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Friday, November 20, 2009

Calling All (Experienced) Sweater Knitters...

I've not quite cast on yet for Cheryl Oberle's Three Sisters cardigan. (Ravelry link) A caution - the data on the page are not correct. Gauge on 9s is supposed to be 16 sts and 26 rows, but it says 6 rows!)

I knit my gauge swatch. Twice. The first time, blocked I was off using the recommended size 9s. I went down to 8s and got the row gauge - spot on. Blocked, 16 stitches over 4 inches. Isn't this Knitpicks City Tweed Heavyweight just plain gorgeous? (ok, I've tried several times to get the lighting right when I photo it, and the reflection off the nicely faded bluejeans color just washes out...believe me, it's the color of my favorite jeans)

However, over 4 inches, my row gauge is 2 shy of what it's supposed to be. My thinking is, this is a cardigan, I can knit a couple more rows per 4 inches and, of course, double-check as I go against myself to be sure I'm okay. I have enough yarn, I think, because I bought for a larger size, and this is an oversized sweater. By the time I finish it, I intend to be smaller. (Don't laugh, I know all about the best laid plans of mice and men...)

Am I crazy? I can't start it yet, quite, because I'm either going to have to order another set of size 5 Harmony tips from Knitpicks, or I'm going to have to find the ones that came with my set of interchangeables. I'm not in the mood right now to tear the knitting room apart. And I'd really like to finish something. Anything, frankly, since my track record hasn't been that great lately.

And I'm going to wait for advice on the gauge from you all.

In the meantime? I won a contest over on Chris' blog the other day, and the prize arrived today...

I opened it and took a few minutes at lunch to read some of it.

I was in hysterics!

(Thank you so much, Chris, for putting quite the smile on my face!!!)


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I think you'll be fine with the gauge you've got. Especially if the pattern is written with length measurement-based directions (e.g. after four inches, do X), since that depends on the actual length of the knitting rather than the number of rows that it took to get to that length. But see what other folks say :)

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting the right numbers of rows/inches isn't as important as getting the right number of stitches/inches. I mean, for the rows you usually knit to a desired length before shaping or binding off.

However, do not kid yourself about being off more than a fraction of a stitch in gauge. Do the math - how many inches are in your size, and how many inches too small will it be missing those two stitches multiplied across the garment.

Then you can make an intelligent decision if that is the size you want to knit. If you like the gauge you are getting, one other option is to go up a sweater size but knit at your gauge.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not crazy - and I'm confused just reading the pattern page on Rav - the 9's aren't even listed at the top needle requirements. I would say your going to be fine as long as you keep measuring it against yourself.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

The only time row gauge is extremely important is if you have a certain number of pattern repeat rows that must be completed to look correct (such as cables) or if you are knitting a raglan so that your armhole edges will fit. If your sweater is just stockinette then you are fine, but I always like to try to get more rows per inch (a tighter knit) than less to perhaps eliminate some of the stretching of a looser knit.

Good Luck! I know you can do it!!

2:47 PM  
Blogger Geraldine said...

I'll skip commenting on the "experienced" knitter part, I think I will be forever in the Advanced Beginner category in that dept.

I do want to comment on the weight loss!Congrats Sallee and keep it coming (off!) well done. I am truly impressed and wish you much success with reaching your ultimate goal.

Are the skinny jeans moving to the front of the closet yet? Ive got 2-3 pairs of those. :<( Has Meezer noted the new slimmer Meowmie profile?

Hugs, G

4:46 PM  

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