knitnana: Warning: If You Love Fairies, This Post Could Be Hazardous to Your Fiscal Health!

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Warning: If You Love Fairies, This Post Could Be Hazardous to Your Fiscal Health!

Ok. You've been warned.

I got an inquiry in July (yes, back before Sock Summit!) about a series of fabrics and making a set of knitting items out of them. There's a reason, of course, that I hadn't seen these fabrics before. I'm really not into fairies, as it were. I'm into cats, and knitting, and even occasionally Asian fabrics, so unless I'm browsing in a fabric store, or one of my customers (and occasionally a supplier) sends me something else, that's pretty much what I "see."

The inquiry was about a series of fabrics by Cicely Mary Barker for Michael Miller. Some were in stock, but a few specific ones were on order from the manufacturer with a delivery day in early September. The order was negotiated, finalized, and I placed my order for these fabrics. The idea was that the ones that weren't "in" yet, would come in right before the National Capital Cat Show and then be shipped to me, arriving soon after I returned from DC.

That's the way it was supposed to happen, and of course, you know it didn't happen that way at all...delays are common, but this one scared me - 45 days? The fabrics were delayed until mid-October! I worried, but the customer agreed it was a bit long to wait. We discussed and decided to change fabrics, with the customer leaving the decision of which ones up to me, as long as they were in this group by C.M. Barker.

And just before the fabrics were sent to me last week? The delayed ones arrived! I was gleeful and this weekend has been terribly productive in getting this lovely set completed. When I was done? I simply couldn't stop taking photos. And I had to share them with you:

Above is the complete set.
And here are the accessories in the Blossom Fairies:

checkbook, sundry case, and three ponytail holders.

The coordinating fabrics are wonderful, too.

The customer is a knitter:

And so, using the Periwinkle Fairies I created a Glady Interchangeable Needle Case.

There were two fabrics available in this colorway, and I couldn't resist, so the Glady is lined with the other one.

The Rose Straight Needlecase is made in the Magical Garden Fairies:

Isn't she lovely?

Please note the buttons?

A Knitnana with file folder pocket for knitting patterns in the Magical Evening Fairies (you know I'd have to love this fabric, right? *wink*)

What did I say about the buttons? They're like Pink Ice Diamonds, with a backing of silvering that plays up the silver glitter all over these fabrics.

Inside I used Miller's Garden Magic Flowers and more of the Magical Garden Fairies. I was able to find lovely coordinates locally to blend (which I needed for the flannels in the needlecases!)...This set has opened my eyes to fairies! I'll see them from now on. I'm completely blown away by this series.

This Knitter will KIP in style, don't you think?

Oh. The Knitter in question? She's a special lady in my book - she's given me my very first international order. I've had orders shipped overseas before, but they were gifts bought by North American customers. This is my very first customer who lives abroad!
See? Special!


Blogger Plain Jane said...

Very special fabrics & a wonderful job putting the coordinating fabrics together (as usual). This Lady of Spain is going to be a very happy knitter with all these goodies!! {{{HUGS}}}

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - the only word to describe them is magical. Well done!

2:31 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, wow! You did a fabulous job with those!! I adore the coordinating cherry-blossom fabric, not to mention that button. Gorgeous. And yippee for getting the overseas recognition you deserve!! :)

2:10 PM  
Blogger sandra said...

Goodness, those are beautiful fabrics...and I'm not even into fairies.

9:27 PM  

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