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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Because More IS More! (And BETTER!)

When I manage to have even a few minutes of freedom close to the internet I tend to play on Ravelry. As I said the other day, I've been stumbling around to find out more about granny squares and crochet this week (in between all the other things I do) and I've joined all sorts of groups, but there are a few specific artists who have snagged my fancy in exactly the same way that the vintage travel trailers have (tho' perhaps, considering the yarn stash I already have, it won't set my pocketbook back quite as far as the vintage Shasta would do!) - and yes, you're right, I have the attention span of a 10 month-old kitten! *wink*

Somewhere freeform knitting and crocheting caught my fancy, and I surfed around, landing here at this Japanese artist's blog. I saw her name on Ravelry and clicked thru from there but, of course, I can't find that link now and I don't read Japanese.

...then, there are these two Australian women whose work is astonishingly gorgeous and makes me think of the 1970s (here I go back to my hippie days) when vibrant clashing of colors and textures - not to mention the cultures, back then anyway - was what it was ALL about! Both women have a style that makes me think happy thoughts as I look at their freeform artistry: Prudence Mapstone (you'll see several books on her site), and Jenny Dowde, the author of Freeform Knitting and Crochet, which I've just requested from my library. I've joined both women's groups on Ravelry...

I've never knit anything like this, but there was a day when I was totally enamoured of embellishment in other fiber media, too:

Crazy quilting, silk ribbon and embellishment embroidery excited me no end, and I filled my library with Judith Baker Montano's work, as well as a fabulous book by Thomasina Beck The Embroiderer's Flowers, which is now, sadly, out of print, even in paperback form. I have lots of other books on embroidery and antique lace and linens, too, as well as Quilting Arts and Pieceworks magazines, but you get the point...

I've mentioned before how much I adore Jude's small cloth art quilting?

And also that I tend to save everything? Yes. Like my Depression Era Mom and aunts before me, I have a treasure trove of stuff just in case I might need it someday...floss and lace trims, books, patterns, and on and on and on...well,

Earlier in the summer I started an organization project, to put all of my craft/sewing/art supplies in one spot, the studio:

(my landlord refers to the small room as "the dining room" but I've never eaten in here!)

It is Nana Sadie Rose's domain, of course, so I'm piling in every rose-strewn item in my possession (hmmm...layering and embellishing, even here!):
(the yarn however is Knitnana's, so will stay in the office/knitting room upstairs, because there's not enough space otherwise! Geesh, one would think I've a split personality or some such...)

Where will all this take me? Who knows? But on days when I can't run from the responsibilities of my work-a-day world to play with fiber in its many forms? At least I can be transported to a color-drenched world...Thanks, Ravelry!

btw...the kitten and I have made peace for now...he's too adorable and loving to stay mad at. But I have to tell you that this a.m. I asked The Meezer if she ever wished that I'd left him behind at the rescue center and her quick and impertinent reply was

(I swear! She did!)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Who's Teaching Whom?

I had a few minutes of spare time before barreling out the door to begin the day this morning, so I sat down with my coffee and my current sock. I was having a time keeping The Tonk from grabbing the yarn, as he immediately jumped up and started chasing it in my lap. The "No" refrain is getting old, btw...

So finally I grabbed the yarn and pulled, and sure enough it was in his mouth...he nom-nommed a bit, but let it go. I pushed him down off the chair and proceeded to knit...until I suddenly realized there wasn't much tension at the "end of the line..."

He bit it through!

I might admit here, that having had mature and elderly female cats for the past 20 years has spoiled me rotten...The Meezer wouldn't think of doing this to a skein of sock yarn.

I don't see what the fuss is about..."

Kittens play with yarn...yarn is for chewing and chasing, what part of that don't you get, Mom?

Hmm...I do wonder who's going to win this battle?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I'm Not...

