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Friday, December 21, 2007

My Big Sis Sent Me This...

And considering I just spent the evening with my DD doing a bit of Christmas shopping for family, including her three sons...well, I just wanted to share this with other moms out there!



Blogger Kim said...

I LOVE THIS! I've seen it several times and I can't get enough of it.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Carole Knits said...

I've seen it before, too, and I think it's fabulous!

6:48 AM  
Blogger Pam! said...

I love this every time I see it ... I'm sure at some point I will say it all!
Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your family. (make sure to take some KnitNana alone time.)

7:30 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

It's hilarious and so well done. The truth plain and simple!

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I'd seen this when #1 Son was still young and living at home. I could have sung it to him every morning and saved us both a lot of time! :-)

Persistent Illusion (It won't let me use my real name!)

1:46 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

I'm not a mother, but I totally loved that. I have to send that to all my friend who are mothers. Thanks!

2:17 PM  
Blogger MJ said...

Great video!
Thank you for sharing!

11:18 AM  
Blogger Lizardknits said...

Absolutely Priceless!

1:48 PM  
Blogger HPNY Knits said...

i LOVE it! merry xmas!

9:43 PM  

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