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Monday, September 05, 2011

Bernie Takes an R&R Break

Bernie scared me today. I've never heard such caterwauling and I have cats. Actually, she sounds suspiciously like an ailing bird. The squeaking is ear-splitting - just ask The Tonk. He was bothered so much by it he climbed up on the stool next to the sewing station and craned his neck well over to try to see what bird it was and why it was sooooooooooo loud!

I'm taking her in for a good rest and renewal (I hope). I also hope I can get her back next week so I won't lose valuable time in between these two shows! I managed to finish the last bag I needed to make (an order that came in last night for delivery at the cat show, from an OLD customer, so we made the promise and had to fulfill it!)

Anyway, a bit of what you'll see if you're at the cat show, or the TKGA show in two weeks:

I made a new sample of the Rose 14" straight needle case...

Isn't she darling? (and so appropriate now that Halloween is EVERYWHERE you look!)

I think you've seen some of these sidekicks, but the two Rosy-Posy's in the background and some of those sidekicks are new.

Then I had to make up a new fabric that came into my hands in August. This is the Sew Catty Toss. And with it a lot of keyfobs that got finished, too...

I decided yesterday that I didn't have enough drawstring bags for the knitting show, so I made these (a couple are going to the cat show, first, tho').

So. I now have the remaining evenings to organize our packing, and then Thursday after work, it's "wagon's ho!" Ok..."Forester Ho!?"


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Isn't the Forester a wagon? (heehee) Those look great! I'm glad Bernie got you this far, and you know I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her. Meanwhile, good luck with the packing and organizing!

9:16 PM  

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