Drooling over Jane's post today, I can't help wondering where the crochet bug has come from and why I'm suddenly thinking of making granny afghans and chair covers in lurid shades. (A lover of such clashing visual discordance I'm not, generally, as I prefer pastels or muted shades of vibrant tones like lavender, plum, and eggplant), but this has just swept me up willy-nilly and plunked me right down in the middle of my hippie days back in the 70s! What?

Perhaps it goes along with the ridiculous urge I've had for the past two weeks to join up with Sisters On The Fly, buy a vintage travel trailer and restore it, pack the kittens up, and retire to travel across country. (Oh, I know. "What retirement?" I do have awhile to go before that day arrives, but restoration projects take time after all, and I'd want to do this on a cash-only basis, no?)

So I noticed somewhere in my surfing the past two weeks a thread or two titled "What I Am Not" on several blogs (not related to knitting, interestingly). Since I'm trying hard to regain some much-needed perspective on this sudden craziness, here goes...I hope you don't mind being my sounding board? *wink*

Knitnana is NOT:

1. a crocheter - just to get that off my chest. Of course, why I'm suddenly buying crochet hooks, doing dc's and sc's, putting crochet books on my wishlist on B&N, and joining Ravelry Granny Squares groups is beyond me. I'm also planning one of those granny afghans and a few pillow tops in purple...or maybe aqua...or perhaps red - OH shoot how about those lurid shades I mentioned up above over at Jane Brocket's blog? If you haven't checked that link already, go, do! I'll wait...back? Ok. Let's carry on then...

2. an outdoorswoman - which is why last week I didn't do the Ten on Tuesday Camping List. I've never set foot in a camper, only spent a couple nights in a tent as a child (and despised it). Why on earth is the travel trailer thing so strong? I'm allergic to insects and other creepy-crawlies, and must have a flushable toilet (just on general principle, we've come a long way, baby, and I 'aint going back!). I haven't got this one nailed down at all, it's so out of character.

3. interested in country music. So why am I suddenly looking at cowgirl boots and thinking of learning the two-step and line dancing (you did click on the link to SOTF, of course)?

4. interested in owning a dog - you have to walk them daily, which can be a problem when Lupus flares, so why am I suddenly enamoured of small barky things? (Let's not discuss the WWIII that putting a small dog into my feline-heavy household would engender)

5. a fan of green, so why am I suddenly looking at lime, chartreuse, peasoup, and avocado and all the vintage stuff that's coming back into fashion these days? (In that link above to Jane Brocket's crochet? The greens fairly LEAP from the purples/teals/fushias that are my normal preferences and I LOVE the contrast! LOVE.IT! Who, me? GREEN? PEA green?)

6. ashamed to admit that I love frou-frou, lace, fine linen, and roses. (But add in there leather - as in jackets and Dansko shoes (I'll never be a vegan, alas).

7. able to part with way more stuff than I should keep (how could I live in a travel trailer?) - I'm a clutterbug and a keeper of memorabilia, a nostalgic collector (remind me one day to show you the teddybear collection that's been boxed up for years?).

8. willing to give up creature comforts and must have my A/C, a comfortable mattress (you've heard that often enough, right? btw, the new one is working out well!), down comforter, pillows galore, and hot tea...(have you tried Tazo's Organic Chai? Where have I been? YUM!)

9. remotely able to bait a hook, much less clean a fish once caught, so fly-fishing isn't going to be high on my list of activities (did you read that description on Sisters On the Fly?)...but horseback riding was something I did growing up, so ...? Oh, no, not with my back...No, no...I'm into yoga...and perhaps a Leslie Sansone Walking tape on the VCR (yes - but just because I've got to get some cardio in somehow! And in horseback riding the only one getting cardio is the horse!).

10. any more able, at the end of this post, to make sense of where my head's been the past two weeks and whether I'll be able to reign in my flights of fancy, but somehow I'm thinking I gotta find myself a 1956 Shasta (or Serro Scottie) Travel Trailer and get started renovating if I could *just* decide on a color scheme and theme...

OH! I know!

