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Monday, May 29, 2006

What Memorial Day Means to The Meezer

Mommie says Memorial Day is a day to remember all those who have fought for our country to keep us safe and free...

But in my mind, she's not away at work which means we can play...with my tearstrip toy!

After all, a girl's gotta keep her figure up, and I don't get much exercise without Mommie at the other end of the tearstrip - CAWABUNGA! Happy Memorial Day ... The Meezer

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Long Weekends!

I love long weekends!
And this one was extra special...I managed to have a good visit with my Big Sis (we're all that's left of the family that relocated here in the 1950s from New England, so we're close!), I got some good exercise in, I've gotten some rest...

AND I've gotten some work done on my favorite bags! I wanted to share two special order Mavis Knitting bags (and one of them you'll probably see later on at Needles & Pinza, 'cause that's it's new home!)
This is the inside of the Pink Ribbon Mavis bag.

Then I was introduced to this neat knitting/crocheting fabric by someone who ordered it (I'm keeping the purchaser secret by request). It's called Projects Galore and comes in this primary colors on black, as well as two other colorways (one is purple and pink on navy, and the other is forest green, gold, and brown on tan. I think the other two would be equally lovely!)
The insides of the Projects Galore Mavis bag. (Those are knitting needles on that black pattern pocklet there!)

If you'd like to order your own special Nana Sadie Rose tote, purse, or knitting accessory, stop by my site and we'll work out the details!

Oh...and I've got one more day left of this lovely 3-day weekend...I think tonight I'll knit and read a bit...tomorrow, more sewing!
Happy Memorial Day

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Knitting But Also Getting Fit!

Wow! I announced Step Out in Red of today, I'm also being motivated by two more groups: Trek With Me and I'm Fit & I Knit! So...last night, I left work and stopped by the Greenway for 10 minutes walk. Today, my Big Sis dropped in for a visit (she lives all the way across the state so visits are rare) and we went BACK to the Greenway. The weather was gorgeous. So...we walked a bit, and sat down to rest. (And talk) Then walked a bit more, and sat down (and talked)...etc. Made the entire 1 mile circuit. I can't just walk for a 20 minute mile the way I used to, because my Lupus affects my hips so badly. But I can stop, sit a bit, and stretch out my hips with a bit of yoga, then walk again...

I'm feeling wonderful - and do I ever have my motivation in the right place now! THREE great groups - multi-tasking at it's best...I'm still thinking about the colorway of Trekking XXL I'm going to use...but it WILL have red in it!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Step Out in Red "A-Long"

Remember this? We Knit Red to raise awareness of women's heart disease, of noting that half of us will die of heart disease, and that there are some things we can all do to reduce the threat. Some very basic things.

Well, one of the most basic is to move your body every day, in some way - I'm not the sort to tell people HOW they should move, just that they should. But I'm also pretty bad at following my own advice :(

I had a heart attack 6 years ago this month. In July, I'll celebrate not only my 50th birthday, but 2 days after my birthday I'll celebrate my 6th year since my by-pass surgery (a kind of second re-birth!).

As we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I always think I'm going to start exercising, I'm going to eat right, I'm going to stress less. But it's a lot easier said that done. I was thinking about how badly I need to be moving the other day I decided to add something to our Knit Red group. Over there ---> you'll see the wonderful button co-owner of the Knit Red KAL, Jane created for this: STEP OUT in Red (and a red Keds tennis shoe!). (You don't have to really wear red tennis shoes, but you can if you want! I think I will!)

The goal? To walk as much as you can, and if you don't want to walk, would rather run, or swim, or step-aerobicize or bike - please do! (While I won't tell you that yoga doesn't fit - because it does in it's own way and if you do the right kind - try to make what you do for this A-Long a cardiovascular workout?)

I walk very little. I have a sedentary job and then when I come home I either knit, sew, or work on the computer, all of which are sit-down activities. My fingers are in great shape! Unfortunately that doesn't do much for my heart. So I'm going to be aiming to get to 10,000 steps a day. And I won't do it all at once (nope, I have to be realistic, I have to start where I am...and increase my activity slowly or I end up in a Lupus flare from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks and that's NO FUN).

So I'm going to try to do 10 minutes starting this weekend, every single day. When I can do that comfortably, I'll add 5 minutes. And so on. Do you know how many steps 10,000 is?'s about 5 miles.

How will I know when I've gotten there? I'll wear a pedometer. Every day. From the minute I get dressed in the a.m. till I get undressed as I hit the hay every night. They're about $3-$5 at most sporting goods counters of Target and Walmart and won't spend a fortune for them.

