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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hold On Friday's Coming!

During the news tonight, I turned the heel on the Blue Ox Tweed sock, and also managed a bit of reading and knitting at lunch. If you like light romance with a bit of substance, the author of the book in the photo from yesterday's post is a good choice - Emilie Richards. I do like her style.

Now about the sock: the Knitpicks Essential Tweed, combined with the Inox 1.25mm needles are conspiring to make me alter my basic stockinette pattern...the yarn is not as thick as the handpaints I usually work with so the heel bed had to be 34 rows instead of my normal 26. I know that the needle size is a bit to blame, too! 1.5mm Harmony's are what I usually use, but the Inox are light gray against the navy yarn (and what a DIFFERENCE it makes to my eyes!). The yarn, however, is knitting up into a nice conservative sock. That may take you by surprise, considering my history, but I do actually have times when I need conservative socks...I am an accountant. Once in awhile I have to look like one! *wink*

There's not a lot else to report tonight...except that I finished this:

I always get a kick out of the orders I get for dog fabrics when I'm at a cat show. I got two of them this time!

I'm so ready for the weekend - you'd have thought this was an extra long week, but I even missed a day of work due to being under the weather - it's STILL been a long week. And the weather is going to hit us with a vengence this weekend into next week - they're calling for up to 110 degree heat indexes. I do not DO summer weather well!

But. I have A/C. And I have a lot of bags to make, Big Sis and I were discussing which fabrics I might use for bag stock for the National Capital Show in September, just tonight on the phone. Guess I'll spend both days this weekend at the sewing machine.

Have a great one, whatever you choose to do, and stay cool!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

There's Safety in Familiarity...

Familiar things like a Plain Vanilla Stockinette Sock, a favorite writer's book, the comfort zone that is the middle of my bed, and...
a very best, most devoted furkid...The Meezer, of course!

I'm feeling better, but not sure I'm yet up to working on the Hot Flash sock...I am beginning to think that Summer of Socks 08 may be finished for me. I've got a show coming up, after all! And that ticker up there is just plain ticking away.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Okay. You're Right...

I slept on it.
I read all your comments.
I Plurked about it.

Wendy told me to add 1/4 inch to the heel before turning.

The general concensus was: FROG IT.

Here is the patient, pre-surgery, prepped and ready:

And here, the deed is done, the amputation of the heel complete:

I feel like a murderer.

But I won't on down the road. I know it's the best action to take...because you all are right, I would never have been happy with it and the socks would not have been worn. THAT would have been criminal. I waited a long time to find Hot Flash STR and I LOVE the

A good friend chose this yarn from my stash and wound it for me. (Someone who had never wound sock yarn on a swift and ball winder, someone who has never knit, but someone who is very important to me and took interest in my weirdly fascinating sock-knitting obsession - my words, not my friend's! - long enough to do this...and has continued to ask about the socks and take interest in my trials and tribulations with them!)

I promised to make Wendy's Seaweed Socks to pattern. And I will. With about 3/4 of an inch extra knitted into the sock - you know, I wouldn't have told you I had a longer than normal foot! *wink*

But I don't think I'll do anything more on this sock today. I've got a bit of a "bug" and don't really feel like concentrating on anything more than sleeping.

(And btw, the frogging was easy, the decision to frog was the hard part.)

Oh. And for a reward? I ordered Rowan Magazine 44 from Webs - my treat...wish I had the entire collection of Rowan Magazines, and not just the Fall issues from year 29 and now 30...but I'm NOT made of money, so I won't be surfing ebay for them! There are several patterns that I am thinking I may have to appears to be a "log cabin-style" shawl or blanket made of squares. Now you KNOW that's going to appeal to me, right?

Off for another nap.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Commitments, Startitis, Sock Mojo...

I've got a few things OTN right now! My second block for the blanket we're making our Knit group member who's husband was injured in the grilling accident is below - it's another "scrap" block that resembles a quilt block.
and then there are the two socks.