I'm a "Rhinestone Knitnana" - and I guess I've lost my mind!

btw...I've done an etsy update here and over in the sidebar, you can find the box to "follow" me if you're so looks a bit lonely over there since it's new, so please do?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekends End...

faster, of course, than any of us wants them to.

Mine was pretty full. The Meezer spent most of hers like this:

Well, except that most of the morning into midday, she spent it in the front livingroom window looking out periodically to see flitting birds and such. Just once, The Tonk jumped up, straddled her, back feet on the roomside, front feet up on the window. You should have seen her expression and, of course, the camera was nowhere to be found. It didn't last long, but her expression was one of "Just who do you think you are?"

The Tonk spent his day getting into anything and everything, knocking stuff over (I realize some of this has to do with his balance issues) but he scared himself pretty badly tonight when he knocked the folded stepstool (metal) from it's leaning position - where it's been the entire time he's lived here - and it hit the floor with a huge bang. I bet he'll leave it alone from now on. When he stopped long enough to enjoy some attention (from both me and from friend Sandra earlier this evening) this was one of his favorite ways to spend time...(that's my finger)

I'm changing his name to Chewbacka (and no, he's not teething, he has all his adult teeth)...

I spent my day doing this:

I hope to get individual photos done after yoga class tomorrow night and get everything up on etsy, too. Ok, that might be dreaming, but they'll be there by mid-week.

Sandra ended up buying the one I made that matched her Sadie bag. Honest, I didn't make it for that purpose, Sandra, I really did think it was a prototype to see how the bags work up in decorating-weight fabrics. Really.

But she and I did decide that the 15-inch long bags will work nicely as shoe bags when you're traveling. They'll pack well and keep all your clothing clean!

Nana Sadie Rose is all about the practical!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kicking Into High Gear...

Last night I started the process of finishing a few orders before biting the bullet and creating brand new bags, as many as humanly possible, between now and Sept 9. The Cat Show cometh! I wanted to bring in a bolt of each of the two materials I use inside my bags, and went off in search of them, only to find that one, while completely available, was a lot more expensive than the last time I bought it, and the other was not available in a single bolt, but by piecing two bolts together, I was able to get more than a single bolt would have offered me. All in all, I was pleased, but: then I realized I'd left my credit card at home!

Which is a really effective way to keep yourself from spending money, but isn't a ton of help when you're truly in need of something and have driven all the way across town for it! I asked them to hold everything and I drove back over this morning. I had to head out to Bedford to Yarn Theory to pick up the yarn I ordered a couple of weeks ago:

I plan to make a shawl for Sis-in-Law for her birthday...this shawl to be precise. Jan has a sample of it in her shop, and it's just lovely done in sock yarn...Sis-in-law spent a long time looking at it, so I know she'll be pleased.

Then I stopped by the Farmer's Market on the way home and ran into friend Sandra - I was happy to report to her that her newest bag order would be complete tonight. She helped me find some vegetables at her friend's market stall - oh, my, can I just say if you have a chance, try those heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes! They're amazing...! I'll be posting photos and commentary for Meatless Monday over on Nana Sadie's Place!

And then I hurried home to work. But a certain someone decided that he'd not seen enough of me...

I'm afraid he got a bit wild and the day became a total struggle of telling him "no," shooting him with the water pistol, picking him up off whatever he'd gotten onto and setting him down on the floor with "NO!"

Till finally I heard a "crash." I had my back turned to him. And sure enough, he'd stepped onto the one spot next to the cutting table where I thought I had a secure location for a small decorative vignette: A mirrored tray with buttons in a small vintage spice jar, and my Mom's tatting supplies in a tin box she loved. Along side, was a small cut glass jar that was my grandmother's. Tonk had shown no interest in being anywhere near these things.