Join us? Oh...and my multi-tasking self suggests that you see about joining up for the Trek Along with Me and knit a pair of Trekking XXL socks, too while you're at it...hmmm let's see...colors 28, 36, 125, and 127 all have red in them! *wink* And you'll knit something RED in the process, too!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge 2006

Ok. So now I have new glasses and the reading is easier...But I'm still overwhelmed with knitting projects and a couple of shows I'm committed to for Nana Sadie Rose so I'm not going to make a challenge that's impossible to meet. I'm reading only from my own shelves and my public library, unless someone gives me a book for my birthday (which conveniently falls in the middle of this challenge!), because I've learned that for me buying books takes too much away from my knitting budget (unless they're knitting books...that's a whole different subject!). I'm committing to two books every 4 weeks and tossing in 2 more to the mix (just for good measure) for a total of 8 books over the summer. That's many, many less than I used to read...but better than I've done the past couple of years since the loss of my vision.

I will allow myself to read more, of course, if time permits. But in a way, that's gravy!

My list? At present it includes the following: The Book Club, The Other Boleyn Girl, Amy & Isabelle, Big Stone Gap, Big Cherry Holler, Milk Glass Moon, Murder on the Prowl (A Sneaky Pie Brown Purrrfect Mystery), and last but not least, Wuthering Heights, this last one of the books for Knit the Classics.

Monday, May 22, 2006

This Makes It All Worthwhile!

Special thanks to CW at work for this photo of me in HTS! See what I's BIG!
But I love love love it and it's light as a feather and warm, too - no more shivering in the A/C!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Block Party!

I didn't count the pins, but I'm going to have to give MFMPPF the bad question, we have to have a King-sized bed...this Queen just can't block these big shawls without going down to the sides of the box springs! lololol

This is a closeup of the center triangle lace pattern - this is the one I frogged completely after being about 1/2 way through the triangle!

The point is off the side of the bed...I love love love this yarn (Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed), the color (Boheme), everything about this shawl project (knit on size 10 Susan Bates circulars) - THANK YOU Cheryl Oberle for a Gorgeous Design (Highland Triangle Shawl from Folk Shawls)!
But as big as it is, I really had to have some help from my favorite Knitting Assistant!

...Okay, Mom, I'm almost done on this side by the wall, could you hand me another pin please?

Mom? Umm...This is One Big Shawl...Did you realize???
...The Meezer
edited at 9:30p.m.
{gulp} OMG. Her blocked wingspan is 110 inches, and 55 from neck to tip. You're not kidding that it's One Big Shawl, Ms. Meezer!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #1

Pink and pretty roses, a shawl pattern of heart-motif lace, the loveliest Addi Natura needles, and delicate laceweight merino in an almost but not-quite-vanilla. These are the makings of a very special shawl, a most important teammate. Ten months ago, a very special man (the Man from My Past Present & Future, or MFMPPF) returned to my life. We'd loved each other at a distance for over two decades, but had chosen to do the right thing and stay with relationships we'd established before we met each other. Now, both of us free, we are finding out whether or not we were truly meant to be. More and more, we think we are. And so this summer, amidst other commitments, the shawl he (and my readers of this blog!) chose last fall, The Catharina from Knitter's Best Shawls & Scarves, will finally go on the needles.

I'm a bit too old for white, but this lovely creamy ivory may be just the right touch to grace my shoulders for a very special, there's been no date set yet, nor have I new jewelry, so I have time. Perhaps all summer and into the fall. I'll keep you posted as I go. What do you think? A sweet choice for a Second Chance and for The Amazing Lace, no?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Special Delivery!

OH. My. Goodness. Remember my purchase from Heritage Yarns for the Elegantly Simple Triangle Lace KAL? Well...I've never even touched Tencel yarn before. This is the silkiest, most sensual yarn! And the color - such intense fushia, deep purple and medium to cobalt blues. Swoon? Yup. That I will do. The photo cannot do the yarn justice. There's almost 1700 yards of this delicate laceweight yarn. More than enough for the largest version of Jackie E-S's lovely shawl. I suspect there'll be at least one lace scarf made for some lucky someone for Christmas, too! If you haven't seen Margaret's yarns yet, you MUST won't be sorry! (and turn your speakers up when you go for an audio delight as well...)

