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Sunday, December 09, 2012

We Have Three Winners!

The grand prize winner, for guessing the 1000th bag that Nana Sadie Rose made is Kimberly! I've emailed her so we can get the ball rolling to make her prize which I'll share with you all when it's complete!!

The second contest was the "You guessed wrong, but you tried" contest and the winner there is Dawn in NL. Now unfortunately, Dawn is one of those folks who, for whatever reason, I can't email. Blogger won't give me your email address :( so PLEASE leave a comment on the blog with your contact information, OR email ME in the sidebar. If I haven't heard from you by Wednesday morning EST, I'll have Tonk draw another name from those who guessed wrong. Dawn you might also include the sort of theme you'd like your 3 baglet set to be made from, for example: books? cats? knitting? sheep? florals? geometrics? etc...

Finally in the Share the Contest group, Dianne N., from my local knitting community was the lucky winner. Tonk picked her name out of the Tupperware container I use for these things, fair and square, I had nothing whatever to do with this. I'll be working with her to find the fabric she would like in her set.

For those of you who participated and "liked" Nana Sadie Rose over on Facebook and Ravelry, please do stay tuned. Later this week, I'll have Kaias up in the etsy shop, as well as more small items you might like to pick out for stocking stuffers this holiday. And then, there's the cat show in January to look forward too, as well...

But that's another blog post...Congrats to all the winners!!!


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