And by grace, nothing broke (not even the mirror). But he got yelled at, and chased from the room. He spent a long time watching me from a distance, and every time I caught him I told him he was a bad boy...He's into everything. I've never before had to put away every single implement I use in the room. But I'm terribly afraid he'll get choked on something, or perhaps knock something else into the trash can where it will get thrown out because I don't realize it's there. Pins have landed all over the floor too many times, and I'm still working on remembering to store them in the sewing table drawer. He pulls things out of my organizers, and has apparently lost one of my mini-screwdrivers for the sewing machine. The last one I had to replace was pricey. It's bad enough when I'm home, but I'm really a lot more fearful of what he'll swallow when I'm not here. I can't close OFF the sewing room, as the cats have to pass thru it to get to the litter box or the upstairs.

I asked The Meezer why she had abandoned the training of the newest sewing assistant. The only answer I got was a look that said, "It's not MY job to train him, you trained me."

Well, I guess it's going to be up to me, but he's got a pretty darned hard head.

I worked away and before long came to the end of my friend Sandra's Maddy. I set it up on the sewing desk to begin to sew on the button. And before I could say "No" here he was...

What's in here, Mom, can I help? I'm a good helper, Mom, aren't I, Mom?

I'm reminded of Garfield looking at an overexcited Odie and saying, "How can you win against someone who doesn't even know the rules of the game?"

Poor dear...Yes, sweetie, you're a darn good helper. And cute to boot.

And Sandra's bag is done.

The inside is lots of fun!

Love it. Knew I would. Think Sandra will, too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'd Appreciate Your Opinion...

Many times folks offer ideas for bags and accessories I should offer, and most of the time I have a good reason for not, but more times than any of you know, I try the suggestions. Sometimes there are really good reasons I don't carry an item, or make an adjustment (like the reason there are no pockets on the outside of any of my bags - the risk of snagging and pulling/tearing the fabric is so great that I just can't justify doing it). Sometimes the amount of work required to do a given thing makes what I'd have to charge so prohibitive that I know better than to do it. There are a lot of reasons why you don't see some things in my "stable" of offerings...

And then again, sometimes I truly haven't had a chance to try to make the particular item. This is one of those items:
A large, lined drawstring bag (this style is 15" tall by 8.5 inches wide, and about 2.5 inches deep at the box-bottomed base).

I mentioned it was lined? *wink*

(Can I mention how much I love this fabric duo? Fortunately, this one is the prototype and so it's MINE!)

It's big enough that today, I brought two skeins of yarn, 10-inch Harmony needles, and a crochet hook to work. (I'm making Scrubby Dots that gorgeous Paton's Organic Cotton plum/aqua/ivory combo) question is this? Has it been done to death, so you wouldn't be remotely interested? Or do you like what you see?

Retail would be $18. (Oh, and there's a smaller size...)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Sock and KITTENS! ACK!

I'm not sure my life crazies are going to stop or even slow down anytime soon...especially since I have the National Capital Cat Show looming in two months, and a vacation planned in between. Sunday was pure nuttiness as I tried to balance the fun with the work, and ended up putting a new sock OTN in advance of my KnitIn meeting:

I was surprised to see so much brown in this yarn, but now that I'm getting some length on the toe, I'm loving it!

What I'm not loving is below:

You know those magnet strips that come with chart keepers? Apparently The Tonk knocked my chart on the floor and one came off (I didn't miss it). But here is the result of having a mostly black rug - I suddenly came upon the pieces...

(I don't want to think about the ones that I didn't pick up and where they went. He seems fine.)

(sigh) Kittens!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

And We Have A Winner!

I loved everyone's ideas on how I could recoup and recover from the craziness that has been my life the past couple of weeks or so...You are wise women, every single one of you!

But there could only be one winner and I knew I couldn't do the picking. My usual helper (sis-in-law) wasn't available this weekend, so I had to had to be someone very impartial...

I think he did a very good job for his first try, but it was not easy to get the slip of paper away from him (he's territorial!), and then trying to get him in the photo with a readable shot of the name? Well, I had many photos that went to the trashcan...

Yup, that's right - the winner is Barbara Kay! (And may I just say The Tonk has no idea that she's another Pointed Cat Mom!)

Here he tries to be a good male model of the yarn that's going to be winging it's way to B-K this week,

along with a set of brown pawprint Baglets that will match her knitting bag - do you remember it? I do...

