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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Do Love Blue & White...

But that's not why I bought these...

I learned of a glitch that kept the book on the right from getting to me before Christmas so I could wrap it for under the tree, so while I was fixing that, I added the book on the left to the order (it was on sale!).

I have much to learn about colorwork...and I can't think of two better sources to learn it from. Yes, I ordered these from Schoolhouse Press. I think I mentioned once before that I do try hard to order my books from them when I can. For all that I like getting a bargain, I hate to see independent booksellers go out of business (like our beloved Ram's Head Booksellers, here in Roanoke!). In Meg's case, she's so wonderful to work hard to bring back knitting books that are long out of print that I'm determined to support her whenever possible. Knitting With Two Colors is also her book, coauthored with Amy Detjen.

Hmm...goes right along with my whole "buy local, support small business" philosophy, dontcha know?


Blogger Bonnie said...

I'm sure you will love both books. What a nice gift to yourself. Happy New Year!!!

12:50 PM  

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