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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Ok...I'm late again, as usual. I saw Carole's this morning, and I'm afraid there'll be some duplicates here. This one is 10 things you plan for and let me tell you I can do this one with one hand tied behind my back (I'm a compulsive planner):

1. Retirement: Oh my yes. Well...I may not ever retire, so, there you go. And of course, we all have to rethink what our original plans were, right? Thank you, Economy!

2. Knitting projects: I plan and plan and plan and buy and buy and then change my plans and have to plan some more...

3. Annual Leave: I plan my vacation time around my shows for Nana Sadie Rose. Sometimes, I have leave scheduled 9 months or more in advance just to accomodate the days I need to be off work for things like cats shows out of town!

4. Major purchases: I told you back in the spring I set up a special savings account to save for Sock Summit. Well, it's now become my "big ticket items" savings account. I have quite a list. Right now, the most important thing is a new mattress and box springs.

5. My next 24 hours: Literally, without my Palm Tungsten I would not be able to function - I plan and set alarms from one day to the next, so I don't forget things like...getting to the post office, or payroll dates for my business client, or tonight's CSA share pickup, or even that it's trash day. When you're an accountant, you are never totally sure what date it is. Personally? I'm running at least 3 years: the calendar year, two or three grant years, and the agency fiscal year. I just finished August 2009 for my client, and it's currently the state's FY09/10, but for a few more days, it's still our FY08/09, but then after Oct 1? It'll still be FY08-09 till the audit is completed (and at the same time, I'll be doing real 2009/2010 stuff, too)... SEE? (there can be no surprise that I desperately need my electronic "keeper")

6. Doctor, Dentist, and lab appointments. Goes without sayin'

7. My blog posts: well, at least there's a framework in my head most of the time. I've always been a writer who could pretty much write final drafts (tho' that's getting harder as I get older and develop a bit of a drag on the keyboard...I proof several times, and still find mistakes after I hit "Publish"). I rarely put down on paper what I plan to do, but I've been known to email myself ideas from my office so I don't forget something good...

8. My Wardrobe: Well, what passes for one. I'm a "uniform" gal, so when I find something that works, I tend to buy multiples and stick with that. Accessories, however, I do plan...(see #2 above)

9. The stock I'll have available for my next Nana Sadie Rose show: at almost every show (with the exception of National Capital Cat Show, which is way too busy), I look over what's left on the rack, and then, while all the fabric is on display, I'll write up a list of what I'll make for the next show. I consider what's sold well, what folks have chosen from the unmade fabrics, and what I especially like. I carefully note what fabrics aren't selling, too. And I always over plan. And then get upset with myself because I didn't accomplish all I wanted. (sigh)

10. My playtime: I don't have a lot of it. I usually carefully set aside times that work best as downtime for me. And the last Saturday of September is inviolate - it's NoSoKnit. A huge charity knitting event held locally, I plan what I'll make to donate, and what I'll bring to knit (and be able to talk at the same time), and I save $$ to spend at the 3 vendors who are always there. Sometimes I even plan for the possibility that I might have interest in my bags (which requires a notepad, a sales receipt book, and business cards - I've been known to forget them all completely!) NoSoKnit is my favorite knitting event all year - and it's almost here!

(oh, and there's a new post over at Nana Sadie's Place on food...and nostalgia.)


Anonymous Carrie K said...

I love lists! Not that I follow them. But making them? Sublime.

You know I'm right there with you on #4. I'm never really sure what the year is.

5:26 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

I've just given up my paper lists and my failed DayRunner for a couple organizers on my iPod Touch. I love it!

That NoSoKnit thingy looks fantastic. Have fun!

2:31 AM  

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