Ok, B-K, you're right, this isn't your's exactly, but it's the same outer fabric...

and I'll just bet that if I didn't use the brown pawprints in your bag? You'll still love the way they coordinate!

Thank you ALL for participating in my birthday contest!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Birthday Present to Me...

was my first all-day yoga retreat organized by one of my teachers at a yoga studio deep in the Virginia woods up against the Blue Ridge Mountains. The instructor was Meenakshi, my yoga teacher's teacher from Maui.

I've been looking forward to this day for a couple of months, and I awoke, sadly, in a full flare of fibro/lupus symptoms (dratted humidity). It's been a rough couple of weeks with soreness, stiffness, and exhaustion, thanks to the crazy weather we've had here on the East Coast (not to mention some extra work-related stress). My yoga class on Thursday night became a struggle of half-attempted poses with much time spent in Savasana (Corpse Pose, which is much like what it sounds!), as I tried to compensate for heavy fatigue yet not give in completely to the symptoms. I wanted to conserve my flagging energy for the retreat.

So I was pretty bummed when I could barely force myself out of bed today. Still, I perservered: a hot shower, breakfast, organizing my stuff, loading the car, and driving out.

I got there! And once I'd parked, well, I should tell you that I had briefly thought about bringing my camera to share with you but I changed my mind - I didn't want to offend anyone, and this was a retreat. I'm sorry I didn't at least take it along, I don't think, now, that anyone would have minded.

This studio is nestled in the foothills, way out in land I've only guessed was there, a lovely home, but lovelier grounds, with wildflower gardens at the perfect spot, where sun bursts thru the trees. It was essential to wander down the path past the butterfly bush and many varieties of pink and purple flowers before getting to the studio. I learned later it was designed that way, to encourage students to walk away from their lives into the here and now that is yoga class.

My teacher greeted me with an immediate recognition of my pain. "Oh,'re hurting!" And I was touched, but still rather sad that it was so obvious.

"I will do what I can, but I just couldn't miss this, I've been looking forward to it so long."

Always practicing Ahimsa - non-violence, in actions, deeds, and thoughts. It IS the practice, not the perfection of the path after all, and I've a long way to go, it's why it's called practice. One of the Yamas, Ahimsa is non-violence. To others, the world at large, I work hard at and can mostly grasp. It's non-violence to self I have the most trouble with...

Accept what is. Do what you can. And above all, don't hurt yourself...(It's something of a mantra for me...)

The studio was amazing, open floor-to-ceiling windows, cushioned wood laminate floors, mats and props at the ready. I'm not sure how long class was, but it was at least two hours (I made a point of taking off my watch at the start - I didn't want to watch the clock). We had a thunderstorm early on, and the over-heated air cooled. I was glad I took Ishbel with me. Class was very special and I tried to find the middle ground. Afterwards, I felt better!

Our lunch was a vegan masterpiece! I'm not yet at the point of choosing the strictest form of vegetarianism, and may never get there, tho' it, too, is part of Ahimsa. But I eat many vegan meals, and love the food. Friends of the hostess came from Canada to participate in this weekend event (I only signed up for today) and agreed to provide the catering. We've been promised the recipes and I just can't wait...the food was inspired.

Then the afternoon session involved a lecture/discussion of Raja Yoga in the Ashtanga tradition, the eight limbs of yoga, and Pranayama (breathing) practice, before a short meditation session (we touched on walking meditation, but the rain kept us from the wildflower garden).

I'm home, and still feeling better (YAY!). I took a few notes, tho' I tried more to listen and absorb thru my cells. I loved many things Meenakshi said, but I might have to take up counted cross-stitch again long enough to make a pillow or framed piece of this one:

God gives difficult tests to his advanced students.'s nice to know I'm "advanced!" *wink*


Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't Forget!

Make sure you leave a comment to my Contest Post below (the one with the pretty kitty in the pocketbook photo) with your favorite way to relax and decompress to be entered in my birthday contest!

