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Monday, June 29, 2009

Right Side Done...

and the Left will be, if today is any indication - except that I know the anesthetic is talking.

Anticipation and not knowing what to expect are the worst parts. I probably said "ouch" a few more times than necessary, but the pain really wasn't a lot worse than a beesting, until, of course, the steriods went in...that's pressure (think 10x what you feel with a flu shot, only in the derriere?) and then even my toes on that side were "tingling" (which they said happens with some people, but not all).

Anyway. I walked out on my own (no chair!!), and tho' I was wonky from the pain pill, my best bud Lynette and I went to Panera for a late lunch (she having been kind enough to play chauffeur today).

I'm off for a nap now, to sleep off the last of the pain pill. And will see if the steriods do their job. If so?

Please schedule the Left Side for as soon as possible?

Bless you all for your good thoughts!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Weekend Before A Show...

is usually one of the busiest times for Nana Sadie Rose but not so much this weekend.

I'm truly sorry to make anyone worry, it was never my intention. My "procedure" is really apparently pretty much a non-event, but since I've never had one, I'm a bit on edge about it. I have a "new" diagnosis (which is pretty common, I guess, in women, especially with other rheumatic-type illnesses). It's called sacroiliitis.

I'll be having an ESI injection tomorrow. It's all outpatient, so can't be too terribly bad, right? But not to worry if I don't get right back to you, as I'll be a touch wacky in the head from the pain pill I've been told to take ahead of time. I'll get online as soon as I can, okay? Probably by tomorrow evening...

However, this PITA (literally!) has indeed slowed down the works in this household. Over the past week I've been able to make a few Sundry Cases and a couple of checkbooks...
but nowhere near what I usually produce. It's been a challenge to stand...sit...lie down...walk...sleep - oh, yes, that's why I have to have this procedure, because I really can't do very much at all!!
I have decided that this year's show will just have to be all about the orders, not so much about the "cash and carry sales" for once. But I do hope to see you at the Star City Cat Show next weekend!

I've been knitting some, too...somehow using my right "pedal foot" at the sewing machine really aggravates sacroiliitis. But sitting with my legs elevated and straight out isn't nearly as bad. As a result, I've made a couple more mini socks for the Sock Summit exchange:
#17 and 18 made from the yarn Chris dyed and sent me a couple of years ago...

I've also turned the heel on the second Double Bubble sock, but since you've seen one of those completed already, I won't bore you with another photo of that.

Instead, I'll show you what else I've been able to do (albeit for shorter periods of time than someone would like):

I'm curled up in my Mommie's lap. Even if it IS in the 80s outside

Friday, June 26, 2009

Quiet Friday Night...

I'm really glad it's Friday. And I've considered all evening how I wanted to write this post, or if I wanted to write it at all.

I'll start by saying it's been a difficult week in many ways, not the least of which is discovering I have yet another medical issue that's cropped up. There'll be a procedure next week, it's supposed to make a world of difference (it had better!) even if it won't be pleasant (these things so seldom are...)

There's been a decent amount of bad news, too, with regard to the failing health of friends, so I've been struggling with my feelings over that. I was saddened to hear that Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer yesterday, such a valiant struggle she made against the disease! May she rest in peace.

And tho' I'm not a fan, it's sad, too, to see a young man like Michael Jackson taken so soon. His music was not my style, tho' I knew it when I heard it, and certainly the way he chose to live his life pushed the boundaries. But still I'm one to recognize the loss of a life too soon.

(The news media, it seems, could have been a bit more fair with their reporting - two stars, warrant a bit more equal treatment! IMHO...hmmmm you don't suppose it had anything to do with the fact that he was a YOUNG man, and she was an "old" woman, now could it? No, I'm sure it's more that his was sudden and hers was expected, right?)

So tonight I chose a quiet evening, knitting and listening to music. The CSA veggies were in and I had a simple meal of roasted beets, steamed yellow squash, locally baked bread. It was delish, of course...(there are photos here)

I made myself pull the "current" WIPS out for a photo shoot:

Four different projects! The second Discarded Roses Double Bubble sock is making progress and so is Shawl That Jazz. You might notice the small toe in the upper right? That's the Trekking colorway I bought at Sedalia. I had to rip about 1.5 inches in the doctor's office yesterday when I realized I'd dropped a stitch several rows back and knitted the stockinette above it quite tightly...(sigh)

There is also the lace shawl up there, tho' I haven't touched it in days...