Oh, yes, I know. I'll be working on three lace shawls now (after all I don't want to get bored: this one, Catharina, and Diamond Fantasy Shawl, too - and they're ALL laceweight). I am addicted.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Highland Triangle Shawl! C'est Finis!

Mommie says it's hers, but she's off doing her Happy Dance, so I've taken it over. I love this shawl, it's so soft on my toes. I think she called it the Highland Triangle Shawl and she said it wasn't dressed yet, whatever that means...nope it's MY SHAWL!
Dressed or not!

...The Meezer

Which Jane Austin Character?

"Most girls can relate with Marianne on a more personal level than some of Austen's other characters. She represents the emotional longings and struggles that seem to attack and bless us at the same time. Loyal to a fault, passionate for experience and life, and a bit over-emotional, Marianne matures and grows (making her so beloved)."

Which Jane Austen Character are You? (For Females) Long Quiz!!!
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Elegantly Simple Shawl & Yarn Focus...

I just joined Jackie E-S's KAL for the Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl. And in doing so, had my May "free" day for the Yarn Focus Challenge (button on the sidebar) by buying a skein of 8/2 Tencel (hand-dyed) from Heritage Yarns in the colorway Majestic (Yes, I got the last one!). In addition, for my "free day" from the Yarn Focus Challenge, I picked up 3 skeins of Caron's Simply Soft in Victorian Rose for a quick knit comfort shawl for my second mom's mother who is in a nursing home...This shawl will NOT be a complicated lace pattern (thank goodness!) but instead will be knitting primarily for warmth.

I'll post a photo when the yarn gets here. I guess I'll have two team mates for the Amazing Lace KAL this summer...(at the very least...)

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I've been so impressed by other folks' Flickr slideshows, that I finally took a few minutes to learn about over there ---> you'll see one for my knitting photos and down a bit lower on the page you'll see the one I expect to get the most traffic - YES - All Meezer photos, all the time! Live Meezer!

Ok...that's a bit over the top... hmmm? What? Oh, sorry dear, just a minute. Mom...move over and let me type a minute...I hope you all enjoy my photos...I wanted my adoring public to have access to my favorite shots, especially a couple with my best pal, The Princess! So enjoy! ...The Meezer.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Amazing Lace!

Remember this?

Those of you who are long-time readers of mine, probably remember seeing this photo of Catharina shawl from way back in October 2005. At the time I was trying to decide which shawl to knit for a very special shawl...this one, from The Best of Knitter's Shawls & Scarves is a Myrna Stahman-designed, top-down, Faroese-style shawl. It's been on my "To Do" list since October.

Well. I just joined up for the summer of Amazing Lace! and this is my planned team mate for the summer. I'll be using Knitpicks undyed laceweight merino (I love their vibrant Gossamer, so I'm expecting the same great knit from this!). By doing this shawl for this event, I'll also be fulfilling my commitment to The Faroese Shawl KAL for which I am List Mother...and don't think I haven't felt badly that I've been so remiss in working on my chosen "Myrna" shawl for so's also another item for the Lace Shawl KAL - OH I just LOVE multi-tasking! ;)

But first I'll finish my latest long-term (but staid and predictable) relationship with my current lace team mate - the Highland Triangle Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Folk photo till she's done! (there's an early photo of her subtle gray-blue hues on my March 15, 2006 entry) I'm on the last rows of the inner border, so just the lace edging soon to do (That's for my Folkshawls group on Yahoo.) Then when lovely Catharina is finished (hopefully before Labor Day!) I'll return to my on-again, off-again more torrid relationship with the Diamond Fantasy Shawl (in process for the Sivia Harding Knits Yahoo group). Her flamboyance (see my entry on February 9, 2006 for photo) in hot pinks and purples (the referenced Gossamer!) makes it hard to take her seriously. Tho' she's such fun, I keep coming back for more... ;)

Frankly, for me, fidelity is difficult in lace. There are too many lace shawls, and too many KALs!! But truth be told? I think the fair (and ivory-hued) Catharina may win lasting affection in my heart...and I already know that the MFMPPF (himself!) prefers her over all the others (save possibly his Queen of Hearts!).

ohhhh, I can hardly wait!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Finished Traveling Vines! WhoooHooo!

Just when I thought I'd never finish another item except dishcloths (which is a good thing to do, since June 1 is the beginning of hurricane the Cloths for Crisis button over there in the sidebar and come help us be prepared to send assistance as it's needed this year?)...what do you know? Tonight I finished off Cari's Traveling Vines Scarf!