Two? I know. I normally do not put two pair of socks OTN at the same time. And it's not even because it's Summer of Socks '08. But I've had such a time with Wendy's Seaweed Sock pattern, and last night, in frustration, I cast on another plain vanilla sock...this one in Knitpicks Blue Ox Tweed.

I have ripped the Seaweed Sock twice - the first time when the gauge was off and I had to order size 0 Harmonys. The second time when I realized that the heel was too short. This is the second time I've gotten to where I am now...I've added another repeat of the lace pattern this second time around and before I started the heel...
and I'm still not sure I like this.

The heel is gorgeous! I'm delighted with the way it LOOKS! But...It's a tad snug. And because it's STR, and so tightly spun, I'm concerned that it's going to end up being too tight overall and won't ever loosen up. The heel flap begins a fraction of an inch before I think it should. Now it's not that I'll wear these inside shoes with closed heels, because I don't - I wear my socks in Birks/clogs.

Please tell me what you think? I'd made myself and several other people a promise that for once, I'd knit a sock to the pattern (except for adding in that extra repeat of lace which didn't affect the looks of the finished sock one bit, you know?). I do like the lace pattern. And I've gotten several compliments on it, too - so WENDY - this is a cool pattern...I'm just not too sure about that heel on my foot!

Maybe it's just that my sock mojo is failing? you know how incredibly BOR-ing this post is?


I just love The Meezer's vote of confidence on this issue...
Help? I can't trust HER judgement on this one...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

So Much Accomplished!

It's already been a busy weekend (and end of the past week) and much was accomplished - I have moved to a new office at work, so am finally in a space that has a door (with a lock!) and privacy...quite imperative for one who does confidential work for the organization! I like it, tho' there's still some decorating stuff I'd like to do...look for a post soon with comparisons of where I used to be and where I am now! Maybe in the next week...

But I did make a few bags I thought I'd share:
Starry Night Knitnana (are those owls cute? This is a dark navy fabric, not black)
And in anticipation of Halloween, how about this Black background "Witches Undies" Kerri?
But by far, a bag I didn't think I'd like when I first saw the fabric (which is now sadly out of print, as is the norm with batiks!) - The Hippy Chic Sadie! I love the electric butterflies on this print reminiscent of the 1960s! (so much so that I used a small piece of this fabric to back the bulletin board in my new office!)

And in anticipation of the National Capital Cat Show in September, we made this rectangular rack this weekend to compliment the square one I already have! It turned out beautifully, don't you think?

Hope your weekend is going well and you're accomplishing everything you'd hoped to!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wow...What Fun!

Remember earlier, when I said I'd won a contest? I stopped by my post office box today and this was in it:

Barbara is the author of this book and the upcoming Casting Spells, which I'd already put on my wishlist for this fall when I saw it on Crazy Aunt Purl's sidebar the other day! I'm looking forward to reading Just Desserts, too, and knitting with my first Regia Silk sock yarn! Thank you, Barbara!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Fun Meme