Shawl That Jazz has captured my attention. Perhaps it's that it's plain garter, and I need simple knitting right now...garter allows me to fade into the background letting my thoughts come forward.
And this yarn definitely helps me do that with it's soothing shades ...
The two gals in my household think it's time I went to bed...they're probably right.

I hope Saturday is a more uplifting day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making Progress

I'm always amused when anyone asks me how I do everything I do. First, no one here will ever be invited to my house! Second, remember I live alone with two cats: they do require that I feed and water them, and change the litter box, but other than that? No real requirements. (oh, well, I do take the trash and recycling out weekly!)

My downtime is craft time. So I either sew or knit. I rarely read, but am getting better at listening to books on my MP3 or on CD and that means I can do two things at once (usually knitting, but I do listen as I sew). And I carry knitting with me wherever I go. I pack my lunch, eat at my desk (almost exclusively), and when I'm finished, I spend the rest of my lunchtime knitting (barring any crisis that cancels my lunch, of course - and that is a rare thing). If I'm in front of the tv for any given amount of time, there is knitting in my hands. Today, I had a rare webinar during which I could knit and listen.

See? I'm not so amazing! And if you'll look at my Ravelry projects page, you'll see that this accomplishment is long overdue!
The Double Bubble (Ravelry link) pattern was started on June 3. That's 20 days for one sock! I don't usually take that long. This is the Discarded Roses colorway of Zen Yarn Garden's Art Walk Sock Yarn Club (February 2008). I think it's knitting up well, tho' I suspect I'd have liked the cabling better in a solid yarn. Still this is scrumptious stuff - soft and cushy. I probably have plenty of yarn left and could have knit another repeat of the cable pattern, but I didn't want to run the risk of not having enough for the second sock.

Which, by the way, I'll cast on tomorrow.

I have managed to complete about 2 inches on my Beached Shawl That Jazz. That has the benefit of straight garter. Routine, and I don't have to look at my hands!

I'm really not all that out of the ordinary, nor am I a particularly fast knitter. I just like to knit a lot. (Although I keep thinking I really should put the needles down long enough to fit in more exercise!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joce Is a "Bad" Influence! *wink*

I cast on again...and Joce said she was enabling me with a chant of "Cast on! Cast on!" from all the way across the country, so I guess I can blame her for my weakness? You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Today? I finished up an order for Nana Sadie Rose:
This is a first, it's pinwale corduroy! (And it will only ever be available in the Mera-to-Sadie sized bags) It's a little more expensive (depending on the size of the bag) but it does make up nicely. The pink Cutey Pirates is a Michael Miller print...
Here's a shot of the inside. I love the print in the large file folder pocket, don't you? It coordinates nicely with the flower in the outside print.

Ok. Now, as if I don't have enough on the needles? I just couldn't put off casting on for Shawl That Jazz (Ravelry link). For one thing, the yarn was calling me, badly - the blues, taupes, and amethyst tones? Heaven. It's the Beached colorway of Blue Moon's BFL Sport. For another thing? Joce finished hers. It's gorgeous. And I was envious. I am loving the colorplay in the yarn:

And I realized quickly that I'd need stitch markers to keep myself straight, because knitting garter easily becomes hypnotic with me (or perhaps I should put that another way, it becomes meditative?) so I went off to find my favorite stitch markers in the whole world:
The ones from Weeones. (I love her sheep, too)

So. My Sunday was full (I also did laundry). And if you'll excuse me? I'm off to listen to Andre Previn piano jazz and knit Shawl That Jazz!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot Saturday in June

Today, my sis-in-law and I hostessed a picnic in the park for our Ravishing Reds of Roanoke, Red Hat Ladies group. We bought prepared chicken, and everyone brought a dish, we decorated in a red-white-blue patriotic theme as the event fell between Flag Day and the Fourth of July. My contribution to the food was this:
It was a last minute thing, as we thought we had enough desserts, but were short when someone dropped out. So I phoned Kroger and ordered this. In chocolate.

It's a wonderfully done decorated cake. And it was very good. But it wasn't chocolate. I was disappointed.

