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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ten On Tuesday - Ten Things You Want but Can't Afford

Before I start this post, I'll comment that last night's Roanoke Symphony Season Opener was amazingly good. Right On, Maestro! (You had to be there, especially at the end of the concert!)

Moving right along:

It's that time again...the 10 on Tuesday list. I skipped last week, so I guess I'll do this one. But I'm making it a wishlist, some of which is beyond the possible - It would be easy to get depressed by this particular week's assignment, if one wanted to go that route - but how about turning it around to focus on the dreams we have but can't afford? (Of course, I could always win the lottery)

We should always dream - and not lose that aspect of life...and dreams aren't always about adding more "stuff" to our world (although I've done a pretty good job of that, down below *wink*)

1. That mattress set? It was fairly close to reality until I had to have a chunk of the funding redirected to PT and Weight Watchers! Which are going well, thank you for asking! (and I'm grateful that I can afford it right now...hope to be able to continue to without winning the lottery!!)
2. New living room furniture. I've had this on the back burner of my mind for some time - everything I have is at least second hand...and I can tell you, after 20 years (and a couple of reupholsterings, it's not as easy to sit upon as it once was. I guess you can tell I'm into comfort these days, huh? Primarily, I'd like a petite recliner - something that I can be well-supported in, but still knit, and that won't take over the entire room! (No, I haven't found it yet...)
3. Boots. Yes. Since going to the Birkenstock family of shoes, I'm discovering that there's a problem finding boots that have the support my feet need (high arch support) without paying $300. I did find a pair of Keens yesterday, but now have to find where they are sold locally and try them on. They're not as expensive as the Birks, but they're still pricey.
4. A full set of Signature needles (ok...only when they come out with the circulars!) or for that matter, I'll take the first set of Addi Lace Clicks when they decide to make them.
5. I'd love to upgrade my Bernina sewing machine and get a Bernina serger and coverstitch machine. I keep telling myself that the last two are not all that important for what I do. Then I remind myself that once I retire, I really won't be able to afford them, so I should get them before that. After all, I think I'll be doing more than making bags on my various sewing implements when I have more time and one needs the right tools!
6. A condo. With sunlight - LOTS of sunlight. Privacy. And no smoking in the building. A gated community. That allows pets. (Yes, there is one not far from where I live - not sure about the smoking policies - but no, I can't even begin to dream of affording it - short of winning the lottery)
7. Travel - to Scotland and France.
8. While I'm at this end of the spectrum I might as well add that I'd love to be able to fund a building for my non-profit that will be down in an area of town where there is public transportation, but is only a few blocks from my "dream condo" so I can walk to work (or take the trolley, myself). It would be a dream come true to win enough lottery funds to take care of a real need that my organization deserves to have fulfilled...(isn't this what dreams are for?) - I'll add to all this that of course, there'd also be enough $$ for funding the other nonprofit loves in my world...(goes without sayin' right?)
9. Full funding of educational accounts for my three grandsons (ok, I can put pennies aside, but it will never approach all the money they'll need)
10. A real retirement for myself.
Ok. Back to reality - Enuf said. I'd better go buy a lottery ticket if I ever hope to have this all happen!!


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Definitely buy a ticket, because those are wonderful plans! I like the move from the concrete to the dreams -- dreams are important :)

8:27 PM  
Blogger VPI Dyes said...

My husband and I bought one of those year-long lottery subscriptions... with the "partial wins" thus far it looks like we will at least break even, so I'd say it is worth a shot right?

If I were you, I would definitely look into getting a good mattress set because it really works wonders for your back and other joints. I had no idea just how much it mattered until we splurged and got a nice one. It is seriously like magic! Sometimes I go to bed with aches and pains that would feel 100% better the next morning.

The Birkenstocks? I've been trying to convince myself to get another pair... I had a pair when I was in high school and they were my favorite shoes of all time. I was so jealous of your cute shoes at NoSoKnit!

Good luck with your PT and Weight Watchers!

12:38 PM  

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