Margene posted this and her's was such fun, I decided to copy it...hope you like my answers as well as you do hers! (ok...sort of as well, she was obviously a fun gal for all her firsts!)
Who was your first prom date? My FIRST? I never went to a prom. So no first, second, or third prom date! (I was a wallflower and a bookworm, there was one boy who liked me, a black-caped, long-haired Edgar Allen Poe wannabe from the drama department whom I tried desperately to avoid...I would not have accepted a date to the prom had he asked me!)
Do you still talk to your first love? No. I would if I knew where he was. He was a nice guy. I was 12. He was 14. My sister and brother-in-law invited him to be an usher in their wedding so he could walk me down the aisle (see below).
What was your first alcoholic drink? White Russian - I was illegal, but no one cared enough to check. Always looked older than I was, till now (whew!).
What was your first job? Receptionist and bookkeeper for the Miller & Rhoads Beauty Salon. My former boss is still my WonderStylist, tho' she is now semi-retired!
What was your first car? Oh. Well. Not that I want to admit it. Ok. If I must: A Chevy Vega notch-back in...(sigh)...Electric Orange. It was the cheapest thing on the lot at the end of the season, I was 18, and had no money. But I needed to get around...(And yes, once in my life, I did have a red Mustang (you may sing it now, and will probably have that particular earworm for the rest of the day, right?)!
Who was the first person to text you today? NOT. I do not have the privilege of texting on my bare-bones cell account.
Who is the first person you thought of this morning? Steve Inskeep. For the life of me, I can't seem to understand why that man's voice is so jarring to me every morning...(see below)
Who was your first grade teacher? Mrs. Davis. She was also my second grade teacher, as our school system thought such continuity at the beginning of the elementary grades was important. She had silver hair. I thought she was an angel (and she was).
Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? Washington, DC, to hear my brother-in-law in a violin recital, and then attend a concert with him playing as a member of the National Symphony Orchestra! I think I was in high school at the time.
Who was your first best friend and are you still friends? Cam. She lived next door. We still communicate via email occasionally, but she doesn't live in Roanoke, so we don't see each other often. I run into her mom sometimes tho'. Cam is still blonde and willowy. Hmm...can't hate her, she's much too nice.
What was your first sport played? Badminton. In my backyard. I was rotten at it. Am rotten at all sports.
Where was your first sleepover? Probably at Indy's - my second best-friend, who lived on the street behind us.
Who was the first person you talked to this morning? (Not a person) The Meezer. And like Margene, I also talk to myself, so maybe I should say "me!"
Whose wedding were you first in? Big Sis's, I was a bridesmaid. My mom sewed all the dresses (a primary reason there were only two attendants!) My sister's had tiny covered buttons all down the back of the dress. My mother developed bursitis in her left shoulder from sewing those dresses. I remember her sitting at the sewing machine, crying as she struggled to finish those dresses. The shot of cortizone the doc gave her was a miracle. I think she even danced it was so good to be free of the pain (my mom was also a nut - I get it honestly!).
What was the first thing you did this morning? Hit the snooze alarm on Steve Inskeep's voice!
What was the first concert you went to? Probably Roanoke Symphony Orchestra. But the first rock concert was Neil Diamond - I STILL love him.
What was your first tattoo or piercing? One hole in each ear. Age 16. Never had another, and no tattoos.
What was the first foreign country you went to? Canada - first and only, and only for one day. Expo 67.
What was your first run in with the law? Arrested for failure to appear in court on a traffic offense. (Driving on expired tags...I was 22, and did not have a Day Runner or other calendar, the summons had the date written over so that I couldn't read the 8th or 9th of that month - didn't matter, because on the 10th I remembered...and turned myself in...Mom bailed me out and I sobbed for 3 days. It was thrown out of court when the judge took one look at me, wearing a navy polka-dot dress with white collar and cuffs, standing with my attorney, and said, "I don't know how this happened, but pay your fine, and get out of here, case dismissed." I have always, like Margene, been a good grrl...
When was your first detention? "I was a good grrl. Really I was," to quote Margene. I don't think I ever went to detention. Ever. Yes, I was a teacher's pet, what of it?
What was the first state you lived in? Virginia - first, last, and always. (But I was conceived in Vermont...or that's the story, at least)
Who was the first person to break your heart? my first boyfriend (see above). We were not right for each other, but it still hurt.
Who was your first roommate? My ex-husband. (I lived at home till I moved in with him, then moved back home after. Have lived by myself since - oh. Maybe I can count my MOM as my roomie? We were best buds!)
Where did you go in your first limo ride? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm still waiting for my first limo ride!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knitting For Others...

My knitting group has really been stretched to the max the past 3 months - and at least a few of us are beginning to wonder if there's a little black cloud following us around...

Twice one member has been burned out by separate house/apartment fires. And two other members have had immediate family injured in fires. (Come to think of it, if the black clouds have rain in them, I wish they'd open up and pour down to squelch the flames.) This is getting a bit scary.