While we laughed and chatted and ate and fought the wind (which at one point, blew over an entire 2 liter Diet Coke in one big gust - it was wild out there, and very very hot!) and I knitted these:
That's number 15 and 16 is on the needles...

My sis-in-law was in charge of decorations and favors (she not only enjoys doing it, she's very good at it). She also did a three bean salad at the last minute (it was wonderful!). Her favors where little red and purple net bags with Dark Chocolate Kisses and Andre chocolate mints.

When I got home, I set mine on the desk and proceeded to untie it...I soon had company:
(I can't believe my sweet little dark chocolate porker could neatly sit her pudgy bottom on the tiny ledge of my desk there...)

She was terribly interested in the little net bag of chocolates...
not tied up with string, but with a piece of red yarn (really soft stuff, I must ask her what it is...).
I wasn't too surprised to see how intrigued she was by the chocolate smell...
But I was surprised especially to find that she wanted the red yarn (she usually leaves yarn alone).
In the precise moment I snapped this shot, she was off the desk, yarn in teeth, and I snagged it (don't ask how, I don't know, I'm not usually that fast)...

She was down on the floor looking blank and bewildered - Where'd it go?

Ah...Mommie's got it

PLAY, Mommie!

Well, that's how I spent my Saturday - a very hot, humid, and windy one in June!

How'd you spend yours?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Startitis! Beach Glass Shawl

In the past couple of weeks I've put 3 items OTN (2 pairs of socks and a shawl) and knit a bunch of mini-socks - (the mini-socks are addicting, let me tell you, but I have taken a break from them).

It's not much to look at, but it's the first 8 rows of the Beach Glass Shawl as promised:
I've worked all evening, the past two evenings getting this far. Sounds like very little, right? Consider that I also tinked 1/2 a pattern row twice. Consider also that the cast on was 388 stitches, so each row, while decreasing, is really long. REALLY long.

That's Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18 wool/silk in colorway Ice (from Knitter's Knook, so there are those memories surfacing as I knit, too - Hi, Becky!! That is if you're able to read blogs again from China - I miss you!).

It's been a long week. I'm glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What? Lace? Yes!!

Today I saw Beach Glass (Ravelry link) the lovely new lace shawl by Susan Lawrence over at Kim's blog.

I immediately snatched up a copy for myself, and tonight dug down into stash for a single skein I knew I had of ice blue Zephyr laceweight. I cast on after dinner (388 stitches!! OH MY) and while watching reruns of M*A*S*H on Hallmark Channel.

It took me a long time...and then the set up and finally have managed (after tinking) to get thru the first row of the first charts.

(It's been a long time since I had to concentrate on lace!)

There's no photo of it because there's really almost nothing to see. I feel no real pressure to finish this quickly, but I did feel like I wanted an easy lace to work on - please, please don't remind me of my Diamond Fantasy Shawl in Shaffer Andrea silk, okay? I know she's waiting (sitting right next to my chair in fact).

And now it's off to bed. At least we're more than half-way through the week, right?

OH...and if you're local and you're reading this? And you're hankering for a new spot to eat? I had lunch today at a WONDERFUL restaurant downtown. Tony Pope's Le Bistro! I had the roasted vegetable and melted cheese sandwich (which was absolutely wonderful, if a tad bit of a challenge to eat - but I persevered and used my knife and fork!) with the most amazing French Fries I've ever had. Their dinner menu sounds wonderful, too. You.Must.Go.
(I threatened to come back just for fries and dessert next time...sinful, no?)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ten On Tuesday!

It's that time again!

Ten Things You’d Bring On A Desert Island:

1. The Meezer (goes almost without sayin')
2. Sock yarn and my KP Harmony size 1.5 circulars with rubber ring stitch markers
3. Lace yarn and my Addi Lace needles (and more stitch markers)
4. DK weight merino wool and my KP Harmony interchangeables (unless I succumb at Sock Summit and buy the Addi Clicks) and my “Eye or Horus” marker – I use it as good luck, and also as a great “knit in the round” starting point marker.
5. Coffee – good coffee
6. Dove Dark Chocolate with raspberry, and almonds
7. Bernina sewing machine and all the scraps I’ve accumulated since starting Nana Sadie Rose – I plan to quilt (which means I’ll also need all the sewing essentials, pins, needles, rotary cutters, scissors, etc etc etc)
8. My computer – because if you all can’t come with me, I must have a means of communication – so there will be access to books online, music online.
9. My best friend Lynette – because if I don’t know how to do it, she does. We’re a good pair (and I suspect she’d have to bring her favorite kitties, too, which is fine. The Meezer will ADJUST)
10. Plenty of Hogue & McManus Merlot (a girl needs variety) –

