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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012: The Year of Little Lacey Things & Colorwork, Too

I'm planning. What is it about the hectic, crazy, nuttzy days in between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day that forces us into a desperate reordering of our lives? Is it a planning for calm? Yes, I think so. I dream so for peace and quiet, for long moments of hot tea, Mozart, and knitting lace with a pointed kitty nearby...wishing for snow softly falling and piling up (which means no work!). Lately, our days have been ranging from the mid 40s to upper 50s so there's not a flake to be had...nonetheless, my planning gene is kicking in strong, and I'm coming up with a few ideas for 2012.

Mostly, I'm planning on the one-word idea for the new year, rather than setting up a bunch of resolutions...that said, I'll let you know my word soon enough. I'm settling, I think on two or three and I know one will emerge before too long.

That said, while I initially considered that 2012 would be my Year of Little Lacey Things - "Little" signifies items that aren't so large that I'm easily overwhelmed. Small shawls, lacy cowls, little mitts, small socks (okay, in a couple of ways...I do have small feet, too!) - I then started looking at stash, realizing how many projects I've purchased in colorwork. They are all small things, too.

2011 has mostly been about the hats: Warm Hats for Hot Heads; Warm Hats Warm Hearts; chemo caps; Christmas gift hats. They've been fast and fun, but I'm ready for the steady, blood pressure reducing capacity of lace. And then, for a bit of visual spice and mindful challenge, colorwork.

But rather than get ahead of myself, methinks there will be an initial bout of finishitis! I have so many lacey shawls on the needles, I think they have to get done first. But I want to have my All You Need Is Love mittens finished for February, so must get started right off on those...and I want to make Sheep Heid, too...Oh my, it takes so little to suddenly have a list as long as my arm!

Anyone interested in joining me for a Year of Little Lacey Things? What about a Year of Little Colorwork Pretties?

What will you knit? Short of the above mentioned projects, I'll be working on two pieces from Jackie E-S. I have the yarn and pattern to make Thinking of You Scarf for February's Knit Red for Women's Heart Disease project. Also on my list is a "little something" called the Smoke Ring with Lace Edging. I've adored this one for a long time...will check my stash for the best laceweight I have to make this one for a gift.

That's a start to my list. And since there's knitting from stash involved in this, it will fall into the plans Jocelyn and I have to have an informal KAL for knitting up a bunch of what we already have...I keep telling myself I will NOT buy a 6th bin for my accumulated yarn...I won't. Of course, I promptly went and bought two skeins of hand-dyed worsted from Wild Hare Fiber...

Okay, I bought them in 2011. Maybe that doesn't count Joce?

Oh...and I've exempted the yarn I have to buy for the class I'm taking in early January to learn beginner crochet. I'm really looking forward to that!

So tonight I'm off to sis-in-law's to watch old movies and knit these socks:

Yup. That's Trekkings Brach's colorway (think neopolitan ice cream). I've had it for awhile and I'm itching to have these socks. Plain vanilla with the picot cuff, toe-up all the way.

If you've an inkling, stop by Nana Sadie's Place as I've got some New Year's thoughts over there, too...different theme, of course.

Happy New Year!


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Excellent plans! And I think I can forgive you those "last" two skeins before the new year begins ;) Goodness knows I'm bound to slip up myself now and again! Happy, happy new year!

8:43 PM  

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