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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And Now for Something A Bit Different!

I promised something new in the Nana Sadie Rose line, and there's more to come, but I wanted to share this one prior to the cat show the end of the month:

The fabric is We Are Siamese from Michael Miller, a print that's retro to the core, because this print was originally on a pinwale velvet corduroy back in the 1950s. I've seen jumpers and skirts made of it and have even used some of it myself. Must admit this cotton is a lot easier to work with! The cats are a tiny bit smaller, too, but that works here especially...

But it's NOT the print that I'm excited about! About a year ago, I toyed with the idea of adding a strip to the bottom of my bags, particularly thinking of something heavyweight, and more durable than cotton. I've now made a couple of them, both using denim, and I really like the effect. It's especially good with a light fabric, as I tend to try to steer folks away from those because they soil more easily. But with this bottom, that fear is dealt with!

So we'll call this "Mera Adorned" and I'll let you know that bags in this style will be limited and by custom order only. I don't want to bring mountains of heavy fabrics into my sewing room (it's kinda getting stuffed in there already!), so at present I'm thinking dark (navy, brown, tan, black) denim or twill. As always, ask if your fabric choice will work with this and I'll work with you as best I can.

And there's a slight difference in price, but for the increase in longevity, I don't think most of my customers will mind.

(Oh, and yes, you can get a Kerri Adorned...but I think I'm limiting this to those two styles, at least for now).

Okay, I'm off to update the shop!


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, very nice! I can see why you've been thinking about adding that bottom - it looks great, and durability is always good :)

10:04 PM  

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