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Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Going to be MIA for a Bit... :(

My computer has fried. I've ordered a new one (a laptop!!) and will be back as soon as I can...
I'll touch base occasionally from the office, but otherwise, bear with me please?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Where Do the Weekends Go?

Of course, I do know that mine was spent partially in Richmond at the cat show (which was a success - thank you for your good wishes, and for those of you who stopped by to say "Hi!") and the other part was spent trying to get a bit more done in this new home of mine...I'll NEVER get all these boxes unpacked, will I??? :)

Various folks around blogland are posting fridge shots, so here's mine...

Normally there's a lot more on mine, but of course, I just moved in, so I have a relatively clean slate here! lolol!

At the cat show this weekend, I finally broke down and bought a Millie Bed for the Blonde Bombshell (I've loved these things forever, but my girls are notorious for prefering anything I do NOT spend money on, and turning up their noses for what I DO spend money I've been hesitant to buy, but I fell in love with this print! What could be more purrrrfect for Knitnana? Cheetah and roses??).

The Meezer had to check it over thoroughly and wasn't completely sure it was anything she wanted to have anything to do with...

But I did buy some toys for them, too - not a lot, The Meezer still prefers her tearstrip (the original has FINALLY been found btw...), and the other two love their Uncle Bill's paperwads...(small scraps of paper crushed into the tightest possible balls that only Uncle Bill's hands can create, Mommie's hands can't pack them tightly enough!)...
Unfortunately, this scrap of metalized mesh material with a bell inside was shredded almost instantly by an avid Blonde Bombshell...
But since she was having so much fun with it, of course, The Meezer had to be absolutely sure it wasn't worth her time...

Finally, today, the Blonde Bombshell decided that the Millie Bed was just the thing for watching the world go by from her perch under the front window...only she didn't watch long, the Millie Bed is just too comfortable and BB was soon out like a light!

(These beds are wonderful - soft soft soft and cushy as can be. Not just worth the price, they're a great fundraiser for my favorite cause, Siamese Rescue Center of Virginia (oh, and I suppose I really DO have an affiliation, as I occasionally do interviews for them when a kitty in this area is in need of rescue...)

Friday, April 20, 2007

32 Victims...But 33 Families in Mourning...

Kim has links on her blog to a story about the VT campus shooter's family.

I know it's hard. But there's another family hurting out there - not just because they lost their son (to his own actions). But this family will live forever with the consequences of their son's actions. How hard that will be...

They are victims, too.

I'm impressed with the VT student, injured in Monday's shootings who, from his hospital bed, told our Governor Tim Kaine that he's already forgiven the shooter.

I know this is hard. I feel how impossible it is in my bones. As Kim says, she's bleeding orange and maroon. Those of us who can claim VT as intellectual home - well, we ALL are bleeding ....

But We ARE Virginia Tech! and we are capable of forgiving this act.

And there is absolutely no excuse for stereotyping anyone, or creating any kind of backlash against anyone. Surely, we've come further than that in our society?

I sincerely hope we'll ALL find a way to come to some measure of peace now....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Saturday - Southeastern Regional Persian Society Show

If you're going to be in the Richmond VA area this Saturday, please stop by? We'll be at the Showplace Annex for the Southeastern Regional Persian Society "Party Show" and would love to see you!

And btw...have been inspired this week to pick up my Big Sis's Catharina shawl - I'm way behind on finishing it. I transferred it from Addi Naturas to the new Addi Turbo Lace needles and WOW! Smooth...Sleek...precision instruments with JUST enough drag to keep me from dropping stitches. I'm in love!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Link...

to the cartoon (by Ben Lansing)I mentioned in yesterday's post...

I want to thank everyone for their comments here and their emails to me privately. Your concern means so much to me...

Governor Tim Kaine has declared Friday a statewide day of mourning in Virginia. He has asked us to stop, at noon, and offer prayers to those affected. In addition, everyone is being asked to wear maroon and orange in honor of our fallen Hokies. Please join us?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Colors of Grief

In light of the shootings at Virginia Tech yesterday, I've been incredibly sad today after spending last night in a stunned, disbelieving state.

I earned my Master's degree there, and continued towards a doctorate, completing most of my courses and beginning work on my dissertation before family concerns forced me to abandon that path. Because I was an adult student and living off-campus, I never developed the "Hokie" mentality, especially, I thought, because I'm truly not a sports fan at all...

I also have always detested the Virginia Tech colors (sorry, Tech fans!) - burgundy and orange do not - I repeat - do NOT go together. They clash. Horribly. (This from someone who is well admired for her abilities with the color wheel.) I was aghast when I finally earned my "batwing" masters gown and the hood displayed those very colors along with the colors of my major - pale blue! Can you say...eeeyuuckkk!?!

