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Monday, October 05, 2009

Knitting Update - Monday!

Since yesterday was all about the weekend's work, I'll show you the little bit of knitting I accomplished over the weekend, beginning with the progress on the Textured Shawl in Orca City Tweed:

I've changed needles three times on this. The Zephyrs? I hate to complain yet again about Knitpicks needles, especially since I adore my Harmonys, but I had to stop trying to use the acrylics. They are clear. You CAN see dark yarn on them. But you can see straight through to the other side of the stitch, and that's not just distracting as all get out, it's also problematic for my vision - I have no clue what I'm seeing half the time.

I switched to the Addi Naturas (which I've always adored) and that was so much better, but unfortunately? The finish on my size 9s is worn down badly. Knitting was slowing to a turtle's pace, and I'm already slow enough. So I switched to my Addi Turbos, the only other size 9 I had. Everything is slipping all over creation and the tips are just so blunt! 0h, come to think of it, I also have a Susan Bates Quicksilver the same length I could try, but that means boiling some water to unkink the cord...

If anyone is listening, this is my wish list: Knitpicks Harmonys in blonde wood (I know, you've heard it before) OR Addi LACE Clicks!

I'm also sitting here thinking that we're terribly spoiled these days. My mom never dreamed of circular needles, much less the types and styles and perks of what's available today. But then again? That may be why she didn't knit all that much!

I have to tell you, I'm loving the Textured Shawl. The City Tweed is soft - much softer than most tweeds, but that's not a bad thing (hmm..except that may be why things are slipping all over the place - at least in part).

My second new project is the Spiraluscious Mitt for my Autumn Lace KAL.

I've made progress. However, those of you who cautioned me about the strong varigation in the Claudia are correct, and I may not really see the lace in these. Still, it's the red fingering yarn I have in stash and so, unless I'm really unhappy when I get a bit more on here, it's here to stay.
Tonight is the opening concert of the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra's new season, so you know where I'll be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll bet those stitch markers are made by your DD.

It's going to be a pretty sock!

7:20 PM  

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