We've made one blanket (which got smoked up, but was saved in the second house fire) and are knitting squares for two others. I showed you the 4 hearts square last week for one of them. This is the beginning of a log cabin square (that will be 7 inches, but is currently only 4) for one we're making for the most recent member to be in need.
I hope no one takes this the wrong way: I am tired of knitting blanket squares for fire victims.

And by that I mean, I'm tired of the fires. I'll knit squares for the blankets for as long as there is a need, and I won't think twice about it.

But I'd really like the need to stop. (Oh...and no, the fires are totally unrelated, and not malicious in any way - just plain accidental things. But the damage, the pain, and the sorrow are taking a heavy toll here in our community.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh! Fun! A Contest!

Image Hosted by

I had to do it, you know...the quilt is gorgeous!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Knitting After Hours...

This is the second late night spent on these socks. I started them about midnight last night, and have worked on them a little today, but mostly tonight. These are Wendy's Seaweed Socks. And it's my second try at them...
The first time around, I didn't read the directions and started using my standard 1.5 Harmony circulars. The pattern calls for 0s. The sock was LARGE on my foot (for the small size). The 0s came from Knitpicks this week and I am much much happier with the fabric now! And the size...(come to think of it, I'm happier with the Harmony 0s than I am with the two pair of 1.5s I have...what gives? These are soooooo much smoother!)

Why am I up so late working on them? Well..I'm trying to be quiet, but I'm not sleepy...
And she won't say it but I can...we have "company." I'm not exactly sure why she thinks that's special, because I surely don't. I don't like extra people in the house. I just like my Mommie.

The Meeze is right. We have company. And they're very tired and went to bed I'm trying hard to be quiet.

(Thankfully knitting is quiet and can be done in low light (which is why the photos are dark, too! lolol)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 18, 2008

SOS '08 Socks Finished

Yarn: Art Walk Sock Yarn Club Black Iris colorway, 100% merino superwash from Zen Yarn Garden.
Needles: size 1.5 Harmony, 2 circs
Pattern: Judy's Magic Cast On, my standard plain vanilla sock with Wendy's picot edging sewn off as indicated in the entry below.

Love them!
And as you can see in the photo, the Hot Flash STR is waiting in the wings...

(Oh...and I finished my book and got it back to the library - and did Red Hats dinner tonight, too! WHEW!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Protracted Birthdays...and Late! Late! Late!

My Knitpicks Birthday order arrived! So be prepared, this is a photo-heavy post, those of you on dial-up, I'm sorry in advance...

First up are the two books I ordered:
Tweed and YNotKnit. The second one I've been putting in and out of my cart for months now, and finally got on the 40% off sale...I haven't had time to look at either of them, but I'm excited to think I might teach myself Continental Style knitting...I flipped through Tweed and if I ever make a sweater there are a couple I might decide to queue!

And then there was the yarn (most of this is from their new colors):
Bayou Shimmer laceweight - I'm thinking the Swallowtail Shawl (that's the Ravelry link)
Essential Tweed in Blue Ox (socks, what else?)
Felici in Provence (more socks!)
Gloss in black - only one skein for a pair of fingerless mitts to go with the Koolhaas Hat I knit in January.
Imagination in the colorway Evil Stepmother (for more socks, of course) - hmm...that's also the Red Hats colors, so I'm not so sure I take kindly to the inference that older women are evil, but I suppose with the fairytale theme of these colorways - shoot - no! KP, what were you thinking? Haven't you read Clarissa Pinkola Estes????
The size 0 Harmony needles that started this entire order! NOW when I finish the Black Iris socks, I can finally work on Wendy's Seaweed Socks with the right needles! Maybe they'll fit, even! lolol

I'm really really late (okay, only two days so far) getting this book back to the library. When I went to try to renew it, I discovered that there were others who had placed holds on the book so I couldn't renew...
So as a result, at lunch yesterday, I broke down and tried to do something Jane is always doing - you see, I'm ALSO trying to finish those Black Iris socks for this two week's contest at Summer of Socks '08! Gotta do that by 11:59 p.m. Friday! I couldn't figure any other way than to try multi-tasking...this is my setup at home, not the office (I had to recreate it, because I didn't have the camera at the office). With luck I'll have the book finished today and returned by tonight, so it won't cost much in late fees.