Last night, I cast on the second sock in STR Red Rooster and began forming the toe. Both last night, and tonight, while listening to news reports and the sad stories we're finally hearing about the chilling experiences of the victims, I pulled fabrics to create bags in advance of the Southeastern Regional Persian Show I will be attending on Saturday in Richmond, VA. Fabrics and yarn...the stuff of my personal means to healing....

And suddenly I saw this:

Stop. Is that? Yes. Orange and maroon.

What colors did I pick last night and today in my fabrics? Maroon. And a rust that is close to orange.

I would not have told you that I would watch the convocation and remember the Hokie Cheer. It's been 11 years since I walked that campus. But in my living room, I was clapping along.

The colleague who convinced me to return to his "Hokie High" for a Master's degree in Vocational Education emailed me yesterday as this insanity was developing. His words instilled a sense of pride, "OUR school."

Indeed it is. OURS. But now the pain and the grief are not our's alone, it is the world's. To quote a cartoon I saw briefly on tv tonight...."we are all Hokies today."

Some of us always were. And some of us just didn't know it, till this horror occurred. Maroon and orange...fabric and yarn.

When the realization hit, the tears finally fell...for the lost souls. Dear Heaven, please take care of our lost Hokie souls.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Please Pray For My Alma Mater & For the Families Affected?

Such senselessness...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sedalia in the Rain!

As a tradition, we always photo the booth - Normally we would have been outside the pavillion with the tent probably bailing water! But instead we were given the chance to be under the pavillion - it stopped the wet feet issue, but was cold and damp and threatening all day - and it affected turnout.

But I did get a chance to see new folks, met two delightful ladies who do an amazing job of dying their own yarns (go check them OUT!, you won't be sorry...

I didn't buy much. Picked up a set of Brittany dpns in size 0 to finish my STR Red Rooster socks - a broken rosewood needle is sadly missing, but now I can work on them - these Clover dpns are very long (8 inches?) and I'm getting splinters in my fingers.

My dilemma on this sock has been the increase holes that appear at regular locations throughout a row of the sock at the ankle. Yes, it's obvious, but I did think I'd help point it out for you...

The dark hole!!
So do I rip an almost complete sock, or let it slide - I'm going to wear it under pants at least!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Change in Plans!

I'll be at the Sedalia Fiber Festival this weekend, as planned, even tho' the weatherman is giving us a very sad forecast of heavy least later in the day on Saturday (pray it holds till the show ends?).

But next weekend, I thought we'd be at a small spring craft show at a local high school and that's not going to happen, due to low vendor response.

Instead, we'll be HERE at the Southeastern Persian Society Cat Show in Richmond, VA.

All of you who've been asking when I'd make it to Richmond? Well, I'd best see you April 21st! lolol!

And no, I won't just be bringing "Persian" cat fabrics....but I'll have a little of everything.

I hope to see you one of the next two weeks, if you're in one of the two locales!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cleaned Up - Thanks Dave!

I give tons of credit for the better quality of these shots to one of the best photographers I've "met" online Dave (of Miss Lulu-fame!). THANKS, Dave...I was wrong, btw, on my count - I have a total of 22 photos...I doubt I'll try to post any more of them, but Dave offered to see if he could clean them up a bit, and I might just decide that one or two more are warranted....AFTER Dave does his "magic!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Interesting Evening...Not How I'd Planned at All!

First...Everyone is okay and this is NOT my car. It IS, however, my front yard.
Second...I apologize for the quality of the photos...but it was dark out - after 8p.m.
I edited the brighteness and contrast as much as possible...This is the retaining wall in front of my house. The street runs uphill from left to right as you look at this photo...

And from the back...

Tow truck drivers are amazing people...I have 9 other photos that show him getting this girl's car out of the flower bed.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Productive Easter Weekend

I took a long weekend because of the Sedalia Fiber Festival next weekend. Since the Posy Sock Sack has made her debut, I've had lots of interest...and so have been sewing crazily to accomodate the festival as well as orders. Thank you for the amazing response to Posy!

So my weekend started on Thursday night with my monthly Knitting group:

We really had a nice turnout...there are a few bloggers here and there in the group, like Pam and then...

Robin, Nikki,

and Rae, and Tanya - OH...GO THERE, if you haven't already, and see the cutest knitted pigs (she calls them Chichi!).... The pattern is available and Tanya had her pink Chichis with her, and Nikki had made a multi-colored one...TOO CUTE! You must get that pattern (and so must I, I can think of 3 DGSs who would love little piggies...)

