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Monday, December 03, 2012

Nana's Got A Brand New Bag!


Like my granddaughter, she's just a little bit. Small enough to handle your id, your cell phone, you car keys. Note the size of the thread spool? Two pockets - front and back. A cute and sassy little cord "strap" that you can adjust to the length you'd like by tying a knot. This is the perfect bag for shopping, heading to a party, or just if you've finally gotten the contents in your purse down to the bare essentials and don't need anymore! 7" tall, 6.5" wide at the top, 4.5" wide at the bottom and 4.5" deep. (all sizes are approximate, since they're handmade. I'll be posting a few in the shop in a few days...and a custom order is possible, tho' at present I'm going to encourage using my stash, rather than from any fabric website, as this little mite doesn't take much! I'd love to whittle down what I've got so I can justify adding more, dontcha know?

Oh! $25. The lowest price Nana Sadie Rose has ever made a pocketed bag...Merry Christmas!


Blogger Diann Lippman said...

Sallee -- I want one! At least one, maybe 2. Looks like it's big enough for my 2 cell phones, ID, keys...right? Just perfect for carrying those things around at work.

1:21 AM  
Blogger Diann Lippman said...

Sallee -- I want at least 1, maybe 2. Looks perfect for carrying my 2 cell phones, ID, keys and stuff at work.

I just started looking for something like this a couple of days ago!

1:23 AM  

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