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Friday, November 09, 2012

Inspiration Comes from Many Places and People!

I was blogreading this morning before work, trying to catch up (oh well, 773 blog posts behind isn't the end of the world, is it?) and I stopped by Cherry Heart. What did I see? Click on that link. Go ahead, I'll wait.

You're back? Good. Here's what I see: a blanket. Leftover yarns made up in blankets - scrap blankets, warm blankets. For the people in NY and NJ.

Yes, eventually, unless I get really tired of them, there'll be a blanket for me, too, as I just love this look, but I have my priorities!! I must warm a very cold part of the least I must try. Even if temperatures rise over this weekend (as they're supposed to do), it's NOVEMBER and that means the cold will be back, and suffering will recommense. Can you think of a better way to knit bright and cheery scrap blankets for those in need? Can you think of a better REASON to knit? I can't.

All that said, one thing that's coming between me and my knitting that I have a bit of control over, is my need to be plugged-in. You know what I mean? Checking FB, Ravelry, email (thankfully I'm NOT a Twitter addict). I saw this interesting post this morning, while getting ready for work, and decided that I'm more than ready for a Digital DETOX! (I usually feel this way after a contentious election)

I'm going to aim for the full, regular 2-day weekend (Saturday-Sunday), and will take notes on how hard that is (and whether I can stand it). I figure if I lose my cool? I have a bigger problem than I realize...and I do know how to beat bad habits. If you post a comment here and don't see it soon after? Realize that's where I am, and Monday, I'll be back.

So, that's two good things to try to do...wanna join me?


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