I'll draw a name over the weekend (contest ends at midnight East Coast time!) and post Sunday evening.

And in the meantime I'll just add this:


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Second Summer of Lace Entry

The chances of me completing two lace shawls during Summer of Lace are a bit of a stretch, but I couldn't resist picking up Les Abeilles and starting it immediately when I saw it, in spite of having Rosemary's Brandywine on the needles already.

I using two scrumptious yarns and knitting lovely lace:

You've seen Brandywine and it's not much farther along than the last time you saw it. And now, here's Les Abeilles in Koigu. drool

Now if only I were independently wealthy, then these would both have a chance at completion by Sept 21.

Ah, well, I live in a River In Egypt.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Promised You a Contest...

And I hate to admit it, but I've drawn a complete blank on what I might think of for you to do.

Anyway, yesterday was my birthday, so this is a birthday contest. And The Ravishing Reds of Roanoke's "Duchess of Does Too Much" has simply worn herself to a frazzle and is heading off to veg out tonight (not even a yoga class as usual tonight, I'm just too tired).

So leave me a comment - I know, how about you tell me your favorite way to recoup after you've exhausted yourself? Leave a comment on THIS post, and give me your "remedy" whatever it will be...and on Friday night (midnight DST) I'll shut down the comments put everyone's name in a hat and draw a winner. I've got two of Nana Sadie Rose's Baglets (one of each size) and a skein of Wendy Happy 4 ply bamboo sock yarn in a lovely blues/purples/pinks colorway called Aquarius for a prize...(yes, I know I'm a Cancer...still the color is lovely, I promise).

Ok. Now. I told you I was making someone else's design for a bag, right? Well, here it is...

Obviously, this isn't quilting weight cotton - in fact, it's a heavy almost cotton duck weight, but it's nubby. I've had this fabric (and the red lining) for years. I bought some blue denim to make the straps. I love the bag, but I am fairly certain I won't make more of these: I almost killed my hands making and inserting the straps. And the bag is really heavy because of the weight of the fabrics. AND - it's a "dump bag." You know what I mean? You dump everything in and it all falls to the bottom where you can't find a thing. This is the reason I originally designed the Nana Sadie Rose Mera bag (my first design). 6 pockets and a center section, so that "there's a place for everything and everything in it's place."


Well, someone really likes this "other person's design"

And I think this is quite possibly the best photo I've ever taken. What do you think?


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Banged Up the 'Ru...

so if you don't mind, I'll be a bit late on the contest? I'm okay, but the 'Ru won't be the same.

It was just a case of undershooting the start of the driveway, so no one else is hurt (ok, the iron railing was crunched). The Forester is one tough cookie but since the damage isn't major, I don't think I'll be fixing it. Mostly what's hurt is my pride. It was a stupid thing to do, I go in and out that driveway at least daily, it's not like it's the first time or two I've done it!

(Otherwise, my birthday was just fine, Lynette and I had dinner at Panera with dessert at Barnes & Noble - Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake! - and I've spent a little time making a little curtain to hide the shipping necessities in my sewing room, then a bag that Nana Sadie Rose did NOT design...I'll update you all later, okay?)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Night. How About a Tonk Video?

Since otherwise, I got nothin' (check your volume before you click to start this, as my voice seems loud to me)

Tomorrow is a big day of yoga (if you're in Roanoke, visit The Yoga Center in their new space on Grandin Road above Grace's Pizza for 3 free classes beginning at 10:15). I hope to make all three, but will have to check in with my energy level in the morning.

Tonight, I'm decompressing with the cats, knitting a bit on my Koigu Les Abeilles, and roasting beets and pattypan squash.

I do plan to make some progress on the housekeeping front this weekend: I've been working on the sewing studio, organizing, decorating, and otherwise trying to create calm in my creative space. I'll share photos soon!

I hope you have a peaceful and productive weekend! You might check in on Sunday, as I think I'll have a small birthday contest lined up for you...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Why Hello There!

