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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I'm Not...

Drooling over Jane's post today, I can't help wondering where the crochet bug has come from and why I'm suddenly thinking of making granny afghans and chair covers in lurid shades. (A lover of such clashing visual discordance I'm not, generally, as I prefer pastels or muted shades of vibrant tones like lavender, plum, and eggplant), but this has just swept me up willy-nilly and plunked me right down in the middle of my hippie days back in the 70s! What?

Perhaps it goes along with the ridiculous urge I've had for the past two weeks to join up with Sisters On The Fly, buy a vintage travel trailer and restore it, pack the kittens up, and retire to travel across country. (Oh, I know. "What retirement?" I do have awhile to go before that day arrives, but restoration projects take time after all, and I'd want to do this on a cash-only basis, no?)

So I noticed somewhere in my surfing the past two weeks a thread or two titled "What I Am Not" on several blogs (not related to knitting, interestingly). Since I'm trying hard to regain some much-needed perspective on this sudden craziness, here goes...I hope you don't mind being my sounding board? *wink*

Knitnana is NOT:

1. a crocheter - just to get that off my chest. Of course, why I'm suddenly buying crochet hooks, doing dc's and sc's, putting crochet books on my wishlist on B&N, and joining Ravelry Granny Squares groups is beyond me. I'm also planning one of those granny afghans and a few pillow tops in purple...or maybe aqua...or perhaps red - OH shoot how about those lurid shades I mentioned up above over at Jane Brocket's blog? If you haven't checked that link already, go, do! I'll wait...back? Ok. Let's carry on then...

2. an outdoorswoman - which is why last week I didn't do the Ten on Tuesday Camping List. I've never set foot in a camper, only spent a couple nights in a tent as a child (and despised it). Why on earth is the travel trailer thing so strong? I'm allergic to insects and other creepy-crawlies, and must have a flushable toilet (just on general principle, we've come a long way, baby, and I 'aint going back!). I haven't got this one nailed down at all, it's so out of character.

3. interested in country music. So why am I suddenly looking at cowgirl boots and thinking of learning the two-step and line dancing (you did click on the link to SOTF, of course)?

4. interested in owning a dog - you have to walk them daily, which can be a problem when Lupus flares, so why am I suddenly enamoured of small barky things? (Let's not discuss the WWIII that putting a small dog into my feline-heavy household would engender)

5. a fan of green, so why am I suddenly looking at lime, chartreuse, peasoup, and avocado and all the vintage stuff that's coming back into fashion these days? (In that link above to Jane Brocket's crochet? The greens fairly LEAP from the purples/teals/fushias that are my normal preferences and I LOVE the contrast! LOVE.IT! Who, me? GREEN? PEA green?)

6. ashamed to admit that I love frou-frou, lace, fine linen, and roses. (But add in there leather - as in jackets and Dansko shoes (I'll never be a vegan, alas).

7. able to part with way more stuff than I should keep (how could I live in a travel trailer?) - I'm a clutterbug and a keeper of memorabilia, a nostalgic collector (remind me one day to show you the teddybear collection that's been boxed up for years?).

8. willing to give up creature comforts and must have my A/C, a comfortable mattress (you've heard that often enough, right? btw, the new one is working out well!), down comforter, pillows galore, and hot tea...(have you tried Tazo's Organic Chai? Where have I been? YUM!)

9. remotely able to bait a hook, much less clean a fish once caught, so fly-fishing isn't going to be high on my list of activities (did you read that description on Sisters On the Fly?)...but horseback riding was something I did growing up, so ...? Oh, no, not with my back...No, no...I'm into yoga...and perhaps a Leslie Sansone Walking tape on the VCR (yes - but just because I've got to get some cardio in somehow! And in horseback riding the only one getting cardio is the horse!).

10. any more able, at the end of this post, to make sense of where my head's been the past two weeks and whether I'll be able to reign in my flights of fancy, but somehow I'm thinking I gotta find myself a 1956 Shasta (or Serro Scottie) Travel Trailer and get started renovating if I could *just* decide on a color scheme and theme...

OH! I know!

I'm a "Rhinestone Knitnana" - and I guess I've lost my mind!

btw...I've done an etsy update here and over in the sidebar, you can find the box to "follow" me if you're so looks a bit lonely over there since it's new, so please do?


Anonymous Carrie #K said...

Not yet maybe?

9:24 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

you have me chuckling with this one. Rhinestone Knitnana, for sure!

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such flights of fancy! Those things all look fun to me. ;)

1:36 AM  
Blogger Opal said...

i think your mind and my mind absconded to a cooler climate. :P

"rhinestone knitnana". *love!*

4:28 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I had to laugh at that list, but I do love the flight of fancy! I think that sometimes it's worth imagining ourselves doing something completely out of character, both for the fun of it, and because sometimes it clarifies those things which are our characters (as it's done here)!

11:56 AM  
Blogger Geraldine said...

LOL, good one! I AM a hooker, first and foremost. But I like to knit too. You can like them both Sallee, its a o k!!!! ;)

I love your list. You don't like GREEN? How is that possible. It s the color of nature. My fav actually. I can certainly relate to your creature comfort choices though, yes!!!

Hugs, G

12:46 PM  
Blogger La Cabeza Grande said...

Thinking about hitting the open road? About faraway places or opening your mind to things once considered out of bounds for you? I think your search for adventure is a good one.

BTW, green is a fabulous color!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous LynetteCraft said...

It simple - POSSESSION (cue cheesy organ music!) ;>)

1:57 PM  

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