace:

Skulls and Roses Grace:

Named in honor of another of my aunts, Grace is available by custom order only. Please visit Nana Sadie Rose today!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pay It Forward! Redux

I just realized that I never did the random drawing for my Pay It Forward without further ado - Congratulations Crafty Coug!! Sometime between now and November 30, 2008 you'll be receiving something from me - something I'd like to it will be nice!
(just let me hear from you as to how to mail something your way, okay?) *wink*

How Better to Spend A Gray & Gloomy Sunday?

I think we had a minute or two of sunshine today, but it didn't last long...I was however inside working...

On this Christmas set, something I call the Books & Penmanship Sadie & Posy, the fabric inside the Sadie is repeated on the outside of the Posy. I love the old style books, fountain pens, ink bottles and lovely handwritten sheets of paper on this print.

I'm as guilty as anyone for not practicing such an art in this day of email and computers! But it's lovely to remember it.

Otherwise? Well. I put yet another Christmas gift OTN...a pair of fingerless mitts for someone lucky in my family - I won't say who, just in case they come snooping here to see if they can figure these things out ahead of the big day!

The weekend is almost over, where on EARTH do they go?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ticking Things Off My List!

A very busy Saturday. I'm trying to knit dishcloths (for Cloths for Crisis as well as for holiday gift requests!), knitting on my sister's second sock, and I've finished the fuzzy things...(go peek at my projects on Ravelry if you simply can't wait till the 25th for their unveiling - but since my DD reads my blog...there'll be NOT ONE WORD (or photo) here till the gifts are opened! (Since I moderate my comments, IF you make a comment and identify what I'm doing, I'm NOT going to approve your comment - please don't take offense. When the time comes, the comment will appear - after Christmas!. But I just don't want to ruin the surprise!)

I'm closing in on the last of the bags for Christmas's a very good feeling! Here is one:

A Terrier on Houndstooth Mavis bag for a local knitter...What a great gift this is going to be!

And of course, I've made a couple of sample Grace's for her debut on Tuesday...Are you getting excited yet?

Just stay tuned!

Friday, December 07, 2007

A Christmas Meme!

This meme came from Birdsong who says that Christmas is her favorite holiday. This time of year is my favorite, too, but I start the celebrating with Thanksgiving and am happiest thru Yule/Winter Solstice on to New Year's Eve. So without further ado, here are my answers to the meme's questions:

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Both – always recycled. The second generation calls me the “Wrapping Paper Nazi” because I’m so slow about opening gifts, making sure to tear as little as possible, and chasing down everyone’s bows…I love using real ribbon on packages, too. And I love gift bags.
2. Real or artificial tree? An artificial tree - I’m allergic to so many things, having a real tree can cause serious problems.
3. When do you put up the tree? Usually Thanksgiving weekend because I have the extra time off work to not have to rush the process. Though now that I have a 4-foot, tabletop, pre-lit tree, it doesn’t take as long as the 750-light 7-foot tree used to take to put up!
4. When do you take the tree down? New Year’s Day during the Rose Parade.
5. Do you like eggnog? Yes!
6. Favorite gift received as a child? A craft kit to make a felt, flower-power decorated stuffed toy Dachsund.
7. Do you have a nativity scene? No
8. Hardest person to buy for? Any of the men in my family.
9. Easiest person to buy for? My mom (and I wish I could still do so)
10. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? The bag of (dirty, used, and laddered) stockings given before I opened #6 above – the stockings were to be washed and then used for stuffing for the toy dog. But I was such an easily offended child and teenager, that I was stunned and hurt that my Big Sis and former Sis-in-law (the first one, not the one I’m good friends with now) would give me such a thing (the equivalent of the proverbial lump of coal in the stocking!) - I'm not much on practical jokes...dontcha know?
11. Mail or email Christmas cards? Both. I choose email mostly for environmental and cost issues. But there is an entire generation of aunts who do not use email (okay, there are one or two who do…). I don't send the annual Christmas letter.
12. Favorite Christmas Movie? White Christmas
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Dec 26 – for the next year!
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Of course, I recycle everything possible and if I can’t use something it’s better to release it to find it’s proper home!
15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Chocolate Covered Cherries!!!
16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? Clear - white
17. Favorite Christmas song? Silent Night/Night of Silence sung as a round – the only thing I miss about no longer attending the church I grew up in. The congregation sings Silent Night and the choir chimes in with Night of Silence as the entire darkened church is lit by a sea of white candles held by each congregant. That is the definition of peace in my mind.
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay Home
19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Yup.
20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Neither. A Victorian Santa dressed in ivory & white satin and velvet with fur trims, carrying a staff with a star on top and a brocade bag of nature’s bounty, roses, and pine. (see below)
21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Christmas day
22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Christmas music on the radio the week BEFORE Thanksgiving! Heck - Christmas appearing in the stores before Halloween!
23. Do you decorate your tree in any specific theme or color – Yes. My tree has been crystal, white, gold, and silver with white lights for many years. Many of the ornaments were my mother’s and many feature feathered birds - I made a lot of them for her.
24. What do/did you leave for Santa? Chocolate Covered Cherries, chocolate chip cookies and Earl Grey tea.
Here's my tree this year:

