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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday? Short Week...

I staggered into the office yesterday and managed to hang in to the end of the day, tho' I did keep my door shut completely and tried to steer clear of everyone. I know I've been on antibiotics for long enough that technically I am not contagious, but when the cough hits? Well, I know if it were me and I were well, I'd run the other way!

But by making it in, I managed to pick up a copy of this very popular book I managed to snag for a good deal thanks to my B&N membership:

When I pulled it out of the box? Well, let's just say it about took me down to the floor, in my currently weakened state. This thing is meaty! Others have picked it up on Nook (it was pricier that way) and I may have to succumb to that as well, if only to have available as a reference when I'm away from this hefty tome, as I won't carry it around in my knitting bag, that's sure. But the Nook? Yes, I do carry it. Anyway, I think this is an amazing piece of work, I do. It's the sort of thing that's not "good reading" but rather a reference piece to peruse when you have a specific need, or if you're just generally interested in a technique. At least you won't find me reading it straight through! (I don't read encyclopedias either)

Anyway, the day passed (whew!) and I got to come home and practically passed out. Then stumbled in again today. Payroll waits for no one, doncha know. Still I'm so wiped out and struggling with this "bug" sometimes it's a miracle I am coherent.

I didn't even detour on the way home, oh, well, maybe a little teeny bit, but realized how winded and fatigued I was, so it wasn't much of one. Dinner, news, and then I sank into the knitting chair and have spent the evening split between that and Facebook and Pinterest.

I did accomplish something:
I've now managed to drop 7 stitches down on my Clapotis and she's becoming a moderate lap blanket. I think she'll probably be finished in time to put her away to wear spring togs, if our weather is anything to go by - oh yes, yesterday it was 70! Tomorrow it's going to be in the 40s and the high wind warnings are up again tonight and this afternoon as the front roared thru there were tornado watches all over the place.

Dear heaven, it's FEBRUARY! Not May!

Now wish me luck. I have plans to SEW those 3 bags I cut out last weekend, and I'm also hoping that by Monday I won't be dragging and sending everyone for the door with my cough.


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