I hate being late. But...oddly enough? I don't mind paying the fines. They're not very steep, and I know they're for the best cause of all - my wonderful library.

Let me tell you, I find Jim Webb's thinking quite fascinating. He writes eloquently and has obviously done a great deal of research on his thesis. If you find yourself looking for a serious read, this might be it. You'll learn a great deal, even if you don't agree with his premise.

It's refreshing to think that someone of his intellect is representing the Commonwealth in the Senate.

Just my two cents worth...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ohh! I Won a Contest! Whee!!!

Got word today...sock yarn is coming my way - and we all know how much I love that thought!
Thank you, Barbara!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Progress on Socks...

Finished up the first of the SOS'08 Black Iris socks tonight and used this tutorial to finish off the hem from live's what it looks like from the inside:
and from the outside:

I'm really pleased that it went as quickly as it did, and that the sewn hem remains as stretchy as can be! LOVE.IT!

And in the mail today?

Yes, that's Abstinence. Interesting name...I surely have no ability to abstain when the purples and grays are this gorgeous, how about you? I think Gust will be stunning in this...hmmm. There may even be enough to make some fingerless mitts!

And...the Knitpicks order is in the dreaded WV Sortation Center (since Saturday). Shall we take bets on how long it sits there?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Continuing the Projects...

As promised, here in a blocking shot, the Knit & Purl Hearts (pattern #9) from Evelyn Clark's Dishcloths from the Heart booklet.
I got to knit hearts, and I got to knit red, so I'm finally getting a small project together for the Yahoo Group for that stated purpose...even if the recipient of the blanket isn't concerned with heart disease at the moment.
(Here it is off the blocking board)

Her heart however has been stressed to the max, and her knitter sisters are pulling together to knit a blanket to show our concern and caring - what better square to knit than 4 hearts? The yarn is Mission Falls 1824 wool, size 5s - I had to shrink it down an inch from the pattern.

So now that I've got that finished it I can return to my Black Iris sock:
I'm really so much happier that I went back to the plain stockinette!

Sunday was also a day of working on my vet's books and finishing up quarterly payroll reports.
It's been a wild whirlwind of a weekend, and I'm exhausted...Mommie's still running tho, I think

Nope. I'm headed to bed, now, Meeze...come along sweetie!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Projects! Projects!

It's been a PACKED weekend so far, and there's more to come...Saturday errands ran me across town to assist DD with an errand she had to run, during which time I waited in the car and knit on a square (which I'll show you tomorrow) for a blanket we're making another friend from our Roanoke Valley Spinners & Knitters group who's had a crisis in her life. Her son has been injured and we're knitting squares from donated Mission Falls 1824 Superwash Wool for a blanket for Mom! I finished mine tonight, but it's blocking so I'll show it to you tomorrow...

Of course there were all the other chores a weekend brings, more laundry (I swear I LIVE in the laundry room sometimes!) and clearing clutter, and sweeping up kitty fur - where does it all come from? Especially since the majority of it is white and the kitty who is white, is TINY and shorthaired? I swear I pick up at least 1.5 cat's worth of white fur every week. She doesn't look bald!

I also made up an order:
Isn't this stunning? This is a Michael Miller print of lilacs and the colors are amazing - the flowers look so real. The size of bag is a Knitnana, and the customer also wanted a checkbook cover to match.
The Big Sis wanted a checkbook cover to match HER Knitnana that I showed you a couple of weeks ago...
It wasn't ALL work Saturday - I also got down to my favorite store: Knitters' Knook. Becky had ordered the Inox grey 16-inch circulars in size 1 for me when I realized that my Susan Bates (size 2s) were making a huge difference in my ability to SEE the needles through dark yarns.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still holding out hope that Knitpicks will hear my plea and come out with Blonde Harmonys, but till then...these will be fine. I also picked up a ball of Austermann Step in this gray/burgundy ragg yarn to make SIL a pair of socks.

