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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Onward Into January

It took another day off before I could muster enough strength to make it back to the office today. To an avalanche of work. And that's just the stuff needed to catch up...I'm still not there and not convinced my brain hasn't been replaced with cotton wool. But when I first arrived it occured to me there were a few things that might have been delivered while I was "under the weather" (why is it that always sounds so trite and nothing to compare with how things REALLY are when you're at death's door?):

Yup. A Barnes and Noble order included that lovely One Skein book. I've been looking at Cherly Oberle's Little Hanten sweater for a certain little granddaughter...and this has been in my basket for ages...when another book I liked the looks of showed up with a "free" label on it (we do think they meant to make it a free Nookbook), I took quick advantage and ordered them both. They honored the "free book" without any question (I do so like B&N) and as a result, I've purchased 2 of Barbara Bretton's two most recent Sugar Maple, Vermont knitting/witchery/fantasy/romance Nookbook novels so I could catch up with one of my favorite "heroines!"
In that photo you'll also see that I succumbed to the Facebook announcement that Rowan 50 was still available - actually I think it was that Rowan 48 was back in stock, but I have that one and dearly wanted this one. A friend on Ravelry's Chronic Stitcher's group had knit socks out of this lovely ivory, purple, tan, brown Regia and I was equally bewitched by them, so...

I know Joce. I gave you a ton of grief yesterday about sharing Kate Davies' newest creation, since we're supposed to be keeping each other on a sort of informal "knit from stash" KAL.

Hm. I know, Joce, you've probably given in to the urge and not just bought the pattern. I've promised myself that I must make Sheep Heid before I even entertain the thought of purchasing the yarn for Rams and Yowes blanket. Because I'm like you and would WANT to use Jamieson & Smith Shetland Natural (even if it does mean I have to redecorate my house to go with it!). Still, I do apologize for not admitting to having already succumbed myself.

Sock yarn, tho'. That doesn't count as stash, right? Back me up, here, Steph, won't you?


Blogger squiggi said...

OOh! I want to make that blanket too!
Where do you find the yarn??
Glad you're feeling better.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

All right - I forgive you (especially since this maybe means I can get the yarn to go with my pattern?) :) Those are definitely your colors!!

5:26 PM  

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