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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday, Progress Report

I told you I was going to be doing some "short" chores every night to work on getting my place organized, straightened, and well, I didn't admit it, but cleaning is also involved (because some day, I'd really love to have a cleaning service, but they can't see my house like this! Yes, I do sound like my Mother - and that's just fine with me).

So. I've spent time this week doing light chores at night and a little bit of organizing. Wednesday was our trash day (and recycling, too) so I spent a few minutes on Tuesday pulling catalogs - dear heaven there are so many, and I'm terrible for hanging onto them!) and getting them in the bin for collection. And I mentioned that Wednesday I sorted out the yarn for NoSoKnit (which gets those boxes out of my livingroom!). Last night, things were getting critical on the linen front - so I began the arduous task of washing sheets and towels (whenever the Nana Sadie Rose schedule gets tight, I just keep pulling sheets and towels out of the closet and not worrying about getting any of the stuff washed till later...ok, the day of reckoning arrived - there wasn't anything left to pull!!!)

Well, it's occured to me that this weekend, I'm gonna have to wash all those sheets and towels and get them back in the closet, but before I do (or at least while they're washing) I'll pull all the rest of the stuff in that closet out and put everything back in - only more organized.

Yes. I will.

Oh. And then, since I want to dispose of a lot of "STUFF" in the office? I ordered this:

It's kinda old-fashioned, for those of you too young to remember? It's a 3.5 inch floppy drive with a USB connector. I haven't had a 3.5 drive for some time (since the desktop crashed for the last time). But I've got a ton of discs. Many with client information on them. I can't just trash them.

So I'm going to stack those puppies next to the computer and when I'm surfing? I'll also be reformatting them.

THEN I can trash them!

oh!oh!oh!oh!oh!!! And tomorrow is NoSoKnit!!! I can't wait!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such ambition! You're absolutely an ant, not a grasshopper.

Have fun this weekend, and write all about it.

5:15 AM  

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