Please notice there’s no mention of any man. That’s because I’ve never met one who could figure out how to relax and enjoy life. They all just want to be workaholics, and while I’m much the same way? I figure living on this desert island is like retirement – so guys, either figure out the method? Or forget-a-bout-it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Remind You of Anyone?

Surely does me!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is It The Weekend Yet?

Naw, I know it's over. (sigh)

It was another working weekend for me, of course...the vet's books are done, and I sewed...

But I'll tell you about the fun first:
I made more mini socks for Sock Summit...when the Northern Lights CTH sock is finished (the one on the dpns) I'll have made 11. I keep thinking 20-25. Maybe I'll get there?

Then I did some sewing:
Orders from Sedalia (the last ones!) A Sadie above...
and this is a Grand Mera. Isn't this fabric amazing? Robert Kaufmann does some incredible stuff - all these running horses, and the interior is all oranges and purples - uber Southwestern.

I've connected with Twitter. And Facebook. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did say I thought it was a bit much...still I'm there - but I don't know for how long. I sort of think I don't have enough to say to justify it. I much prefer blogging.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday - FRIDAY!

So glad it's Friday! Even if I do have a lot to do this weekend...

I have finished a few mini socks in preparation for Sock Summit - more will be forthcoming. May I just say that I really prefer the ones I'm knitting in Socks That Rock?
I have some other colorways...must pull the leftovers out!

Then, I wanted to share only the second yarn purchase I've made this year...(the first was at Sedalia) - and this is a SPOILER ALERT if you're in the Art Walk Sock Club:
Don't scroll down any further if you haven't gotten your June selection and you don't want to SEE it...

You've been warned:
The Magnolia Flower by Martin Heade.

When I took it out of the mailer, I was stunned by the saturated colors Roxie used (again and as usual, she does amazing stuff!)...

But then? I thought, hmmm...I think I've seen something similar:
and sure enough? I pulled out of stash last August's edition of the club: Zen Peonies! (June 09 is on the left, August 08 is on the right) Look at them! They're so similar...the greens in last year's are a little lighter but the reds? They're spot-on...

These two skeins are now housed together in the same plastic bag. I'm debating. I think there's enough to make a smallish shawl (if I alternate the skeins every other row)...Of course, I could just do something entirely different - perhaps a Chevron Scarf (and maybe find a light/lime green to alternate? And then perhaps (because there is a lot of yarn) mitts and a hat? My ideas are percolating...

Hmm...I wonder if there's a poinsettia motif lace shawl? Ravelry here I come! (Wouldn't that be nice for a holiday shawl?)

Oh...and now I can't buy anymore anything anywhere until Sock Summit - oh...well, of course, groceries and necessities - and then there's the Sock Summit Swag...but other than that?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Gift From A Friend!

I got home tonight after a shopping trip for items for the trip to Portland in August (small toiletries, a pair of capis, a photo card, you know the drill) and on my doorstep was a package!

I'd been warned "something" was coming, but I didn't know what. My "partner in crime" on this trip is Dianne and she'd heard me say that I was looking at something special for travel knitting...a shawl, in fact...out of a lovely colorway from Blue Moon:
"Beached" in BFL Sport. Isn't it gorgeous? Diane, you're the sweetest thing - thank you so much!
The colors are a tad dark in these photos...but in real life, they're marvelous - the blue is perfect for denim jeans, the khaki? Well, it's perfect for khakis. The purple/rose? (sigh) It's ME. Dianne, you're such a dear! And for those who don't know? Dianne is involved in a large charity knitting project for Sock Summit - involving multiple little socks for Afghans for Afghans, as well as co-hostessing the Sedalia Fiber Festival, and handling multiple family commitments. She is a gem, and I'm very lucky, not just to call her traveling companion and "roomie" at Sock Summit, but especially to call her FRIEND.