And this is one of my birthday presents:
A mouse pad...I love the kitties' expressions, don't you?

There's more to come, as the weekend is only half over!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

One Word Meme - No Tags!

Thank you all for your well-wishes! My birthday was delightful! It's great hearing from everyone.

I was over at Becky's and saw this meme...I figured it was a good filler for Saturday!

* 1. Where is your cell phone? Desktop
* 2. Your significant other? Adored
* 3. Your hair? LONG!
* 4. Your mother? Missed
* 5. Your father? Autocratic
* 6. Your favorite thing? Meezer
* 7. Your dream last night? Sexy
* 8 Your favorite drink? Merlot
* 9. Your dream/goal? Retirement
* 10. The room you're in? Den
* 11. Your hobby? Knitting
* 12. Your fear? Poverty
* 13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ALIVE
* 14. What you're not? Thin
* 15. Muffins? Carrot
* 16. One of your wish list items? Security
* 17. Where you grew up? Roanoke
* 18. The last thing you did? Ravelry
* 19. What are you wearing? Capris
* 20. Favorite gadget? Palm
* 21. Your pets? Cats
* 22. Your computer? Laptop
* 23. Your mood? Content
* 24. Missing someone? YES
* 25. Your car? Subaru
* 26. Something you're not wearing? Shoes
* 27. Favorite store? Knitters' Knook
* 28. Like someone? Lots!
* 29. Your favorite color? Purple
* 30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
* 31. Last time you cried? Forgotten

Now, if you'd like to do this, consider yourself tagged. Otherwise, just enjoy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me...Happy Birthday to Me...

I just bought myself a Little Something to make this Little Nothing.

(It's not that the yarn is my colors or anything! *wink*)

I spoil myself rotten.

But hey. I've decided that 50-something deserves spoiling...especially when I went thru that second birthday eight years ago on Sunday (my by-pass surgery anniversary).

Happy Birthday, dear Knitnana...Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Socks Do Not Like Me This Week...

This is the second time I've frogged a least this time it wasn't all the way back to the toe. My pretty Black Iris handpainted yarn just didn't work properly in the feather and fan pattern. I'm not one who goes bonkers over pooling, but this?
This was just more than I could stand. I inserted the circulars back in about 2.5 inches below and just above where the pattern was about to start and pulled out the dpns, unraveling carefully as I went.
We're back on track now. I had a brief moment of choosing a ribbed pattern, perhaps the mock cable, and decided that I liked the looks of the stockinette foot so much, I'd just continue as it was...with a picot edging, of course.

My Meezer is pretty pleased that her expressions communicate so clearly just what she is thinking...and she compliments everyone on being astute Siamese posture readers!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Circs or DPNs?

I turned the heel on the Black Iris Feather & Fan socks and started the patterning.

This creates a bit of variety in my life. I begin my socks as I do every pair nowadays - with Judy's Magic Cast On done on two circulars. And mostly that's the way I continue my socks. But when I do Feather and Fan on the cuff, I have to switch to double points again. Because they just "fit" my mindset of how that pattern is supposed to flow...18 stitches on each of 4 doesn't work as well for me on circulars.

Is that weird? Ok...not the first time I've been called that!

Anyway, it's going well...I did a lot of knitting tonight. I'm still feeling my weekend, but I did managed to run the stairs a few times washing new fabrics and a couple of loads of regular laundry that didn't get done on schedule thanks to the cat show!

Someone was pretty ticked that I was so intent on my sock:

It's dinnertime. And there's a new tearstrip, too, Mom. Could you tear yourself away from that sock for just a few minutes, please?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Need a Re-Do!

Can you say..."Sallee READ the pattern?"

I didn't read Wendy's lovely pattern and that gorgeous Hot Flash sock toe you saw yesterday? Frogged.

8 sts to the inch on size 0s.

Um. Yeah. Right. Well...I don't get 8 sts to the inch with STR on my 1s. I pulled the sock onto my foot this a.m. and thought, "What WAS I thinking?"

