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Saturday, February 18, 2012

They're Calling for Snow.

And I'm home nursing yet another sinus infection. I'm ticked, to say the least!

But they are calling for snow, tho' at present I'm unsure if they know how much (it's gone from 2-5 down to 1-3 inches and that was a few hours ago - the worst, of course would be sleet and freezing rain, but who knows what will happen?)

Anyway, I've not been of a mind to do much more than surf Facebook and Ravelry. Mostly getting angrier by the minute that not only has one side of Congress lost their freaking minds, but apparently so has the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia (the fair state in which I reside). Women's healthcare is being trounced and the clock turned back decades. I'm spitting mad. (And I know I'm not alone)

So while writing letters and emails to legislators & Congressional reps and reading articles online, I also borrowed The Handmaid's Tale from the Overdrive library and while I've read it, I've knit
and managed to complete my Sis-in-Law's socks (my plain vanilla toe-up pattern with picot edging, using my trusty Addi 16" circulars size 1.5.) The yarn is Opal Ambiente and I'm wishing I had another ball of this, as I LOVE this colorway (color 2996, lot 162)!

When I've needed a break from the small needles, I've picked up my 7s and worked on the Mission Falls 1824 Wool Blankety-Blanket:
I've been able to pick up several balls of black to make the i-cord edging, and am hopeful I have enough of the various colors to use to make at least a lapghan.

It beats spinning my wheels over political actions that I can only work slowly (yet again) to have changed. But change they will. Governor McDonald doesn't have a clue what sort of can of worms he's opened with this, and I expect you'll see quite the backlash against him and his cronies for this issue and you'll see it soon.

Hmm...Mitt? Do you REALLY want this man as your running mate? You want to lose THAT BADLY????? Of course, if you do, that's perfectly fine with me!


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Yup! Spitting mad here, too - I can see why you picked up The Handmaid's Tale (talk about dystopic)!! I would also recommend, if you can ever get a hold of it Native Tongue, by Suzette Hadin Elgin (a linguist, actually); it's a bit more on the speculative side of speculative fiction, but is also a very interestingly-rendered dystopia with a very interesting proposed solution (a women's language). I think you'd like it.

3:52 PM  

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