Here it is all stretched out and blocking....I think it's going to make an awesome scarf...I'll try to get a neighbor to stop by and photo me in my olive coat with the scarf (in the A/C..welll...since it's 47 now, we could probably do it outside - it's freaking 47 degrees in May in Virginia!!! This is nuts!

And...this is where it all started. Wendy (yes THAT Wendy) sent me this lovely Koigu for her birthday in January and from here I frogged the original version (which became my first pair of socks down below there) and began knitting a scarf that would block out and show the lace pattern beautifully! Of course, the colors of the yarn don't show well...they're olive, terracotta, taupe, and lavender. Sooo pretty!

I finished another piece of lace! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

The Meezer's Perspective on Michelle Meow!

This news about Michelle Meow being discontinued is the pits...I'm not normally a grump, but when Mommie told me this, it just about ruined my day...

...well, almost...but then I found my tearstrip again and all's right with my world now....
Mommie, on the other hand, is still disgruntled about Michael Miller's decision and is talking about mortgaging our kibble to buy up a bolt of the fabric! (sigh)
...The Meezer

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Alert! Siamese Cat in Paris (Michelle Meow) Fabric - Going...Going...Out of Print!?!

A little birdy told me...oh it's almost too sad to contemplate...That Michael Miller's great Siamese Cat fabric Michelle Meow is now out of print! {sigh} This pink and springtime in Paris print is so fabulous! This is the Mera size...

And the Kerri size (for gals who like to carry just a few essentials...)
And of course, the coordinating checkbook...

I have some of this fabric and also have some flannel so can make an Oressa dpn case or Rose needle case for straight needles and other knitting essentials.

But when this fabric is gone...that's it! Oh it's so sad...I wish I had the clout to convince Michael Miller otherwise...but alas I'm just a small business nana...

Get your Michelle Meow while she's still available! Stop by Nana Sadie Rose to place your order, or email me at siameezercatATyahooDOTcom.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Was So Good!

We had our RVSpinKnit group meeting tonight, and tho' I've been battling major sinusitis courtesy of the unbelievable pollen levels in our area lately (would you mine praying that we get a few days of steady rain? to wash this stuff away?), I went because we wanted a good showing for David Simpson who absolutely has the most gorgeous colorways I've seen...however, I'm not a spinner and don't intend to pick up that particular (expensive) habit, as frankly I don't have enough time to do the knitting I'd like to do! But gorgeous stuff it is and if you're so inclined (or if you're interested in weaving, too, which I am almost tempted to do), please check out his site? I don't think you'll be disappointed.

But I ended up leaving early...and not spending a penny! Whee! Tho' I'm planning a small purchase this weekend - one in support of our local Community School's Strawberry Festival Fundraiser a pet project of my good pal Tanya's (yummmm Strawberry Shortcake!) but also on our local Farmer's Market where I'll hopefully find the tomato and salad plants, and herbs I'm hoping will grace my balcony garden this summer - not to mention some locally grown produce? Well, maybe not quite yet...the season's barely begun...But I surely hope to be able to work within my own definition of Birdsong's (another dear pal) Eat Local Challenge this summer. Actually, if I can manage to eat salad from my balcony garden, I'll be doing's a very small balcony that doesn't get a lot of sun...Sometimes I really do miss my house and garden...

edited on 5/5/06 for the following comment You know, this really fits more appropriately on my other blog Nana Sadie's Place so additional comments and participation in the Eat Local Challenge will be showing up there! Stop by? (((hugs)))

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"It's A Sickness!" Yarn Porn 2

Mom, you realize that there are support groups for emotional disorders like this? Please, please get help? Our kibble depends on it!
...The Meezer

It came! My KnitPicks order from my ONE day of freedom from the Yarn Focus Challenge last month...Please note, I'm 22 days in to this. And frankly I went overboard on this order (there's also the skein of Swizzle I told you I bought at my LYS that day included in the photo). In the front - sock yarn! In the back - the yarn for my version of Knitpicks Entrelac Tote! My first felted project...I think The Meezer thinks this is an abundance of riches sure to keep me home and near her! Of course, if Bird Flu does indeed strike, I'll need something to keep me busy at home!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Yarn Porn!

Look at it just lying there, tempting me with it's lusciousness! I know you want your own, so make sure you stop by Roxanne's and tell her I sent you? This is Zen Yarn Garden's LUSCIOUS Purple Royale - 4 whole skeins of it - planned for my Clapotis.


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When you are centered in that place in you,

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we are one.

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