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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hold On Friday's Coming!

During the news tonight, I turned the heel on the Blue Ox Tweed sock, and also managed a bit of reading and knitting at lunch. If you like light romance with a bit of substance, the author of the book in the photo from yesterday's post is a good choice - Emilie Richards. I do like her style.

Now about the sock: the Knitpicks Essential Tweed, combined with the Inox 1.25mm needles are conspiring to make me alter my basic stockinette pattern...the yarn is not as thick as the handpaints I usually work with so the heel bed had to be 34 rows instead of my normal 26. I know that the needle size is a bit to blame, too! 1.5mm Harmony's are what I usually use, but the Inox are light gray against the navy yarn (and what a DIFFERENCE it makes to my eyes!). The yarn, however, is knitting up into a nice conservative sock. That may take you by surprise, considering my history, but I do actually have times when I need conservative socks...I am an accountant. Once in awhile I have to look like one! *wink*

There's not a lot else to report tonight...except that I finished this:

I always get a kick out of the orders I get for dog fabrics when I'm at a cat show. I got two of them this time!

I'm so ready for the weekend - you'd have thought this was an extra long week, but I even missed a day of work due to being under the weather - it's STILL been a long week. And the weather is going to hit us with a vengence this weekend into next week - they're calling for up to 110 degree heat indexes. I do not DO summer weather well!

But. I have A/C. And I have a lot of bags to make, Big Sis and I were discussing which fabrics I might use for bag stock for the National Capital Show in September, just tonight on the phone. Guess I'll spend both days this weekend at the sewing machine.

Have a great one, whatever you choose to do, and stay cool!


Blogger Birdsong said...

I just heard that Knitpicks is having a big sale... love the cute little dogs!

5:35 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

This is why having several needles in the same size is so important. Each brand has its own virtues, don't you think? :)

7:25 PM  

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