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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kicking Into High Gear...

Last night I started the process of finishing a few orders before biting the bullet and creating brand new bags, as many as humanly possible, between now and Sept 9. The Cat Show cometh! I wanted to bring in a bolt of each of the two materials I use inside my bags, and went off in search of them, only to find that one, while completely available, was a lot more expensive than the last time I bought it, and the other was not available in a single bolt, but by piecing two bolts together, I was able to get more than a single bolt would have offered me. All in all, I was pleased, but: then I realized I'd left my credit card at home!

Which is a really effective way to keep yourself from spending money, but isn't a ton of help when you're truly in need of something and have driven all the way across town for it! I asked them to hold everything and I drove back over this morning. I had to head out to Bedford to Yarn Theory to pick up the yarn I ordered a couple of weeks ago:

I plan to make a shawl for Sis-in-Law for her birthday...this shawl to be precise. Jan has a sample of it in her shop, and it's just lovely done in sock yarn...Sis-in-law spent a long time looking at it, so I know she'll be pleased.

Then I stopped by the Farmer's Market on the way home and ran into friend Sandra - I was happy to report to her that her newest bag order would be complete tonight. She helped me find some vegetables at her friend's market stall - oh, my, can I just say if you have a chance, try those heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes! They're amazing...! I'll be posting photos and commentary for Meatless Monday over on Nana Sadie's Place!

And then I hurried home to work. But a certain someone decided that he'd not seen enough of me...

I'm afraid he got a bit wild and the day became a total struggle of telling him "no," shooting him with the water pistol, picking him up off whatever he'd gotten onto and setting him down on the floor with "NO!"

Till finally I heard a "crash." I had my back turned to him. And sure enough, he'd stepped onto the one spot next to the cutting table where I thought I had a secure location for a small decorative vignette: A mirrored tray with buttons in a small vintage spice jar, and my Mom's tatting supplies in a tin box she loved. Along side, was a small cut glass jar that was my grandmother's. Tonk had shown no interest in being anywhere near these things.

And by grace, nothing broke (not even the mirror). But he got yelled at, and chased from the room. He spent a long time watching me from a distance, and every time I caught him I told him he was a bad boy...He's into everything. I've never before had to put away every single implement I use in the room. But I'm terribly afraid he'll get choked on something, or perhaps knock something else into the trash can where it will get thrown out because I don't realize it's there. Pins have landed all over the floor too many times, and I'm still working on remembering to store them in the sewing table drawer. He pulls things out of my organizers, and has apparently lost one of my mini-screwdrivers for the sewing machine. The last one I had to replace was pricey. It's bad enough when I'm home, but I'm really a lot more fearful of what he'll swallow when I'm not here. I can't close OFF the sewing room, as the cats have to pass thru it to get to the litter box or the upstairs.

I asked The Meezer why she had abandoned the training of the newest sewing assistant. The only answer I got was a look that said, "It's not MY job to train him, you trained me."

Well, I guess it's going to be up to me, but he's got a pretty darned hard head.

I worked away and before long came to the end of my friend Sandra's Maddy. I set it up on the sewing desk to begin to sew on the button. And before I could say "No" here he was...

What's in here, Mom, can I help? I'm a good helper, Mom, aren't I, Mom?

I'm reminded of Garfield looking at an overexcited Odie and saying, "How can you win against someone who doesn't even know the rules of the game?"

Poor dear...Yes, sweetie, you're a darn good helper. And cute to boot.

And Sandra's bag is done.

The inside is lots of fun!

Love it. Knew I would. Think Sandra will, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh, I think you'll have a lovely time knitting that shawl pattern, and your SIL will love receiving it.

Sometimes with kittens the real time-saver seems counter-intuitive: just drop what you're doing and spend some intensive time with them. He just needs that contact now. In the long run you'd loose more time in interruptions and corrections. He'll get better, really he will!

9:17 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, that bag did turn out beautifully! And you're right -- the inside is especially nice. I hope all the sewing is going well (I bet it is). And I love that yarn, such gorgeous colors and such a perfect pattern (I may have to add that one to my ever-growing queue now, drat it!). Also? I adore those Cherokee purples myself -- I eat them all by themselves with salt and pepper, mmm.... :)

1:04 PM  
Blogger squiggi said...

I can totally relate to "things falling in the trash" Somehow I seem to be suddenly missing the remote to my dvd player.
I think a baby meezer is to blame, and I'm sure it's gone for good.
Good thing they're so cute when they're small. Keeps 'em alive.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

You do realize you are going to miss his kitteny ways once he grows up, don't you? :-)

10:21 PM  

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