It was definitely too big. (sigh)

I've ordered two size 0, 16-inch Harmony circulars from Knitpicks. (And um, well, a few other things just might have jumped into my cart. It's my birthday the end of the week, so why not? I'm just sayin')

I'm still going to use the Hot Flash colorway for Wendy's Seaweed socks. I'm just not starting on them till I get the right-sized needles.

So...I started this:
and the consolation is that the Art Walk Sock Club colorway Black Iris is making me drool while I knit! I've had this caked for a bit, and finally decided to reward myself and do Wendy's Feather & Fan pattern on the cuff while I wait for the needles to arrive.

(How do I love thee, Black Iris? Let me count the ways...pastel pink, charcoal gray, and plum - the colors of my winter wardrobe...)

Roxie, I got the July selection, and I won't be a spoiler, but I can say there were many at the office today who were drooling over it...and I just LOVE the Gems base! You and I discussed that these colors weren't fully my favorites (tho' the blue is stunning), but I knew it would still be great - I was not wrong...

Monday, July 07, 2008

She Lives!

Yes, I DO still blog here once in awhile! *wink*

I'm thinking I may survive now...wasn't so sure this morning! A very busy weekend, not just with the cat show...oh! Here's the booth:
And another view:

But also because my sister was in to help (and celebrate my birthday this coming Friday!), and that meant visiting, and eating out and laughing and carrying on...(we had a blast, my sister and my sis-in-law are the BEST friends a gal could possibly have!) and yes, we also staffed the booth both days and sold bags and talked with lots of folks (tho' I must admit that attendance was down, and apparently gas prices have affected some of the folks who show kitties, because there was a smaller bunch of kitties, too!).

I finished these:
My second pair of Summer of Socks 08 socks - these plain vanilla stockinette socks (using Judy's Magic Cast On for the toe, see the sidebar for more details), knit on size 1s, two circulars and a 2x2 rib for the top of the cuff. I was fascinated watching the pattern knit up in these, and sis-in-law liked them so much, I think there will be another pair in my future - as a gift!

I cast on tonight for these:
A special friend was in on Sunday (yes, it was a busy weekend) and when offered the chance to pick my next pair of socks' yarn - well let's just say that STR's Hot Flash was an easy choice. Wendy offered her fellow Plurker's a new pattern (Seaweed Socks) and I liked them so much, I decided to actually try to knit a complete pattern! Start to finish? ME? I'm even going to use her gusset and heel and see how I like them!

(You may pick yourself up off the floor now...)
tee hee!

Yesterday morning, before I was quite ready to wake up...I heard scurrying and scratching...couldn't quite figure what was up. I finally pried my head off the pillow (these cat shows are a lot of work, and tiring, to boot!)...This is what I saw...

Brings a whole new meaning to the term "kitty condo," huh?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ready or Not - the Star City Cat Show!

Tommorrow is set up, and the show begins on there isn't any time for more sewing - here's what I've been up to lately:
A few new Knitnanas...
And several new Meras!

This last one has been seen in a black and taupe and a black and light blue version before, then I happened upon some of this print in black and white and couldn't resist! And it's a Mera size...

I have been knitting (when I couldn't sit straight at the sewing machine any longer - teehee!) and this is what I have to show for it...
One Meilenweit Meeting blue jaquard sock finished and the other toe started (yes, I do think this might be an identical twin, that is certainly my intention). I don't have enough of the toe started to sit properly on Miss Muffin's head, so she just got to be pretty this time!

If you can't be in Roanoke this weekend to stop by and say hi at the cat show, I'll try to catch you somewhere along the weekend.

I do hope everyone has a safe, restful, and peaceful Fourth of July. We do indeed have an amazing country whose birth we celebrate tomorrow. I hope you have a chance to eat something grilled, something fresh (a tomato or ear of corn perhaps?) and can share in fireworks or sparklers (please be careful if you do).

My thoughts are with those who are fighting wars, fires, floods. While we all have concerns and challenges this holiday, those who are battling on our behalf deserve our prayers this weekend. They are working for us.


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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