As with the rest of a large part of the country, we had unbelievable cold this The front of my new house - pre-Easter weekend freeze...I'm sick that these blooms may have succumbed to the frigid temperatures we've had. At least we really did avoid snow - unlike some parts of the country. There were snow flurries Saturday that left little patches in places, mostly out in the county, but flurries nonetheless...brrrrrrrrr....!!

So...I finished up an order for a bag to be raffled off at an upcoming Northern Virginia dog show (a cute new Michael Miller print that's all spring and pink/green/browns!)

And then -

the majority of the weekend was taken up in making up multiple Posies!

I broke one of my Colonial Rosewood dpns (a replacement is on the way) so I had to stop the STR sock for the moment, and was "casting about" for something to cast on...I pulled out two similar skeins of Koigu PPPM and began the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm probably the last person in the world to look at this book (usually I'm a day late and a dollar short!) but I borrowed it from the library and think it probably really should come home permanently.

It's been hard this weekend. The Blonde Bombshell hasn't been well for several weeks, and we began home fluid treatments. While she looks pretty good in this shot, you can tell she's grumpy. The worst thing right now, I think, is that she has gone almost completely deaf in the past few months. Since she can't hear me (or herself), she's taken to screaming to find me. As long as I can get her attention by turning on and off lights, we're fine. Otherwise, I have to get UP and go find HER. Often that's at 4 a.m.

She's not the only one who's grumpy about that...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Lots and Lots! Whew!

WOW - thank you for the wonderful reception you've given the Posy Sock Sack! I am just delighted! And I'd like to mention something, b/c it happened today, and I'd like to save everyone the possible headache of it happening again?

EMAIL ME if you'd like to purchase. Then let ME send you a PayPal invoice? My business email is NOT the same one that is attached to this sending money to me here is lovely, but it's not gonna process (at least not in a very timely way...) without my opening ANOTHER PayPal account! I LIKE PayPal, folks, but having them touch one account is plenty! lolololol!

NOW...on to more exciting stuff - See these? Yup you've got it, it's the SOCKRET Pal Reveal package!!! Rachel sent me are soooooo pretty - I love love love the lace pattern, and they're a cotton blend. OH! You know what? I think these just might be....that lovely yarn from Knitpicks, Dancing?? Rachel, am I right??? I have some of this and haven't used it yet - ohhhhhhh I love these soo much! They're comfortable and light - perfect for summer socks!

Rachel also sent a ball of Austermann's Step in the loveliest pink/green/beige that I just know is going to be wonderful to knit - I can feel it! I'd been wanting to try it - and do you see that little button there? It says "I *heart* yarn" - Does she know me or what??? lolol!

Thank you so much, Rachel! Stepping in and being a Sockret Pal after someone else stepped OUT - well that puts you at the top of my list!

Another package came today, too. It's an order I sent off for, when I finally decided that the perfect thing for me to make for the Knitters of Avalon KAL would be a pair of sock in the STR colorway "Scottish Highlands." I don't know yet what cuff I'll do, thinking of some sort of cable (or maybe the mock-cable from my Needlecraft U socks over a year ago...I really love that pattern! And cables and Scotland, and The Mists of Avalon?. Well, I think that's a pretty good mix, huh?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Announcing the Posy Sock Sack!

I promised you a surprise. And you're getting the first glimpse of the newest Nana Sadie Rose bag way ahead of anyone else (they'll be available to be seen on April 14 at the Sedalia Fiber Festival).
edited to add: "yes, I'll bring one to Knit Night on Thursday, all you Roanoke Valley Knitters & Spinners!"

Here are two:

Nicely padded to protect all your stuff, the bag is 10.5 inches tall - plenty of depth for sock yarn, your current sock in progress and the longer dpns if you choose to use them. It's 7 inches wide and 5 inches deep at the base.

Inside are 5 flannel "pocklets" - sized for scissors, pens, crochet hooks, and dpns. Unlike my other bags, the Posy only has pockets on one side...I saved tons of room for the important stuff - the sock and sock yarn!

There's a single strap - this style, while similar in look to my other bags, is a shoulder strap bag that's a lot like a backpack. The strap is approximately 26 inches long and the bag fits nicely over your shoulder (with the bag either in front of you or in back - your choice).

See? You can even toss in your cell phone, a note pad, whatever you need to keep track of your sock in progress.

These are spoken for. More are on the way. If you're interested, email me, as they're not on my website yet (tho' DD is working hard on that, I hear!).

Let me know what you think, okay?
edited to add: Cost is $29, with shipping $5.50. I have to charge you Virginia sales tax if you live in Virginia! Allow approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery! I accept PayPal, but let me send YOU an email invoice - so contact me thru my email over there on the sidebar, please!


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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