I'm promising myself a start date for the shawl, as it will be on the needles, probably, for this trip to Sock Summit 2009. I'm going to start knitting it on my birthday - July 11.

The perfect date to start knitting with a gift - and great airplane knitting!

Did you say "plain knitting" Mommie? What's that?

Or did you say "Plane knitting?" I don't like the sound of PLANE.

You're not leaving me, are you?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One Down, Two to Go!

You know, I said I'd taken too long knitting these...and then I decided to focus just on these socks for my sis-in-law, and you know what happened?
They're done.

Finished tonight.

Yarn: Regia Silk
Needles: KP Harmony 2 circulars (16 inch), size 1.5
Pattern: modified Wendy's Cabletini Socks
Time to Knit: March 28 to June 9, 2009 (it's not that they're all that hard...they just took me a bit, because, well, frankly? I'm just not into this color at all...)

Sis-in-law is really pleased, tho' she hasn't seen them yet. Those are MY feet in those photos. I told her she might not get them because they fit me so well! HA! Never fear, I have nothing to wear these with!
So now, there are only two pair of socks on my needles. I feel so much better - tho' Dave called me an amateur with 3 pair at once! *wink*

(Oh, if you're interested in the summer food stuff on Nana Sadie's Place? I just updated with a recipe from my latest CSA - okay, it's one of those "a pinch of that, a bit of the other" sorts of recipes, but that's the way I cook! Please do stop by?)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Three? Three Pair? OTN at ONCE? ME?

This is a first. Three pairs of socks going at once. Jocelyn said it made her a tad nutty to have that many to worry with. I'm hoping I won't be in that position too long.
Yesterday I put the Trekking XXL 322 on my kitty tooth-marked Hiya Hiya bamboos. This is partly because they're light colored. And partly because I am planning to take my sweet time on these socks - these are partly for the flight to Portland (but I'll be starting them at the office picnic this week). The goal is simple stuff - non-thinking. But as I started to knit this I remembered that I've made some gorgeous Feather and Fans with Trekking before. So depending on whether this is tweed or stripes, I might go that route with it.

Also in that photo above you can see my sis-in-law's avocado Cabletini second sock. I managed to turn the heel and make it up thru the gussets to the point of beginning the cabling all around the cuff. I want these socks done. They're too long on the needles at this point.

Then there's also the partial foot on the Discarded Roses Double Bubble socks. Love this cable. It's so much fun. But I've decided to use my heel instead of the one on the pattern, so you know I've got some figuring to do before I go much farther.

Before we headed out this afternoon to the last symphony matinee of the season, I completed this set:
I was able to snag some of this lovely lavendar, copper, and golden yellow on white kitty fabric that looks like a watercolor (of course, it's out of print). I've always loved it, and I let all I had go to a good customer a year or so ago. When I found more, I immediately decided that I was going to have a bag from this. So this is MY Posy Too, and checkbook cover, as well as a coordinating batik Sundry Case. I'll use them as samples at the upcoming Cat Show, but they're mainly for my Portland trip.

Hmm...That reminds me that I haven't shown you the piece of carry on luggage I bought have I?

I'm not sure I'd have gotten it if it hadn't been 50% off...but it's certainly MOI!
But getting a photo of it was a challenge...someone was determined to get IN the photo (that's unusual, huh?) and even looked right into the flash!

You have to carry ME on, Mommie

Somehow I have a feeling someone isn't going to be happy to have me gone, what do you think?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Working Weekend

But for me they usually are...
These two were ordered at Sedalia, just moments apart from each other! The one above was a "set" of a Posy Too and a Sundry Case to match (note the purple lining on this one?)
And this Posy Too had a request of aqua for the lining. Two entirely different bags, but with the same Bright Yarn fabric (I have so much fun coordinating fabrics...I just can't tell you).

So it was a busy Saturday, cutting and sewing. I also completed another order, but can't show you that as it's a surprise and the someone may read my blog (not totally sure, but not taking chances)...

Over at Nana Sadie's Place we're participating in One Local Summer and trying to make one meal a week of totally local food. Well, that's a little bit hard this month, as so little is growing and it's been so wet that even my CSA has had trouble getting into the gardens to harvest.

