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Monday, December 22, 2008

Two More Days?

I've finally completed all the pre-Christmas Nana Sadie Rose orders! I cannot believe it myself...I think the only other year I've ever been this near the actual day of Christmas finishing up was the first year I was in business - of course, this year? I didn't really stop accepting orders until 2 weeks before, and that's really cutting it close.

The last set I did, for a friend to gift to a new knitter, was this Rose straight needle case in Navy Primitive Sheep scattered all over...

I was also asked to make a Mavis (the large knitting bag) but I didn't take a photo of it, as you've seen one here before in that fabric.

Things are really hectic (as I'm sure they are where you are), but I'm happy to say, we don't have snow (which would toss all sorts of monkey wrenches into the mix), just bone-chilling cold.

Eldest grandson celebrated his birthday early tonight (tomorrow is the day) as DD has to work tomorrow night. I believe this is the first birthday that I completely forgot my camera. That's becoming a very bad habit, I know. :(

I did manage to come back from the party and vacuum the living room and rearrange to set up the tree. That's as far as it got: the tree is UP. It may come back down tomorrow as I'm unhappy with the furniture placement in an already too small room. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow. The poor thing may not get decorated until the day, at this rate! Maybe I'll just set it up with the lights and vintage Santa on top? Do you think anyone would notice?

(ok...scratch that, of course they would - sigh)

The second chemo hat is partially done, and hopefully will be done by the first of next week (I'd wanted to finish tomorrow, but I'm thinking that might not happen now)'s really okay. His chemo doesn't begin till just after the new year, so if it's not finished till the weekend, I can forgive myself!

I've got plans percolating for the first of the year, and one thing I'm trying to promise myself is a little more time to rest. It seems to be something I've forgotten how to do these days. Not always a wise thing, you know?

Here's someone, tho' who has got the "resting" idea completely under control:
Meezer with white eyelet...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may take a week or two after chemo for the hair to fall out to the point of wanting a chemo cap, so you're on a fine time schedule.

The Meezer looks absolutely lovely in that light. (She knew that, of course.)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

5:03 AM  
Blogger Margene said...

You do keep a tiring schedule. Enjoy your Christmas!!

7:27 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Ah, yes, rest. It's so easy to forget to do that, but it's so important! I hope you get a few quiet days in there...

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

It's amazing how festive even the smallest tree can be so put up what works with your room and space.

Rest! It's essential you know. Meezer will show you the way. :)

4:55 PM  
Blogger SandraTee said...

Yes, Meezer knew she was looking particularly beautiful in that photo - see the smug look on her face?

7:59 PM  

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