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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Think It's Stopped...

But here's what it looked like at about 9 this morning:, it's still snowing. It has been all day..I'm off to see how many inches they say we've had, but 10 would not surprise me

And this time? I had the sense to bring the trashcan up to the walk (it looks "trashy" but last time? It took two weeks to get TO it again...)

I strained my back again while shoveling, so I gave up and headed inside. The neighbor's snow blower apparently gave up, too. This was a heavy powder - I know, it makes no sense - but it really was heavy, and dry.

I finally cast on Soleil in the Ocean colorway.

The lace is super simple, but I'm still using markers as I don't want to handle this yarn too many times - it starts to look a bit ratty, that's a sad thing, as I'd hoped the linen in this would keep it nice for a bit...hope I'm not going to be totally disappointed in the yarn? After all, this will be my first "shaped" garment.

Also on the needles?

The Claudia Chocolate Cherry socks. LOVE these...and at least I have something red on the needles as I begin February, right?

Another easy knit...dishcloths in new to me, at least, colorways of Sugar 'n Cream. I love them!

Something else I love?

One very grumpy Meezer. I suspect we're going to have to visit the vet when we can get out the door, for another "delicate procedure" to make the little one feel better. Come to think of it, CC probably needs the same thing!
It's always something, right?

And yes, my restorative yoga class was cancelled (double-sigh) but rescheduled for later in February.

Now, if you'll excuse me? I'm heading back to my heating pad and Soleil.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snow like that is a huge reason why I left Michigan. My 13 years in Colorado have thinned my blood and made me a winter wimp.

Have you used Claudia's yarn before? How does it wear for you? I've only knit one pair of socks out of the stuff and they're a nightmare: my worst sock yarn ever. I'm wondering if I got a bum skein (or two) since so people seem to love it.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

Sorry you hurt your back...please take it easy. :(

Soleil is lovely...the socks are just scrumptious in that color...everything is so bright and cheery on this day of white.

Give my love to the kitties esp "the grumpy" Meezer.

8:27 AM  
Blogger margene said...

We're so envious of your snow. We only had a dusting from the last few storms. It's discouraging. I agree with runswithneedles. Claudia's Sock isn't very long wearing. I save mine for shawls and such.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rats - I was so hoping you could avoid injury with this big snow.


9:31 AM  

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