Promise I didn't forget you.
Last weekend was incredibly busy, my sis-in-law and I did something we never, ever do! We spent time together all four days (Friday thru Monday!) and didn't have an enforced Nana Sadie Rose booth making us do it! lolol

We went out to eat every single night (except the 4th when we had a potluck cookout), I didn't track WW points at all, I ate things that I wouldn't normally have eaten (ex. IHOP pancakes, grilled hamburgers and chips, wine 3 of 4 nights!), and ended up losing 2.6 pounds for the week. Don't hate me. I'm not supposed to be doing this. (sigh)

So the other reason you haven't heard from me is the enormous pack of alligators I've been fighting for several days. I've been really busy and focused on that, so not thinking "blog." Alligator-wrestler Nana.

Tonight, I'd just about had it. I was hungry, I wasn't in the mood for healthy, I wanted S.P.L.U.R.G.E.

I went to Barnes & Noble Cafe. I won't tell you what I had, but dessert was front and center. It was good. 'Nuf said?

And then I bought a couple of things, headed home to do a few chores, and now, as soon as I finish this post, I'm settling down with:

IF you were listening to All Things Considered tonight on NPR you know about this (it was a true "driveway moment" as I sat in front of B&N with the A/C running in 100+ degree heat to hear the entire interview). Jane Brocket blogged about it today, too: James Taylor and Carole King, together again.

Oh my. Wish I could have been in DC for that concert!

The soundtrack of my youth.

And yes, they only get better (as do we all...)

Oh and the newest Artful Blogger, too. Eye candy and new blogs to visit. I'm sure you notice something else in that photo, right? Well...Here's the other end, chasing the camera strap:

And in two shakes of a lamb's tail, he had it! See?


Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's Hard to Stay Mad...

at someone so cute...

(I found the alpaca mousie from Sedalia in my closet - it had been soccer-kicked under the door at some point)

The water pistol I bought years ago to encourage manners in The Meezer was discovered in a back corner of the cabinet under the bathroom sink. Yesterday before work, I used it twice to "surprise" him when he jumped up on furniture that I've tried to make off-limits.

One very stunned kitty tried to figure out what was happening when zapped between the eyes with a stream of water. And this morning was more of the same, but he got hit from behind.

But on both occasions, he got down. Right away.

There is hope.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Good Thing It's Almost the Weekend...

The first thing I'll be picking up for my activities over the three-day staycation I'm taking will be a water pistol.

One might think of kids spraying each other in the front yard, right?


Kittens. Being taught that the tops of furniture and the bric-a-brac (including ceramic lamps) are not play toys and as such do not become shuttlecocks to sail across the surface of said tops of furniture.

I'm grateful that I noticed immediately when I arrived home from yoga tonight that there was something amiss. I wonder if he'd have been able to figure out how to roll the crystal vase (which he'd knocked on it's side), bowling-ball-style, to have it crash to the floor onto it's contents which preceeded it there: the crystal floral stems lay in shards (they were a gift from a co-worker). The crash caused a "genuine resin" standing Momma Siamese cat statue with baby meezer in her teeth to be knocked sideways onto the floor and the ear of the baby meezer was bashed in. The pieces couldn't be differentiated from any of the other shards, so there was no hope of a repair. My grandsons gave that to me for Christmas this year. No it's not a huge loss (genuine resin being what it is), but it's the point that the statue had been moved multiple times to get it out of the path of possible destruction. Obviously, the path changed...

The cobalt crystal ginger jars, blue and white china, and the crystal vases have been packed into the pie safe and the doors tied together for safe keeping. The Japanese Tea Set has been safely packed into a box and stacked with a couple of boxes of the same sort of decoratives that I've just not had room to place yet (and will now wait till someone is grown). ALL of those boxes are now flat on the floor next to each other instead of being piled one on top of another, to limit the chance of getting knocked anywhere.

The Tonk is in the doghouse tonight.

One water pistol, filled, will I hope, begin to teach this little boy some manners.


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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