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Saturday, January 19, 2008

No Snow Saturday!

They changed their minds about the snow we were supposed to get and they were right - none on this day, tho' the temps are dropping and it's going to be down to the single digits by tomorrow night! Brrr...The Meezer will no doubt burrow under the covers and help keep me warm, but still, 8 is downright cold (and that's the prediction without the windchill - and it's supposed to be windy, too!).

I've been busy again today, cutting 4 Graces (and finishing one):

This is a sweet kitty bag in preparation for next week's Star City Cat Show at the Holiday Inn on Ordway Drive here in Roanoke. If you're around, stop by!

I have a new accessory that will be debuting then. The LynZel (named for two of my mom's sisters). This is a neat little piece to coordinate with your choice of bag (please let me choose the fabric when you place your bag order, I'll make sure it works with the bag you choose, but most of the bag fabrics won't work on this little piece). What's it for, you ask?

It's a ponytail holder!

Rainbow Paws

Aqua Paws

Mini Kitties
(They're $3 apiece or 2 for $5)

And my pal Lynette stopped by for dinner - she brought salad, I made tuna noodle casserole - and then we knit the night away. Look what I finished!

That's the Three Dancers Socks from the Art Walk Sock Yarn Club. I love the 70 Merino/30 Sea Wool. It's so soft.

Specs: my standard plain sock with Judy's Magic Cast On (and Wendy's picot edging.
Needles: size 2.5 mm Harmony circs (2)

I started these before Christmas but the second sock was knit in 7 days! That's fast, even for me...

Hmmm...what to put on the needles next? I think I might make a Booga Bag - remember the Cascade 220 and Donegal Tweed from NoSo Knit back in September? Black, Charcoal, and Purple/Plum? I want something that knits up fast, and is easy as pie to knit. I think this is just the ticket! (and on second thought, that Donegal Tweed is going into my second Koolhaas hat - it's too pretty to felt, but will blend beautifully with the bag. Ok, yes, Lynette, I guess I will make another Koolhaas, once this first one is finished...


Blogger Chris said...

Pretty socks!

12:20 PM  
Blogger RoxanneZYG said... socks!! And I can't say enough about your bags...they are so awesome! :)

1:41 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

Beautiful socks!

10:36 AM  

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