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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Good Intentions? I Need A Pave-Over!

Yes, the road to you-know-where? Well, I promised to try to get photos of the things I liked in Knitters Summer 09, and that was supposed to be out here yesterday. (sigh)

I took the photos, but you know they just don't miraculously load themselves. And The Meezer, helpful as she is, has no thumbs, so can't figure out the camera (but don't think she wouldn't like to!).

Suffice to say that adding physical therapy and Weight Watchers meetings and accounting for food intake into a schedule that was already full to overflowing has caused my intentions to fly out the window (I think I lost the metaphor there, but you know what I mean!)

So here, a day late, are the promised photos of what I really like in Knitters:

I've always loved the longer sweaters that come down over the hips, and this one has a lot of interest, but is classic as all get out. Just my cup of tea...

And this one? OHHHH...besides the red color (which you KNOW I'd love)

It is also just as classic as they come, even if a tad shorter than I usually prefer. It, too, has a bit of lace at the hem, but the glare on the photo was so bad, I had to crop it. Hopefully, Point Set Match will make it to my needles after I lose a bit of weight and feel more comfortable in that shorter length. That's a Ravelry link, btw, and so will be a much better photo than mine.
This is the Smocked Toque (and for the life of me I don't know why Ravelry has photos of all the other patterns, but not this one!) that Merike designed. I adore it!

I was surprised to see that I prefer Knitter's Magazine's designs over Interweave Knits lately...sad to say it, too. I'll watch for a bit, perhaps I'll change my subscription, or maybe, I'll just drop the idea of subscribing and buy individual copies as I see what I like? What do YOU do??? Subscribe or rush to the bookstore to buy when you see one and hope it's available?

Another "intention" that's fallen by the wayside was my plan of doing 10-20 minutes of "cleaning up" or "organizing" here in the house. I did run out on errands today - primarly for coordinating fabrics I needed. While at my favorite local quilt shop, I saw these by the cash register and had to have them:

Aren't they pretty? Very small, there'd be no problem getting these on a plane! (They're embroidery snips, but that's all one needs for clipping yarn...)

And here? Oh well, I suppose you could call this organizing:

These are the fabrics I'll be using over the next few weeks to make up the orders from the National Capital Cat Show. Thanks to my back, I'm behind by about a week, and I'm hopeful that with the physical therapy and the new TENS unit I'll be able to catch up fairly quickly.

Speaking of The Meezer (yes, I was, earlier), she was somewhat feisty this morning and I caught her just after her leap to the back of the wing chair, she never heard the camera turn on, so she didn't turn away to hide from the flash:

but she was surprised, and not too happy with me, that the flash caught her unaware...

On the knitting front, I managed about 9 rows on the Spiraluscious Mitt. I'm going back to them, but wanted to get this up for you. Happy knitting, and I hope your weekend is going well!


Blogger VPI Dyes said...

My husband got one of those TENS units after his shoulder surgery, and boy did it work! He said that it was a miracle worker for him and made his recovery so much easier. I hope it works out for you too!

- Sandy Lester

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dropped my Knitter's subscription after years and years of it being THE magazine for me. They were getting really strange patterns, nothing I would knit in 3-4 issues!

At the same time, Interweave Knits was putting out whole issues I wanted to knit. I love that they tell me how much +/- ease the designer intends.

Anyway, I look at Knitter's at Barnes and Noble. No fear of them selling out...they just sit on the shelf, mainly.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, those are such fun projects! I know what you mean about IK; I haven't been as happy with them as I used to be, and not nearly as happy as I thought I'd be with Eunny as editrix. I've held off on cancelling my subscription, but I've thought about exchanging it for The Knitter, which I'm loving. In the meantime, I've been rushing out to the bookstore for that one :)

12:45 PM  

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