And Santa!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Socks! AND - My Knitpicks Order Came!

Everyone in blogland seems to be flashing their stashes of socks! So, while mine is really kinda pitiful (I have only recently begun to knit socks quickly!), I'm rather proud of them and I thought I'd show mine off, too! There's one pair missing (it's in the wash) besides the pair I sent off to my Sockret Pal months ago...And I also included the finished first sock of my sister's Christmas socks - it's there on top of the others. I'm delighted to say that in less than 2 years, I've knit 8 pair of socks (in between other things). And I have one of another pair finished and yet another pair OTN...

Not too bad, huh?

Then my Knitpicks order came was fairly fast, but I realize that when you get free shipping it takes longer. Jane says it's no doubt the holiday, but (knock wood) my bags are shipping and arriving in the proper time frame still, tho' I realize I'm paying for Priority Mail - KP's free shipping isn't Priority. Anyway, I ordered this a week ago on Sunday and it's here today so that's not too bad. But yes, the package sat in the Martinsburg WV Sortation Center from Friday to last night (at least that's what it says at Knitpicks.

I had ordered the Palette yarns to make the Fair Isle hat for me (from Holiday IK). You know, I have a bone to pick with KP. That pink appears pink on both the monitors I use (work and home) as well as in the catalog. It's the Petal colorway. Well, let me tell you, Petal isn't pink. It's a medium coral (with decided orange tones). (sigh)

The purples and grays (and black) are all as I expected (maybe a tiny bit brighter in the case of the purples, but not far off. Does ANYONE out there think that "petal" isn't pink?

You are forewarned...

Then, here are the needles I ordered - I got the size 2.5 mm Options AND Harmony's in the 16-inch circulars, along with another set of size 2.5mm dpns. My hope was that the silver Options would make my sister's Fleece Artist chocolate brown sock yarn more easily seen against the needles. And they are. But you know, these darn needles are so highly polished that with the knitting under the lamp they can be blinding!

I'm still pushing for KP to make the Harmony's in a blonde wood. I think we need a petition...anyone else interested?

I did finish my sister's first sock, and tonight got the second one on the needles. Once I get the toe increases done, I may well put it back on dpns. The bamboo is a lot easier on my eyes (not to mention my hands).

They're threatening our first touch of snow (flurries, mostly in the valley here) tonight and tomorrow as a clipper scoots through. It would be lovely to have some real snow. But what I want most? For the weather to STAY either cold or warm. This roller coaster is making a mess of my hands.

Ohhhh....I'm on a gripe tonight, huh?

(and I shouldn't be....progress on Grace is moving on schedule, I'm very pleased)
And I made progress on Christmas gifts, too. So it's really been a decent day.


Monday, December 03, 2007

You Might Want to Keep a Look-out For...


(See that ticker up there?)

That's right...Grace will debut on Nana Sadie Rose and Nana Sadie Rose's blog on December 11.

(Where've I been? Well, debuts take creative energy - and so does filling Christmas orders! Not to mention all those Christmas knitting gifts I'm trying to complete.)

So just so you can say I gave you something today...a photo of The Meezer's favorite new spot to sleep. Yes, it's right next to my sewing desk and you'll note the "little extra" something to help keep the chill away?


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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