So I "cheated" a little, and the kitties got homegrown, and dried, catnip tonight. I grew it a couple of years ago on my balcony (gee it must be three years, now - sigh - I miss my balcony, but that's all I miss about that place!)...that one little pot of catnip has provided a lot of blissful hours for the kitties in my house:
Please note that The Meezer actually has her eyes partially open when the flash went off? Now THAT's stoned on kitty nip!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ahhhhh.....Happy Hands!

Size 1.5 Addis and the most cushy yarn in a long time. May I just say that this Discarded Roses is so pretty, it sets me to dreaming - it's just like fading tea roses in a beautiful rose garden. In fact, there's a house up the road from me that has one of these bushes right by the road. When it's in bloom, and even as it fades, it makes me want a rose garden of mine own. And reminds me of the tea rose my mother had in her garden in my childhood home.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Finally! A Sock FO!

Even tho' it's only three days late, it feels like a lot longer. Remind me not to use size 0 needles on socks anymore? I've put them away, but that doesn't mean I won't pull them out again. But oh my poor hands.
Still, the May Personal Sock Club Socks are done...
And I was able to match up the stripes pretty easily...yes, I'm odd that way, I do like the stripes to match, if I've got real stripey yarn.

Details on my Ravelry page.

Then I have to admit that I didn't open one of my "bags" for the Personal Sock Club. I decided that this month I was going to pull something else from stash and make up this lovely cabled sock pattern Double Bubble. I discovered it when I went to look at (and purchase) her Shawl That Jazz. Jocelyn and I are considering working on the shawl this summer as our travel knitting (I know she'll get it done, as she'd doing a lot more traveling that I am!).

Anyway, I digress...(as usual)
I pulled out this gorgeous skein of Zen Yarn Garden colorway, Discarded Roses, from the Art Walk Sock Yarn Club from February 2008. I've loved it since it arrived and couldn't decide just what to do with it. When I saw the sock pattern, I knew it would be a very nice choice for it. So, I broke my rules for the Personal Sock Club. I opened a bag, and pulled out yarn that was perfectly nice, but unfortunately, the same basic weight as the Regia I just finished. And my hands said, "no way, we deserve something smooshy and squishy, and soft and merino."

My hands won out.

This evening, I ran to the mall to pick up the small carry on luggage I ordered (at 50% off!) from Jacques Penney, and then to B&N to pick up this:
It's the Barbara Walker book I've been holding on my wish list forever. I can justify it, because I'm taking it to Sock Summit for her autograph.

(okay, it's a stretch, but it's coming out of the funds I've been saving for the trip - as does the carry on)

Earlier, I was able to capture The Meezer in one of her playful moods...

She was stretching to catch the camera cord and she won!

But now? She's sitting behind me in the chair. Anyone would think the temperature was in the 40s or something, she snuggles even in this heat?

(Yes, almost 90 again today, and we had strong thunderstorms earlier)

Anyway...I am hoping to find something other than socks to knit here soon. Preferably without spending any money on new yarn!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's Just Common Sense...

and just one more reason why I won't be seen much on Facebook and won't be joining up on Twitter and why I left Plurk - Ravelry is it, and I'm very wary there, even.

That PH- word? Rhymes with "fish?" It's too easy to get caught up in it on Facebook and Twitter. If there's a link in the email, type it into your browser yourself. Don't "click." And if you'd rather not click my link? Go to MSNBC's webpage and look for The Red Tape Chronicles.

I joined Facebook because my high school class was passing info on get-togethers there. I think I'd rather get an email!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Oh Dear Heaven....

Did you see THIS?

I know 3 little boys that should have these for Christmas... the way? That should tell you that The Twist Collective Summer edition is up!

And I'm drooling over the Niles and Cleo, Anne's and Sivia's shawls (Artichaut and Aphrodite) - they're both ... ooohh!!! Yummy! Then Bernahardt...Ashbury. I'm going to hope they're still around come fall and after Sock Summit, because from now until I get back from Sock Summit, every speck of spare change is going there.

Hmm..I could buy the Cascade 220 for the toys whilst at SS09, right? Can anyone think of a reason why three boys age 3, 5, and 6 wouldn't love one of these alligators?



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