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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is It The Weekend Yet?

Naw, I know it's over. (sigh)

It was another working weekend for me, of course...the vet's books are done, and I sewed...

But I'll tell you about the fun first:
I made more mini socks for Sock Summit...when the Northern Lights CTH sock is finished (the one on the dpns) I'll have made 11. I keep thinking 20-25. Maybe I'll get there?

Then I did some sewing:
Orders from Sedalia (the last ones!) A Sadie above...
and this is a Grand Mera. Isn't this fabric amazing? Robert Kaufmann does some incredible stuff - all these running horses, and the interior is all oranges and purples - uber Southwestern.

I've connected with Twitter. And Facebook. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did say I thought it was a bit much...still I'm there - but I don't know for how long. I sort of think I don't have enough to say to justify it. I much prefer blogging.


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

The bags are gorgeous! but I particularly like the socks :) I've managed to stay away from twitter and facebook so far, but we'll see how long that lasts...

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such beautiful yet diverse finished objects!

I just love your fabric visions and combinations.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

you're right, that robert kauffman is amazing! and those mini-socks are adorable!

i can't believe the weekend is over. /sigh

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

The bags are gorgeous.

I'm avoiding Twitter & Facebook like the plague. Ravelry and blogs are bad enough.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

Your mini socks are precious and the new bags are really striking too! You do great work. :)

4:47 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

Beautiful bags!
I had a working weekend too. They go to quickly! Love the little socks.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Shelob said...

The Kaufman fabric is absolutely stunning! What a find. And please -- don't give up blogging for facebook or twitter. While they are fun and work well for those who don't blog at all, I'd hate to have all my favorite blogs convert to 180 character blurts!

2:50 PM  

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