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Sunday, October 28, 2012

In Advance of Sandy...

There's a hurricane a'coming!! (Do you remember Mrs. Petrillo on Golden Girls running around in her yellow rain slicker and hat saying this?)

I'm hoping all my friends (and everyone else!) affected by Sandy stay safe thru the storm. They're saying we might well lose power for a long while, so I wanted to update here in case I can't for a bit. I'm not looking forward to the possibility of yet another extended power outage (the derecho was more than enough!). We're going to batten down the hatches here, and the kitties and I will ride it out. My Sweetheart has scurried back to his home 50+ miles from here to do the same there. I'm charging cell phone, Nook, and MP3 player, pulling out the oil lamp, candles, and matches. I've laid in a supply of peanut butter, crackers, granola bars, and water. Oh yes, and a bit of wine. The yarn is ready. At least this time, I know how to stay warm in cold temperatures (much easier than staying cool in 100 degree closed-up houses...).

And those of you on the "other coast" who got rattled out of your beds this morning? I'm hoping that's the worst of it, and there aren't more rumblings around.

Earthquakes and massive hurricanes. I do believe we must have made Mother Nature very angry...

We did a little show yesterday:

You'll note that there are no roses, the banner isn't up, and there might seem to be a lot less showing? Not to mention another "wing" there on the right? With jewelry? Dear Daughter set up her new jewelry-making business next door, and we kept things quite minimalist (I didn't, for example take most of the knitting items I make, just samples in case anyone was interested...). Attendance wasn't very high at this event, but it was good to get out to another type of venue. It never hurts to expand your horizons, don't you know. Dear Daughter will be opening up her own etsy shop, so I'll keep you posted, in the event you might be interested...

Now I'm off to read a book on the Nook, and knit on a pair of socks.

Please do stay safe, okay?


Blogger squiggi said...

i was thinking about you the other day, with the hurricaine and all. Glad to hear your hatches are battened.

No earthquake worries here, it was about 500 or so miles north of us and out in the ocean. They've had about 50 aftershocks since, though.

Good luck with Sandy, hope it's not as bad as they think.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going to leave you hurricane advice, like "charge everything", but you have. Hope you gassed up your car (gas pumps need electricity ) and have plenty of essentials. I used to worry about food, now I know to stock up on paper goods, too. No TP in the dark is a terrible thing!

Be safe!

1:27 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I'm glad to know that your hatches are battened and that you are ready to ride out this storm. It's a real doozy, and I am sending dry thoughts to a lot of people in the path!

9:15 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

I am hoping you are still managing well through the storm. I'm still waiting to hear that my daughters have made it through the storm just fine, and likely won't relax until I do. Even with cats and wine.

9:51 PM  

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