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Friday, December 04, 2009

Brrrr...Three to Five INCHES?

I'm bummed. Diana and I were really looking forward to this little road trip, and they've constantly upgraded the forecast all day till now? Blacksburg is in the 3-5 inches of snow forecast with it starting overnight, and Roanoke is predicted to get 2-4 inches, mostly tomorrow, last I heard. (sigh)

I won't risk heading up that mountain in the snow - or for that matter being UP there when it hits. I've had such experiences before, as I used to commute to Tech, rain or shine every day. I remember getting to school one winter day when it was just cloudy and overcast in Roanoke, only to find that the snow was coming down in buckets at the top of the mountain, and by the time I got to campus, it was pushing it to see, let alone drive.

And after I got to school, after I parked and went in, they actually cancelled night classes (unheard of!) and I had to drive BACK down the mountain in that stuff and it was scary, really scary. By the time I got home, it was just raining!

My Mom made sure I knew how to drive in snow, teaching me in Vermont whenever we were there. (They get a lot of snow and we made trips up at various times of the year when family became elderly and ill). So it's not that I don't know how to drive in snow. But I-81 isn't for sissies in good weather, so when it's bad, I just don't.

Anyway, I think Diana and I will just meet for coffee in the morning and knit till it starts here (unless it starts early!)....

It was really chilly and smelled of snow when we walked out of the office tonight, so I hurried home, and thought, now I want something warm to work on. I've had this sitting in my sewing room waiting for two years for me to put it together:

It's all acrylic - a plush faux leopard and then a second layer of beige fleece. It's one of those serendipitous finds, that was just on the remnant table and cost next to nothing. It's really warm, but The Meezer won't go near it!

Then the other day, when I was digging out the crocheted vest my mom made, I found this:

A very vintage faux chinchilla remnant. I'm trying to decide what to line it with.
Hmm...what do you think?

Then I pulled out this lovely locally raised and spun alpaca:

The picture is of Mercedes, the alpaca who grew this fluff at Kenly Hill Alpacas.
It's so soft and warm...I think it will make a nice pair of mitts, don't you?

(Oh...and it's supposed to be 23 degrees tomorrow night! That's really really cold for around here in December!)

Stay warm...and safe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've had snow tonight in the Baton Rouge, LA area. That's two Decembers in a row with a snowfall. Climate change is with us!

My granddaughter had a baby girl this morning. At least they can tell her it snowed the day she was born.

11:29 PM  

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