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Friday, July 22, 2011

Sorry! But...TGIF!

Okay, have to admit I did think about posting sometime the middle of the week, but I never got a second to do so, and now here it is, the weekend again...probably should expect that to continue, at least till the end of September (after the TKGA Greensboro show).

I stopped on my way home from work tonight at our newest LYS, Wyrd Sisters Yarn in Piccadilly Square. This isn't the best location they could have chosen from the standpoint of my's entirely too nearby! But it's a great little shop, in a nice little mall (I discovered a new place to eat, too, right's in a spot that I'd never have looked at, my travels take me on either side of the mall (by maybe a mile or so each way from their doorstep) but not on that stretch of road, as I tend to traverse a parallel route. Anyway, it's so close to my house, I may end up finding that this little shop will become a haunt on those days when I (1) have nothing else to do (okay, that's rather rare), (2) am craving other yarny folks' companionship, (3) have had "one of those days" (or as was the case today, "one of those weeks!), or (4) am procrastinating on something I really must do...(also something I was doing today, as I couldn't quite bring myself to go straight home and sew!) I decided I would head to The Discovery Shop as I thought they were having a sale, and shortly after I made the turn to head down that route, I thought, "OH! Wyrd Sisters!" and immediately decided I'd stop there first.

So instead of being good and going home from work to work at home...I ended up buying this:

(Methinks The Meezer approves...)

The browns are all the same as my lovely favorite girl-cat, but the lavender? hmm...that's all Knitnana, through and through...


Blogger cauchy09 said...

that's some beautiful yarn therapy!

6:49 AM  
Anonymous squiggi said...

must be something with the planets, I'm having one of those weeks too!
Hope yours gets better. I know it will with that beautiful yarn.

8:54 AM  

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